Communici : Insinuating Mind and Body

Communici: Insinuating Mind and Body
By Keshet Israel

Rape begins outside the body, it travels to us wherein we, in our own sensual minds are taunted by the devil to accept certain sensuality’s, that we as Gods children cannot seek nor suffer our God through.

The devil persists and is persistent against our bodies. The Devil wants our sensual worship as proof that were still under the guise of his evil plans.  Those who accept these sensuality’s have fallen into the evil plan of Babylon.  The kingdom of babies, where they “Babel-on” about things that prove to be outside the communici of God; expressing those things which do not glorify God but the creation body of Carnality.  It is the human governing of these events and perspectives which has created the principalities and powers of wickedness that we call our Government upon this earth.

I have found America to be the worst of all terrors against my soul as a Christian born of God who has walked among them for my whole life.. I have offered all I have to the society of my own pure growth and all I have gotten is heartache in return!  For my telling the Truth, have I become a terrorist George, For burning the Bush of my fiery baptism?

For my seeing the whoring sickness that infiltrates the minds of men and women, to cause them so much fear and instability in their mind that people are easily divided into marriages by fears an torments being spoken against the weak, insinuating those fears upon them through the “What if” we are not to do these things or those things, and yet these false actualization’s of turn outs which come across to others, as though it’s in a joyful context, while all along we find that it is our own souls torment and torture which causes us to want to reach out for something.. anything at all..
In fear of rejections we must find attraction to suffice our souls longing for compassion and enticement of arousal. But we must not do it by seeing the forfeiture of our souls over unto the depression that befits those of us who follow our Gods own path rather than to seek a wife in this world that we may express to God that we have found the Kingdom unto which we wish to have ever-last..

Men and women have been caught up in this forever!  It’s a portion of hell upon our earth. It’s the thorn in our side, the fallen choice to find comfort still even in the evil considerations that draw wrath upon those who we must expose or espouse unto God as though He or She is the liar and thief of our Glory!

Righteousness this is, however when were going through the process of being obedient we find a cold heartedness there that we must not ever reveal as being the whole hearted wrath of our God which we saw in the carrying out of our own life to the Cross if we truly have been born again!

Do we use this righteousness as a cloak for doing evil?  We who love our God pray not!  But we also know that we have been found snared in the devils trap before, finding out only afterwards how we had sinned against our God..  So as we grow up into these experiences.. we are seeing that we fear our own weakness, to burrow into the sinful darkness rather than to see the light of our God, and so we find ourselves falling more and more into the devils snare.. even eventually to being the devils own tool of enticement or Gods drawing unto enlightenment, drawing others into the snare we the people have come to believe in; America the terror or the pride of all that IsReal!

And how much evil must we accept as our being balanced in the place our God would have us?
Do we suppose what enjoyment we can have to transpire? Do we instigate our arrivals as Gods children had through His own time?  How God may they come to reason with me as You living out your sons own life in this my temple body?  That I may bring peace upon all the hearts of my sorrow which still suffer for knowing me not!?
Whether in word or in image, I am justified by your intelligence God.. let me never favor ignorance that I may hide from your light of recognizance!
Always flash upon my insight the full divinity of your making and the full expression of your holiness.. never falter in my power my God my decision maker and provision to Heaven!

Always prosper your vessel without my hope nor in my pity nor care for the screams of my mercy Father God for they are all false worshiping deities which have sought to bounce their whoring messages off of my temple design. Let no false witness be presented my Father God unto any apportioning of whom every man is in the way that you have chosen for your son to come.

Let no perversion nor insinuation come to bring merit to a system of disclosure in the name of self governing improvement!  For this is the fascist regard of mankind to think that all is security in an evil world rather than what our God has chosen to speak unto the experiences of our own souls being here in the redemption of man-kinds own spread.

I have nowhere I can hide nor do I seek to, I have given my life upon my Gods choosing over unto the death of His own design and He has taken up my life and chosen to live in it.  The old has gone the new has come and yet I find injustice upon my planet!  I in the authority of my God almighty do see the inconsistency of my nation states to create laws which hinder my God in His pursuits!  I have found that my own religious call, in-dwelt of my Father, has been hindered by state officer’s taking me into arrest for pursuing my Father’s will unto my happiness and Gods..

I have seen the state has denied the authority of my own sovereignty which was created out of the confidence of the Faith that our Forefathers hard pressed unto the anointing paper of our Father in the Bill of Rights which have been declared.

I have seen my state along with the Federal Government of my own Nation Declare War against my God and the calling of my own Faithful church building!  I standing in the name of the Christ as a new creation vessel of my God call an end to this war of Armageddon and I call it now upon my own crying voice from the wilderness as I have come for now 10 years in this state you called “The In God we Trust State” …

Do you believe in the slogan of your State??  How can State and Church Mix? Why does this State.. if State and Church don’t mix.. have the slogan if they can’t recognize their God?

