Gathered to Ascend: Merkaba

I’m a fool for crying out, I’m a poor homeless vagabond with a house to lay my Gods temple head down again so that in the dark, vengence can be scored against those whores who take upon fornicating against the Holy shekinah, by taking upon the spirit of Jezebel that I as Christ lay in my bed as I die unto the position of our God. Watching as the whores come upon my flesh in their sinful lusts while our God takes toll of all those who come upon her for vengence to be had against them in the end He has promised.

I come as one suffered, as one desecrated who died upon the cross.. I come the one who came in the spirit of Elijah, by my crying in the wilderness unto my God. I died to the world and I humbled myself out of the society we call “America” only to find my God alone willing for me to come back into the world to teach the arrogant and the ignorant as to whom God is in their temple bodies if they just allow Christ to inter-react as the Holy one.

Christ died to make many holy and righteous. We must accept what Christ has given by accepting the cause of His dieing as being our path of acceptance to the promises of Abraham.

So, why is it that God would allow a system to be created that doesn’t allow a man given unto God to live a life that isn’t sufferable while he is in it?  Why am I as Gods son become worse a man by my government if our Government truly serves the God we love? How long will I in Christ have to suffer, by the hands of those who call this government Just and Free?  Why is my holy sacrament condemned and my church not allowed to exist by rule of legislation that says I am a criminal rather than the priest my God has called me to be, for possessing and sharing the holy sacrament of Cannabis?

I of all people long for a home.. a child and a cute but strong willed mother for ’em.. but the holy sacrament that my God led me to and shared with me as the marriage supper anointing of His body was given to me in the name of Jesus the Christ and it was unto His own likening that I was drawn to gather the courage and strength to accept it all as our Gods plan to Father.

So why am I so emotionally caught up in the hatred of the arrogance that my government leads by, in it’s outright hatred for the Children of God that is seen in the continuance of the war against the American dream!

So why must I cry out and scream about what new name I am in the foolishness of my Lord standing in.. Keshet yashua Israel..

What name is it, if it’s not His? What worth am I waisting by proclaiming this of some worth to anyone?  Who is it that I want to be, if I can at all prove I have want at all!?  Please my God, I have given up all that I have continually I give and I want nothing but what your will is..

I speak not my own mind nor will but your will shines thru all the hatred or blessing that I spill forth unto this world, whether it be through the power of the keyboard or the voiced word that you choose to live out as you choose what is right in my life to stand against the evil that seeks to deny your sacrament as the cannabis, I in faith have received and give in the holy name of you God.

Because I’m a principled man and I hold out to receive your anointing God, my government has called a war against my pursuit to your happiness being in my life. I by seeking to stand up as  a priest, stand up as the incriminating article of you God who wishes to share your anointing with all mankind as the Healing you have sought for your nations.

I see your “little israel” God as the little bit of misery I’ve been able to stand in as your son and King.. as I have sought to present to the United Nations that I have come as the authority you have sent in the new name you have sent. But all I get is that a bunch of homosexual angels and fallen stewards of you God have chosen to seek for my being tested into their homosexual ingredients of worship that gains further sustainence and peace for those willing to serve the beast!

I cannot give my body to the whoredom that exists, but I feel that I have been whored unto your new creation name instead. That as the christ come thru the cross, I am still the same suffrage of you God that exists, calling all to gather together for the marriage supper quickening, that we may raise up unto the merkaba body of our God’s ascension!

I have taken the stand to stay here for 7 years God, hoping against hate that I could present your life unto the United Nations as a worthy cause for their consideration; the Jumpin Jesus Phenomenon which I have always brought to mention to those truly seeking to know the mysteries of our making..

I have sought as one completely cut off, as the third Adam of God..

I have not lied but told every story that I have gone thru so that others may learn from what experiences I’ve had.. not as though I hadn’t gone thru what my God has drawn me thru but as one who did only survive because God was willing to allow me unto this day to speak about what truths I’ve learned thru it all..

I pray my God that I may not be so emotionally distraught that I can’t do anything at all.. I hate being useless my God!!  But.. please my Father.. I don’t seek to be a Homosexual.. that I may be further rewarded for what evil I plot.. no I would rather God be one in the body of the Christ you have been all along rather than to whore what virgin purity you have thru death sought to protect from the shame of their longings carrying us into the blind path of eternal damnation for our choosing whoredoms over and above what you are in your full Glory!

Please God.. I lay my life out before you.. I have no hope but to adore you.. I have no longing but to be the submission that you have joined unto as the strength and courage that I need to continue fighting for what love you contend to in the battles that exist in my life Father God.. Please God.. keep my soul strong.. do not allow me to cry for those who are evil.. do not allow me to suffer for what they do.. please my God.. over come all the routes of their victory over me, that I may be allowed your salvation in every instance against their doing.. and let every plan that comes against you in my body be turned against those who set forth plans for the destruction of your temple rather than it’s building!

Please God.. help me to know success even in my detriment! Help me to be stronger than the depression that seeks to kick me while I’m down, for seeing the laws that proclaim war against Your way of redemption by denying the marriage supper invite as being “legal” in the country you have brought me unto by your choosing to live wherein I couldn’t anymore..

Please God.. over come the evil with your good.  Do not let them attack me nor destroy what it is you will to build. Please Father.. build up the temple you are in my life even if you must destroy all that i am! For this is how I came here.. and for this I could wish I never lived.. that you have made me to be your own destruction even while you were living within me..Please God..

You sent me thru a cross back in 1994.. if you have any will to continue do not allow the devil to hate any part of you.. for I am a part.. and I pray that you keep me not as a soul that needs to be hardened nor made more effiminated but as the priest of your marriage being I share by my very central aspect of giving.. the anointing that marries us all unto whom you have always been since the beginning!

Please God.. take this burden which is my life.. do with it.. what I cannot will..

Quicken my body, quicken my thoughts that I may learn how to do all that you will from the body of light that you are in the canvas of mine own soul, that I may be freed from the burdens of human regard and suffering which lead men only to depression and death!  Lead me to be freedom from the whoring of my body over unto those of my own flesh likeness, but lift me rather into the merkaba of your holy enlightenment that I may lead others unto the ascension flight that you have called unto all of yours!

–keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)  Aka: JesusFish


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