Keeping God/ess, the Pure Virgin

Seeing God within me as light, there is no consideration of what is male nor female. I am without gender perspective nor sexual want; I am perfect in the light of the pure Virgin God/ess.

However as I open my eyes and take-in the “Recognition of the World”, as a person within a light body, I find that I have first and foremost been sent into this specific body engendered.  A body which feels pleasure and pain.

A body into which I am come to by God, in Gods pursuit, to sustain the morality and principles which protects our purity, while in fact sustaining that virgin purity of God which I am one with in my marriage with God; having come through the Cross through the invitation of the marraige supper of the Lord (which is the sacred union and worship ritual we hold with God through the entheogenic process)

In the world our virgin purity is at constant bombardment with the sensual awareness of being, which seeks to first stimulate and delude our bodies so that it can then dominate, whore and eventually kill them so that others can come and be deceived into decay again.

As one without gender being regenerated into the identity of a gender, I find that I’m divided only by the disbelief that others have in Gods virgin purity.

For God being the pure endurability of the Virgin has perfectly both masculine and feminine quality in equal balance even through the regeneration of our being re-incarnated unto the new creation temple that you are centered in with God/ess.  (But then doesn’t faith carry our authority and not staticly aware physics? Is this a war on logic?)

As one that contains oneself to ones virgin birth, I must always recognize first that Justice is secured in the Kingdom of that temple body that I regenerate unto, that I may take my worries off of being militant or fearful, so that I can in confidence set the stage for the child I would have (Procreate) for my own God to have even a better temple then my own to sustain the progress of His/Her word/principle.

Of course, I would have to have the sacrament legal, in order to marry in the world because without anointing the women to be my wife I could not have one! Therefore in the state that we live in, in the world today.. I have no motive in God to procreate because the state unto which I have been regenerated has denied the justice that is needed for this to happen.

My virgin being, that purity of light within; however, is under constant flux while in the body, for their are people who not knowing the concept of “God/ess”, who disallow the virgin the apex of our God’s True worship, as is seen by abominating (making illegal) our entheogenic sacraments and by creating a false worldly form of marriage dictated and ruled upon by the Secular courts which licenses couples rather than God being presented through the acceptance of the holy anointing sacraments.

By our allowing this, We the People have allowed our Gods virgin pride to be not only marred by whored for the price we attain to by our decision to divide and marry in this world without anointing one another in the confident light of our Gods holy anointing.

The fullness of the Lords own endurance to stay that Virgin purity is eschewed and denigrated as hopeless for the worth of God/ess remaining purely the virgin concept in the world proves no joy for the one who holds to the Lord as One Virgin who is Androgynous in Spirit. But those who whore their Virgin for all of her worth in the world are prospered righteously in the world.

So many have come out claiming to know God, only to circumvent the marriage of God (Making illegal Our Gods Marriage Sacraments and Ceremony) and creating these worldly marriages causing so many to fall away from our God’s true path.

In our oneness as an androgynous and Asexual regeneration of our God, we are confident in our furtherance of our Gods body when First Justice is recognized and the Kingdom established (Sacraments not abominated).  It is only when security is recognized that we can seek to support further growth in our own lives and only then can we  take confidence in the gender of our being as a pure and logical next step in the planting of our God’s good seed, for the furtherances of our Gods principles in this world and unto the next!

So.. legalize Cannabis.. quit fighting against God! God gave it, God sustains it! Those who arrest for it, then themselves are being arrested for bringing it to them in the jail cells because God orders it to be brought! Quit fighting against ourselves and our God, legalize our Gods holy entheogens and apologize for the unruliness our Government has taken without our wills as We the People.

We must overcome this hell we are sustaining, by keeping marijuana illegal!

We must quit everything we are doing to set our country right again!  We must re-arrange our social and economic borders.. we must stop the competition and set fair across the board ranges of luxery that our people are worth because they are our people!  We the People.. must stand against tyranny on every level of this escapade!  Regenerate, Reform and Anoint the public with the Holy anointing oil that is given to heal the nations!

Free the People! Legalize their Freedom that they may be allowed their enlightenment!

–Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

I once held this sign in Boulder CO in front of a church about 10 years ago:

Jesus says “Legalize Cannabis! Now!”    <><


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