Keeping the pure Virgin; God’s Love

The depths of living the pure virgins perfection, hoping for our God to draw Jerusalem soon! I have come to hope that our God has more for all of us then the depressing lives that our country has become the jailer to!  Not just our lives if their depressed now.. but what about all those children who are coming after us?  How depressed are we staging them to be in our future by not acting now to protect ourselves from the false principalities and powers that are denying us our civil rights and sovereignty by simply and outrightly ignoring the Religious occupation of those who as entheogenists have declared cannabis and other entheogens that our States and Federal justice systems are making into tools of inquisition, by their being able to arrest our (God’s) soul from Gods righteous cause for simply possessing the entheogenic sacrament God invites us to.

Upon our finding thru it’s holy and entheogenic use, we learn to express our Gods living character in the sovereign citizenships that we have before us to live. Where we must study to show our selves approved.. where we must not just prove what is rational and reasonable but protect the human dignity our God holds us up to when seeking our judgments to found, (create) and protect Justice wherein there is none.

But how can we do this if everyone is always just seeking to consume everyone upon their own lusts? I pray God that all lust is set aside from all of mankind until you can thru us prove Justice in our lives by our being able to find our pursuit of happiness a likely and routine route that doesn’t have huge gaping sink holes just waiting to suck us down the tubes.. like the end of Social Security.. like the claiming to be a country based off of religious freedom and sovereign will to act and be free.. A place that is a static ideal in space and time, a dream called America that hasn’t ever ended with the “dreamy romance” but with suffering and death.. Why do we seek to create a Disney land upon a nation that has lied to the whole world on such a grand scale that I, just standing in the name of Christ Jesus, and saying “Legalize it”,  have become in some man’s book the Greatest Terrorist of all time!

I coming in a new creation name and calling out unto all the tribes of the Rainbow nation.. ask that all of you recognize the world domination that is happening.. That we are all becoming overwhelmed on a global scale and yet we are the ones with all the wealth of the nations!  So.. where are we?  Can we each one stand up and contact each one and another?  Can we fully stand as one whole creation and recognize ourselves as the Stewards of the world and all of the Languages and religious culminations that have come upon us in the end of our world domination, and simply accept that there is one name that God has given.. in the end that the whole world can agree upon through even all the unionizing of religious organizations.

Can the vanity of God, the lost prodigle King come upon the earth from Heaven and call all the powers of the earth into order so that men and women as individual sovereigns may all around the world have the same dignities and integrity brought unto their embodied protections.. That children, mother’s and Fathers around the world can all have the same opportunities to learn together how we can globally work out the human virtue that we must seek to protect Globally not JUST in our own States, but thru putting local first we can’t but actualize all from within our own states of mind and body!

I have found in the world, that the world has accepted a certain format for people to come into the media spotlight, and it appears that someone that hasn’t been married will have a much harder time getting good press then the one that somehow is “Noah” himself simply because he has.  This to me defies the purpose of our having rights which protect us as Individuals, not for being married individuals.  The individual is the point of the matter.. all rights that an individual has is all the rights there ever can be, there can be no greater proportion of rights given to those who no longer act as individuals, or we are taking the focus off of the reward being with First and Foremost the Individual!

So, it appears to me in this light that I would be more righteously recognized as one who is unbiased across gender regulations being I have accepted the priestly path of the eunuch.  The evil that lays beyond me, is seeking always to draw me into a failure of my being the pure chaste virgin bride that God wills to keep!

How God am I to keep your vows? How God can I be your son?  Please God.. don’t allow sin to over come us, keep us all repentant and casting out the devils from one another without violence or threat of temporal wraths being taken out upon us.  Draw men and women who know you in the purity of the virgin that we are all intertwined with in the spiritual body of Yerusalem.


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