My String Cheese Incident

I have the greatest String Cheese incident story ever!! 🙂

I was hitchiking and at about 10pm this guy dropped me off at a bridge that was next to a sign that said > St. Louis 22 Miles

Well.. at 5 am I got up and started walking with my one joint for whoever picked me up.. at about 11 am.. I found about 3 sticks of String Cheese on the side of the road still in it’s individual wrappers.. and then I found out I had lost my joint.. I walked back for about an hour and found a joint..not mine.. but a joint.. so I started walking back the other way again..

At about 2 O’clock I saw a bridge coming up and the sun was really out.. I was getting really tired and still had no ride.. well.. I told myself I’m smoking the joint my damn self if I get to that over pass and nobodies picked me up..

I got to the overpass and I walked up the slop under the bridge and sat there.. pulled joint out as I looked around noticing a road crew working on the bridge across from me.. I lite the joint just as I noticed the orange water jug they had on the back of their truck.. Great.. a place for cotten mouth.. I thought..

I finished smoking the joint as I was going through my stuff again.. and I found the string cheese.. I pulled it out of my pocket, took off the wrapper and began to lift it to my mouth when I looked across the highway and saw a sign that said > St. Louis 22 Miles!

Right then I heard a voice that said.. “THIS IS THE STRING-CHEESE INCIDENT! And This is a Catch 22!”

I jumped up crazed by the voice and taking notice of the sign I was lost for words.. how could the sign be on the other side? I hadn’t gone through St. Louis! Well.. I ran down to the highway and realized I didn’t know which way to go anymore.. so I just jumped on the other side of the road.. and I started hitchiking..

10 minutes went by.. and a guy who owned 4 drum shops was moving alot of His drums to another shop..He asked me where I was heading.. I said to Colorado.. he said.. oh yeah.. your going to the String Cheese Incident? I Freaked the fuck out!.. see.. I had never heard of the String cheese yet.. until then.. I was like.. what the F$#Ck!! I just heard that I was having the String cheese Incident.. and now your telling me about it? What the hello is going on?!

So.. anyways.. I went with this man to Denver.. wherein on the way he taught me to make a drum .. which we played and eventually sold on the streets of Denver.. and then made our way to Boulder.. where I put all my wares out on a blanket to trade people on Pearl street when a kid I met in my travels to boulder yearly asked me what I was up to this year.. I told him I was trying to get to the national Gathering but that I was also have this “String Cheese Incident”..

Well.. he left and this guy came back with him saying I heard you were trying to get to the Gathering.. I said. yeah.. he said.. you want a ride..

I was like Hell yeah! He said.. well.. I’m going to String cheese first.. is that cool! I said.. man.. if I weren’t Jesus having the String Cheese incident their wouldn’t be a String Cheese incident!

Well.. we went to the camp grounds for the red rocks show.. and I couldn’t get in.. and then the guy decided that he wasn’t going to stay..
I stayed though.. and I rolled out every morning to fly my sign..

until some guys going in to the show brought me to the parking lot.. where I sat under a tree for another day while people went to the first show.. I was in the parking lot and everyone was hearing that Jesus was sitting out there under a tree.. so they kept coming baring gifts..

Hey Jesus.. here’s some Brownies for ya man.. hell ya.. here have a taco man… how about a sugar cube! Wow.. I was blessed!

Then came the realization that I only needed 1 dollar and 81 cents to get a ticket! Woo hoo…this guy next to me said.. man.. go get in line..they’ll give you a ticket.. don’t worry about it..

well.. a couple other people agreed so I went up and got in back of the line.. when the guy in back turned around and recognized me..hey Jesus! What are you doing standing in line man!.. Jesus don’t stand in line.. he started yelling.. Hey.. jesus is here yall.. let up to the front of the line.. one guy turned and recognized me again and yelled even louder and grabbed my arm and tore to the front saying make way for Jesus.. he’s having the string Cheese incident.. and ushered me to the front of the line..

The guy looked at me waiting for my money.. I put all my bills down.. and then pulled two full pockets of change out.. and put them down..
He said.. man.. get your change off my table.. I said ok.. and took it back.. he handed me a ticket..

I turned and everyone cheered! It was then.. that I realized that the sugar cube was good! 😛

I remember then turning to look for the entrance and following some people heading that way.. but somehow I got lost and ended up in the desert on the other side .. climbing up some steep incline trying to get up to the top of the rock where they said the show was..

As I came up the mountain I saw a bus sitting there with the words.. String Cheese Incident on the side.. some guy was on the side of the bus looking out over the cliff I just came up..

I must of surprised him.. because he was like.. what the fuck.. who fuck are you!! I was smiling from ear to ear by then.. tripping to my Gods heart content.. Jesus Bro! Whats up.. I’m having the String Cheese incident!! And .. I elaborated and told him the whole story… only for him to then say.. man.. thats was the greatest fucking story I ever heard bro! here take this!! And then he handed me the Dankest Nugs I ever did see! I shoved them into my pocket and he directed me to the show.. as I came to the gates I had to leave my picket knife in the garbage to get in.. then as I went in.. there was this tree on a hill that was perfect.. but I had to cross these bars to get there.. so I did..

I was chill there for a long time until some other guy came with a movie camera.. filming the show.. some groupie I found out later.. after he asked me if I wanted to travel with the band at the end of the show..

I just grooved there for a long time listening to the music as it was prayers and worship unto the Lord our God.. eventually a really cool dready chic came and sat with me and blew bubbles making the scene all the more! 🙂 Then.. at the end of it.. everyone was waiting for them to do another song.. holding their lighters and yellling and what not.. when the guy came out on the stage that I met next to the bus and said.. more for Jesus who’s having the sTring cheese incident! and pointed up at me! Woo Hoo.. I thought.. I’m back and they recognize me!

Then came the song of songs.. and I don’t even know what it was.. but man.. I was HIGH!!! 😛


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