A FOol LiKe mE!?

What if God were alive and living in a fool like me?  What would I tell you if I could?  Well.. let us see…

A war broke out in heaven in the agreements we chose upon in our sacred alignments with the stars and animals and the earth that our forefathers knew we needed more then the greedy politicians and bankers working in coohootz knowing how long it will take for legal authorities to actual breach the white house before the full principle of our God is recognized to have been deceived and deceiving all along for the plots of some bankers and mathmaticians who plotted the course generations forward so to never have been discovered in the scam of the whole world being stolen by a few elite!

So, now that it’s all happened.. now that it’s all done.. who is it out there that really has won?  I have walked this nation for 14 years.. 38 in all and if faith were allowed it’s role I’d say I have been alive for an eternal dwelling and that Christ has ventured within and thru me unto missions only men of God could know.

I have not studied my Gods words nor my human ancestry because I have my own unction to know, not to create or cause terror or receive terror from my knowing and trusting in whom my God is within me; whom is being terrorized by the desecration and abomination of His/Her (Androgynous God’s) temple sacraments and throne.

I have seen this happen here in my Little Israel.. the police have come in upon our Gods holy house “little Israel” and has abominated the sacrament I have come with as the Third Adam of God.. to invite all of mankind if they be willing to come.. to partake with me in the Holy sacrament the marriage supper of the Lord our God.

To burn unto our God, without perversion being a part.. that we may recognize the asexual Godhead which is the fire of our own Heart. The God/ess being we know our God is the fullness of Life.. feminine and masculine identity and both without. (Neuter)

There is no age to ethics no eldership to words.. we are all equal in that God has predestined all things to happen as they have and no man can change what God wills; still, to further. That is obviously becoming known in the rise of the anointing of God which is first coming to heal the sick and the broken hearted..

and second to dry the tears as promised.. and awaken our lives to the stars!

For the healing of the Nations.. we all will rise.. and find that Christ our body.. is the anointed enlightenment of our rise. Not just unto heaven, but unto all the lands that lay beyond.. how many will staticly remain while so many others move on?

Who will be capable of drawing men to tears and fears so that they are ready to kill themselves without a word spoken audibly enough to know that they were planted by the sinful entities and fallen stewards that inhabit our dearest and most loved ones ..

Many of whom, are falling away denying the humble herb sacrament of the marriage supper that I have invited all of those to, who I have been drawn to as I have traveled across this country in Gods new creation name..

For this simple Plant.. Kaneh Bosm.. Cannabis as we say..

People have been killed for possessing it, because the cops raided their house to get it or have been arrested and vehemently prosecuted people for having religious beliefs that hold the Cannabis tree up to being a holy herb given to us all by God.

An herb that has now been proven to be less harmful then alcohol and tobacco.. People are still right now.. as we speak being arrested 1 every 36 seconds.. People are behind bars, without compassion our courts hold these people in meat lockers with serious offenders, on one occasion a young boy 19 years old was raped in jail after having been arrested for having a joint.

This is disgusting.. this is henous.. it’s criminal!  We must stop this insanity!

We must stand against the evil that presents its self and it is in words that the lie is written!  We must attack the written word with all we have!  We must win back the God given dignity and moral approach to living that our God has sought from day ONE! (UNO! 🙂

How can we do this?  Well, I can tell you this for now.. I have come in a new name.. from the Rainbow.. Keshet Yashua Israel.. The Third Adam of God

what this means, who can write it now? I do not live by seeing my every act written down, but by my God acting every bit out! Each bit unto each byte I am the image which is regenerated unto this personage as that which the rainbow has brought back unto the nation of america, for the Love of God to be met and accepted without disenfranchisment; the falling away of our people and government, who know not what is happening because they have refused to come to know God as being one lone hippy vagabond.

So.. what am I to do having travelled across this nation and settled now in “Little Israel” my think tank and monastic creation, that God drew me unto?  It is “Nuances Et Cetera” (My Computer Business Name) that I have become to evolve with into the financial realms of my constitution in my call to revival in Clearwater, till I can build a new Church on the ‘Burg of St. Peter.

Who’s to say that God won’t supply what He has already promised me in my coming (unto this city many years ago) but what rise is there that I want to be met by anyone any how.. knowing that I have suffered with everyone for so long now.. what would it matter that I were anyone different..

and how different can I be, but in the vain attempts we each make to escape seeing eye to eye on the topic of our understanding.. which causes confliction rather than conviction; of where they were, when they died with you Father God.. My Word, they have no sight to see, they have been lost for so long they have forgotten who I am in the flesh of those who speak your every word of that borne of you God, and resurrected through the hearts of our own convictions.

