Permission to Enter . . .

I pray permission to enter my Father’s mission goals and objectives into the form of the church I have sought to recreate as a co-creator with God in this procession of life that we all find ourselves working together to live comfortably within.

I don’t know if anyone realizes it but the Jews don’t believe they have found their savior as of yet. The Christians association of the savior actually being “Jesus” is not the belief that orthodoxed Jews hold today.  Their are messianic Jews that have come to know Christ and the redemption path, but for the most part Jews today do not believe still that Jesus paid the cost of Adam’s sins, and so they still live under the dictates of the law though they are not sacrificing animals on the altar as far as I know neither.

Whatever Jesus was to the Christians, I am also. But most important is that I have come to the Jews and they have received me. And they have given me my own new name as my Gods new creation vessel being grafted into the plan of Jerusalem’s uprising by the authority of God being administered through the Church embassy found within the authority uncovered in the Entheogenic Reformation Church, through the entheogenic process of redemption, I have in this end been given (in the Charter) by God from the cross; as the mission outcome  of our salvation, while we rule upon this earth as Gods children.

All of this authority is ensnared unto me by the new creation witness I have as the one who has been raised into this temple name as my God’s new creation testament; the Third Adam of God.

The vanity of my approach unto mankind has been surrendered unto the Governor and all my people.  I have displayed no hatred nor want for other’s to be hateful of me for what asexual deism my Father does present in my comeliness.  I pray that men may come to recognize that I hold my God unto the highest respects of Chastity; as that which is the purest of all being.. the Virgin God/ess that as the pure light resides within each and every one of our temple hearts; as the seed of victory that our God declared His by the death of His son upon the cross.  Not because He died, but because He fulfilled the promise that he gave unto all of mankind.. that he would make the two into one new body again.

My translation and comprehension of the Cross and the Christ is not to be put under fire by the Government, simply because we have incorporated Cannabis within our Church as a sacred sacrament to be used in the foundational role of our church in the Entheogenic Reformation Church.

Is it blasphemy for you God, to use such a humble ingredient which has been used to exploit just about every national civil interest of man to create laws that stop people from simply accepting your spiritual invite to the comfort that your anointing alone can produce in the lives and minds of man?

I think it blasphemy Father God that our Governing people don’t come to recognize that Cannabis is less harmful then the detestable drugs that are right now legal for even recreational use, while still our Sacred Rights are being denied us!   The hipocritcal stature that our Government comes into by denying us our sovereign rights, is even being ignored by the media because they are not Corporately recognizing our rights neither it appears..

Why has no program come out that shows how Cannabis has been used through out all of history as a religious sacrament?  Why isn’t this known publicly.. being common sense holds it to be true.. why are not the media channels incorporating the common sense of the people into the major media networks to show how cannabis is inhumanly being used to desecrate and abominate the temple of the Lord our God, not by it’s being used religiously but by those who do being taken into arrest and astrocized from our society and ignored by the whole public viewership of our Nation!

Simply forgotten are our people who chose to accept a safer alternative than alcohol or tobacco, simply forgotten are those who still volunteer to use cannabis  as a sovereign personal right even after finding out all the possible side effects that can come.. Side effects which we know aren’t as harsh as even Coffee or Aspirin!

How can any reputable State representative or National example, still allow such a substance as Cannabis to be used as an impeachment weapon against a Church organ’s own foundational existence! And how long will this continue to go on?

I, as a priest (An ambassador of God) pray that my State members, including those who are apportioned to the Church (accepting the Charter) and the regenerating and reforming (The Active Spirit) of our  local agreements as discovered (actualized) through our fulfilling our commitments as a Church organ with missions and “by-laws”.

We carry on the Church business, as a fellowship of entheogenists. Who share life experiences that we have gone through not just in this life but in other lives we have found access to through the enthoegenic reformation of our mind and bodies.  The sacred article of Cannabis was adopted as the first entheogenic sacrament that we as entheogenists have chosen to use in the Entheogenic Process (Marriage supper Invite) which is “The Way” that our Church has incorporated as the central vein of our Church.

If anyone would like to interview me, the chairman of the Entheogenic Reformation Church.. please contact me at

I don’t mind being interviewed if I have it in writing that you are not going to be using my name or my church to bring defamation of Character upon my Church in any way. Without this document signed I will not give you an interview. I am called by my God to not allow any provision for others to sin by slandering the works He carry’s out in my life.

— Keshet Israel <><


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