My intellectual Property; Free Jesus

I have become married unto the very voice current of my own Gods son; who has overcome all that I am since 1994 when I asked for Christ to come unto my life.

I didn’t expect to meet a man at midnight on Christmas Eve walking in the name of Jesus as well as the indian name SilverBear nor that he would be with a girl named sparrow when I picked them up that night in the name JesusFish..

The coincidence that each of our animal names represented a different natural instinct of our God in the Earth (Bear – Land (Earth), Fish-( Sea), Sparrow – (Air))

Then.. years after I followed a dove out to my first rainbow gathering.. wherein I went to Silver Springs and met the rainbow.. Silver Bear.. and me Being Silver Fish upon my arrival found the springs to represent God in His giving to me the water of His life upon my fasting and prayer in the wilderness for over 3 weeks before being threatened and made guilt ridden for my fasting by others in the wilderness.

14 years in all I traveled across this country looking for what my God is willing to accomplish in my own life as His son.

It was in ’99 at the PA Rainbow Gathering, wherein Jerusalem Kitchen did reunite me with the times of my being allowing me sight of this end that I am in the mission that I bring, inviting all of my body unto the marriage supper anointing of my God to reunite and heal all the nations of our reward!

But, as it is.. I am only a poor lost vagabond, wanting always for the end of the individuals own suffering for I am in each of these our temple bodies crying under the pressures and weight of my own life sorrows as i seek to break free from all the distress that incapacitates many of us from acting in the world at all, whether for good or evil, because of the irreligious devotions to sciences and politics that don’t result in the upholding of innocents nor honor, but rather legislates greed by condition while denying  Justice but through the eyes of the Courts of criminal justice which have sided against God and denied our civil rights over and over again.

I am not against my Government, I am For God and my Government does stand against Him; therefore I am called to war against the false principalities and powers which have civilly brought us all into being the victim and the curse, through our being denied the anointing of our God in this so-called Drug War!

It is really the War that broke out from within Heaven.. for it is into Heaven that many of us seek to place our sacrament.. which is within our very sovereign temple of God!  And we know that it is within our agreements that Heaven is, for it is within Heaven that Christ does live.. therefore wherein we are able to find the comfort to have confidence in the anonting supper of our God, we may become as Christ is; anointed by the very same sacrament that God first gave and which I as Keshet Yashua Israel do bring unto all the nations of my upbringing; The Marriage invite and plant of renown from my bed of Jezebel wherein at night the lamb and the lion lay together again, casting vengence and wrath upon those who partake in what God said was dead, having caste it upon the cross in the beginning with His son!

So, why must I still live?

Why must I still empathize with what is right or wrong?  What is there left for me your son God, for I can find no reason upon this earth that I am needed, seeing most all are caste aside to glory in their own dishonor and shame!

Please my God.. let me not wander for much longer.. I am thy flesh resurrected unto the dead and they can’t see me for the faggotry they all hold themselves up to instead!  I pray God you keep your virgin, and let no man kill her by seeking to whore what they say they love, as though I am a women or a man; rather than what you put back together from the cross and the grave.

Who is there to say wherein I came from God?  Will all men always look to the flesh as the source of your love?  Will I ever be allowed to be fully resurrected until all men and women come to recognize it is I as one new creation that is still standing to recompense evil for evil and good to those obedient not by my desecration but Gods judgment who uses me as His vessel to draw it upon those who deserve it.

Let not my temple Father see death nor decay.. that I can prove that nobody has come to triumph over whom you are within me.. baring the full witness of who you are in me, by your hearing every word of Our Father as He in His Shekinah suits my life’s blood as one from the cross fed.  Made by the death unto one new creation life, it was fullfilled Father.. I have become the Bridal Gown and Tongue of you God to carry on wherein your son is in my temple body and local station in my life.

It is your property, all that I am God.  Do not let psychologists slander my belief as Grandiose for loving you in the fullness of your life!  Do not allow their false arguments to draw me further into fire, wherein I know it is your life that lives in my own since ’94 you have been here.. and the world has not known you nor me in it.  But it has always had it’s false regard of integrity and prosperity fighting always against what it means to be “El ohim”

Let others find me God, that you may be found.. let them that believe know that I am no longer but that you have come to the full deism of my being as the Third Adam of your creation sent to preach the end to all that don’t accept the new creation name and sacrament that you have for me to share with them..

Oh the vanity that I must be your king.. that I must be a gentile at that and to come with words that no man can stand lest they put their own words before God and see the Truth in the new vessel of God that I am in you, come to redeem mankind from their greed and the fraud of our generations before us; who in their ignorance can no longer be forgiven but made to be accountable for all the sins that they have allowed by their own false convictions and legislations.

Speak Loud.. Speak Free.. Let no man stop God, the Truth, Jesus the Christ from breathing freely the holy anointing of our Gods choosing.. Free the Weed and all of mankind will be free indeed!

Jesus is with you..

Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)


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