For who has died there cannot lie here and say they didn’t come here but through the blood we spilt with our God.  We all were there who did hear, and Christ does live in all who believe and our Gods principles of faith and heart of purity is the worship we all share in common ground of our God’s fellowshipped “principled thought” (laws).

We must overcome the sins of our own minds eye, that we may stop sinning in the reality that is right here in front of us and our God.  We cannot allow ghosts to come in and steal upon us that are not seeking to fan the flame of the neuter spirit of our Lord and God.. we cannot allow people who claim to be of God to seduce our people into being sexual on either side. But we need unbiased teachers of principle who don’t get lost in the economic industry of sexual privatization within the social adaptivities of those who have chosen to “Swing” their lives as whores upon the tree of Babylon creating an elite economic between those who all agree to co-op what riches they as lovers are willing to provide each other in stewardships based class luxury

If they by their own guise choose to take their own virgin, let them marry as Paul said.  But do not hard press those kids to be horney and to let it out!  Don’t seduce your own children to be sexual !  Fan the flame of God rather and hope for the pure chastity of the Lord your God to shine through as the holy priest that He is, and let your son represent that in all of His ways.

Stop whoring your children into sexual little devils and then selling them out! This is not holy matrimony but the whoring of Babylon the fallen! No, keep yourselves pure and true to Gods word.. Don’t relearn to worship God thru sexual practices alone!  This is a lie!  The whore has decieved you!  There is no sexual worship of the one True Lord and God, For God is neither male nor female and does not seek to fall to the left or to the right in the argument you got, nor wills to marry in the children he’s chosen for the second resurrection!

The marriage I called men to has been deamonized and whored and I the Christ living within this gentile adoption am slandered along with it!  For it is in the invite that I have given since the beginning, the sacred entheogenic sacrament of Kaneh bosm.. Cannabis.

This simple humble weed though the fullishness of the world is the chosen plant of renown for the healing of all nations!  We must all gather together as one and recognize the tree in the beginning as being the reason we fell away!  Not Cannabis, but our own genitals which we found more deserving of our own nature rather than that which our God gave us first to worship Him with in all it’s majesty and glory allowing us our sane minds and wills to carry out exactly what our God is willing.

I can not see any marriage of this world without the two who have chosen to divide from Christ’s pure virgin state, to anoint themselves in their marriage and that by oath unto God to prepare one another for His willing talents to shine forth unto the dark world that we have been borne unto; as two in one new creation body.

So, right now in the United States it is illegal to get married as according to the way of marriage that my Father has shown me to be correct. Simply because Cannabis is illegal for even Our God to use, as according to the secular government of the United States!

I pray that this the war that broke out in our agreements (Heaven) upon the earth,  does not draw people to deny the sacred!  Though we are persecuted and led like lambs to the slaughter (1 every 37 seconds!) we must remain faithful to the calling of our Gods comfort and not strict to the numbers of the beast (Federal Reserves Lawyering) but to the principles of love and charity through agape compassion that allows for justice and freedom of cognitive liberty in the states of our all our awarenesses in this world as we are the Children of our God!

I pray God you help all mankind to recognize the Lord their God in the body the temple that I am, that they hear the words you speak through my heart so hardened against the fascism that has raised it’s head against the Love you Art!

Let them see that I can lift their spirits with just one simple word or a breath in the least of us all!  Allow us the Cannabis tree that you accept in our temples as we give ourselves over unto your anointing supper God!

Your son in His highest!   — Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev. 3:12)

Father, Resurrect your Justice with my tongue as I give it unto you, by my own judgement, that I may win your test! Verify your word that your son may be justified in what and who I am! Raise up God in all that I am and allow no more to be led astray that they fall into the prison industry of this fallen nation!  Save them instead, from the lion of desecration!

Save us God from the rush of hatred that drives men to “think” it’s proper to legalize the concept of a militarized police organ within our society that uses deadly force to take people into arrest who are simply possessing a substance which is less harmful than the alcohol and tobacco already legal.

I pray for Marc Emery.. Eddy Lepp, Craig X, Roger Christi (THC Ministries), The Shupes (Green Earth ministries), members of The Church of the Universe members and those all who partake in entheogens as Entheogenists who are in the process (“The Way”) of recognizing their Gods will being fullfilled; as sovereign identities of our entheogen. 🙂


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