Why do they allow currency that says “In God we Trust” if the State isn’t allowed to generally apply any laws toward religions of any sort?  Are they creating another God?  A new God that only has merit when money is traded hands?  A system of profit and remorse, not compassion and charity? Where is our Country gone?  Who will the new forefathers be?  For are we not ripe for revolution?

Are we not ready for the Change Obama promised but yet has to charged upon?  Legalizing Cannabis .. the Tree of Healing for our Nation.. the only substance of hope that we have to prove to those who are seeking to greedily over rule all of our sovereign rights for the greed of their own ignorant rules, that we are all Gods children by our Gods election and that we all deserve the sovereignty of our own confident being!  That we deserve the dignity of our God as those born of the light of our God not by some secular rule!  We are not merited therefore upon what secular money can produce in our lives but yet it is to where I have been hard pressed and I cannot find a way out of it because the extorting devil that stands beside me to be my best friend is always begging to show me the answer is in just sucking a homosexuals dick!

Of course.. our God knows better.. having suffered that serpent up upon the cross of my redemption.. putting to death that serpent that did test the women of my division into suffering me unto the carnal desire of whoring my Cannabis tree from being experienced in the beginning.

But as the good book said, the two have been put back unto one new body.. there is no longer a division and so no serpent that must rise for me to be present.  No, I have but found the perfect bird of my creation which I always did have and it was and is the Peacock.. which is all it does now..

I of course have my judgment, and sovereignty allows me that.. I can caste off the child that wouldn’t have justice to come unto.. Saving it sorrows that I can’t even love.. I can’t seek in confidence to love a women until my kingdom comes..

Once I see that I’m allowed to anoint my want to be wife.. over unto the God I love and serve..

Until I’m allowed to have a child which I know that I could one day initiate unto the Higher mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven..

How can I want a wife or a child to show what glory I have?

Unless I can see that I can by my Gods will holy exalt them unto every good confidence that I know is worth the fall that I took, I again cannot see a wife took..

To whom should I seek for my own life to be taken.. for is this my weakness not to see what may be Gods provision to being in luxury wherein I was not seeing?  Who but God can lead me unto the righteousness of His own loving being.. I pray and hope that my God can love me as much as I know that I died upon the cross.. for what worth is it that I but know the truth..if there is no reward in coming through.??

And who’s reward is it to be?  mine.. or another’s.. that I can holy be
Father.. I have well spent my years upon your doing will.. and I have lost all my fears but to being disobedient still..

I have no longing nor hope to bare.. if my country cannot find you here..
The zionstation that they did recruit by bringing me back through the death and life loop that I once was aloud through…
In the Garden at the East Gate.. I have squandered my soul at an unrest no mortal has known..
I did tear up and cry out yellow puss from my own ass as I cried unto the Lord our God for relief from this insanity of carnal reality having to be so sensually expressed rather than justly apportioned unto the integrity of our Holy God and the dignity of the Holy man that he is in.

Why cannot the women be seen as a holy intellect of our God.. why does she fall herself into the sensual reality more always snaring us in our compassions rather than our justice perceived and directed against the evil principalities and powers that are coming against the ideals that our nation must request as dignified children of Sovereign powers designated by God to be protected by every nation state that exists upon this earth or any other!

At some point in our self discovery (Jung) and actualization (Maslow) we must recognize what our calling has become by the expressions that our God works out in our own lives..we must no longer be children about the confidences we should have.. but that shouldn’t come out of our learning to pervert any part of our lives in some bid to be doing good rather than only appearance rather than chaste devotion unto the purity (priestliness) of our God (in human progression).

Lord be with you..    Keshet Israel   <><

Whether you partake or do not partake should not matter.. but whether you partake or do not partake as an apportioning of your thankfulness and well being in the pursuit of your happiness…
— Me 🙂

Some things are beneficial for some but not for others.. God alone judges them both so why do we seek to judge a man as though he has no God to stand before (Sovereignty)?

Are we weakend by the want to carry justice even unto the realms of our agreements found within a self declared “secular” governing?  Should our Gods authority be brought to such despair that none of the authority expressed can be found to be Gods within the secular world of our undertaking?  What about when God comes again in His son.. what will we do then? How will God be brought unto the consciousness of everyone that He can fully rule upon this earth as One man? Who in this world knows Gods game plan?  Who in this world can full fill it?

Can (do you believe?) God come willingly, through a man’s own temple vessel (given over unto God), to stand upon this earth as a man recognized as God in His vessel?


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