A Prose by Keshet Israel

God, my God.. I have longed for your presence to be justified in all the realms I see abroud, that I may stand up in your confidence and draw down upon all of mankind whom you are in the end I am of your Love.
I induce you Father in the name you have in me raised yourself in, that the world be given fully over unto you in your submission. That in my grief I can hate just enough to curse all of the evil that castes it’self against us!
Please Father God, don’t seek to my lust.. overcome me where I am unjust!
Please Father God, don’t allow me to be lead astray.. don’t allow me to seek my own glory not even for just one instance that yours may always fully shine through the life you now live; thats mine by secular deduction rather the sight of you in holy fervor.
I am all that you died to present Father, let my confidence not be reproved from my being able to speak fully in the name you now walk in..
Nor deny any curse I call down upon those who suffer us as one new creation of Yashua. No, allow all my cursings and all my prayers to be heard Father God forever after all it is for my Glory that you gave me over unto death; that glory you predestined and forfeited unto my future concessions with man.
I Father God, your Gentile Adoption, ask that you present me unto all of mankind as you yourself wish to be found; for how can I will to do your acts of conscience, if I still have my own willingness to act as though I’m still human without having been regenerated through the light of your resurrection spirit?
I must be vain, to be so humble ….
I must speak loudly that a phonetic fall from my voice box as your own grumbling does find express in my mind and through my heart!  How long God must I suffer knowing I am divided from your acceptance of whom I am, in those temple bodies who now stand upon this fruit of my plan questioning whom I am..
What can it mean that a man can become a god, or do not all men now recognize that we as the scripture says.. are all gods who are tempted unto judgment and judgments which we are not in control of nor able to deny. Though we may well present an ideal perceptive is one that can associate oneself with being free of all control, but when we truly seek within and recognize our God, we know that this is a lie!  There is no free will for those who are born of God..For if there were still free will, then we would be hipocrits and we would continue to sin as though we have never known God.
But now, we have that which is greater than “free will” we have the lead of our love and life, the light of the world living and breathing through our own temple bodies looking out upon eternity as God alone sees it, working towards the missions of our Gods answer to the prayer that Christ Jesus prayed for His disciples.  For now in each of us, God is using us to answer that prayer as the vessels of God which Christ built, hallowed and has now entered through the cross of our reconciliation.
To whom do we owe all things, but God?  It is not a burden to be controlled by the Spirit of God, knowing it is justice, gentleness and peace that we in our obedience will reap for our acting towards our everlasting life (now), rather than just the temporal reality of our carnal identity.
Who’s salvation is it that we seek?  I mean.. really.. who knew we needed salvation until our country in some way denounced our humanity and integrity by allowing certain things to exist in the world that God finds to be the evidence and proof that mankind has desecrated His temple and Abominated His sacraments..  What salvation we need is from Gods wrath.. so don’t think God so merry as you may have heard.  God is a fearful God, one who has no judge nor fears to lack mercy! A God that will not answer every prayer, because not every prayer is righteously submitted is what God is the One and only True God.
Whom am I that I should have any regard of you God, but that you chose me.
Whom are you God, that I be a slave to the will of you which has overcome me?
I have sought your relationship through our conversation, and I have become ensnared to recognize you as my own husbandsman and wife, making me neuter in my sexual precepts because of the narrowness of your Gate and name.
Your priest after the order of Melchesidek, your longing to be where I am..
This Father is what I have longed to since you came in and won my soul as your Gentile Adopted son.
I have so many temptations, so many desires to be right with you and all of those around me in the world.. and I am still bitter and brought to tears for my being your new creation name brought back defamed and wanting to fix everything, but with no authority in this land.
How can I help my God, my children.. who all have suffered in their ignorance from knowing you and me in the temple of your well doing??  I am half exposed to wish to whore myself to every instance of this creation that I may through the longing of it’s lost love, be reunited unto you again..  please my God.. I have suffered.. I have longed for love that I cannot bare to condone and still I uphold your victory in that I am your flesh God, here standing after the cross of my dieing surrender to bare the forgivness that I still need without fear here.
God.. I long for your conviction.. I long to be no longer denied the authority of drawing all the sciences and religions unto the actualization point of your witness, that I may speak as your own boy. Keshet Yashua Israel in the light of Yashua.

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