The Seriousness of Cannabis

Honestly, if anyone does study all of the empirical research of others and their own experiences with it, it is obvious on all fronts, that Cannabis should be legal!

If I were to land on a earth like world as a scientist and researcher (sent by God of course) I would want to make sure I brought plenty of hemp seeds!  Because I could then produce all that I needed for Food,Clothing, Medicine, Fuel, Shelter.

Because I believe the founding Father’s were guided by the Spirit of our God to use this plant and so they did; founding the very words of our country upon the foundation of which represents the Christ!  It shows how deeply God entailed Cannabis with a duty to draw His people up and unto Love.

It was used to help for many years the woman who was going through child rearing, and “Illegally” it still does for some. Sadly criminalizing the whole event of Child birth, by the making of the substance illegal goes to show how inciteful of evil that “Prohibition” entails against our God!

Now a women can even kill her unborn child, but the priest and shaman of God isn’t allowed the sovereign right to put cannabis into one’s own temple as a gift given unto God.

To deny our God who is Sovereign within our Temple Body, the allowance of a sacred article that He requires of His own willing is a sin against God and mankind and those who require punishment for doing this are blasphemous torturer’s of our Gods soul and all of those who are His!

The system of this governing is of the devil and the justice that prevails is not Gods but man’s own fallen arrest, to a system that has deceived and rebutted the people who were at one time defended by a plant which had words given of God protecting all of man, but as the foundation of that document became illegal, so did all the rights given upon it dismissed from Just scrutiny of the Law and our people without our Country!

Those who have become “Criminalized” for partaking in our Gods will are martyrs to the system and need be recognized as so!  We must fight to revitalize our rights and to overtake the evil that has sought to earn our principalities and powers by seducing words of humanistic values which have nothing to do with the God we serve!

We must come together first (as Christians and other religious people) and recognize that Cannabis is Gods plant given to all of mankind!  For the Healing of the Nations!

We must stop hiding in our Contemporary Churches and Dogmas, which has stigmatized Cannabis as though it’s an evil Drug.. as though only Evil can work out from any substance!!

This arrogance and ignorance has gone on for too long!  And the cost of it has risen too High!  Our people, our children, brothers and sisters, mom’s and Dad’s are being gutted by the guillotine of the Drug war! You know what I mean!

Were throwing all of these people into jail for using a substance without the intent of crime and without victims to consider our lives criminal, only police officer’s and Judges and Jailers are led to deny our Sovereign Rights, and that because they are ignorant to the Laws of Sovereign being and religious protections!

They are ignorant to the plant as being Gods “plant of reknown” because the nature of their being positioned in a system which uses a military style hierarchy hard pressing the doctrinaire of Compartmentalization.  Which is dissuading the police and the Judges from holding the people’s common views at all.  But mainly holding to the doctrines that the police forces have created in and thru their own studies as to what the legislation intended by the laws created.

They are being taught therefore how to use tactics that are already merited as worthy their cause for the carrying out of the Protections that Peace officer’s are to be ready to carry out, upon Police Command being warranted.

Right now in America, there is an appearance of a complete whitewashing of  Entheogenists, whom are citizens that use Entheogens under the unction of their religious affiliations with the divine and those who with them enjoin God in their (Entheogenic) fellowship.  This whole branch or segment of Gods people are straddled thru out many differing religious branches of mainstream denominations and which are many times in this day and age private and personally kept santifications that people keep between them and their God as individuals of their God; taking no side in the capitalistic struggle that Churches are forced to embattle each other within as institutionalized organizations rather than purely spiritual manifestations such as found between the person and the entheogen, in the Entheogenists pursuit of happiness and joy in God.

Police officer’s have been trained to raid a house with guns drawn, rather than to become personal people within the social structure of our society.  In fact, they are more and more “De-personalized” it seems from our common sense of people in society. More and more become the deamonized victimizer of our people.. shooting people.. dragging them out into a street and beating the crap out of them..   This role that police are becoming more and more known for is not helping them in their position, nor is totally ignoring that because Religion is so constrained within the mainstream of our Society, that people would find their own routes of worship which in their own sincerity is their own sovereign choice to make. And as long as they don’t hurt anyone else they should be allowed their ways.

If a person acts against the law, thru a plan/intent formed (in deceit or as a reasonable re-action) and held to, in order to; deceive (Seduce) , steal, taunt, threaten, harm, maim or kill a man; and is caught in the act of it, then and only then should a man be jailed!

For the freedom of being in Heaven is what our God seeks for us, even when we are unable to seek it for ourselves! And so if we hold our freedoms upon this earth up to the same mark that our God does His own Kingdom then we too should always be seeking ways to keep our people free!

Jailing them for their pursuing Godly ideals, to me is the first and most important thing that we must stop in each and every country that is around the world.  We must stop the arresting of our people, who are sincerely using their sacraments but are being denied their own personal religious sincerity!

We must remember, it is the individual for whom we stand.  NOT our Family first.. not our Children first.. but the INDIVIDUAL as a Whole!  Yet, we are denying people their religious right to stand as an individual and to declare their Gods rights over their sovereign Soul before God, by our continueing to lock them up for choosing to follow their Gods will and partake in the entheogen that they in their Sovereign agreement with their God has chosen to place into their Gods temple; their own human body.

This is the War that broke out in Heaven!  Why? Because.. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!  Know ye not?!!   And if it’s within you, is it not within me?  And if it’s between us then is it not our sovereign and righteous agreements between us that draw the laws that be?  “Where two or three are gathered in my name, therin I am (Justice). ”

So, if my peers are my jury, then the peers in fellowship with me in my entheogen use, in our agreements, share entheogens as we share all substance as sacred articles, which thru our God’s willing invite; we use to marry our minds and bodies entheogenically into the collective mind of God.

There being a whole group of people Billions world wide, who use entheogens for one reason or another, you would think that the INDIVIDUAL, would be so well protected from Corruption that such laws like The Federal Controlled Substance Act would never have come into creation without an exemption for all person’s who proclaim a sincere religious belief and actively pursue the building up of the Entheogenic community of their Church or household.

There is a DEA exemption, but the person filing for the exemption is incriminating themselves as a Church by asking!  A violation of our 5th Amendment.

The point is.. were suppose to have a “Guarantee” from the United States Justice System that OUR RELIGIOUS RIGHTS will be upheld, our lives protected from false arrest and imprisonment and even being publicly slandered or denied our rights as people who are also exempt from all Uranalysis Tests for employment being this hinders our lives economically.

As according the 14th Amendment no laws created can be enforced to deny those who have immunities already established.  Such as the 1st Amendment.

So.. state laws are in violation every time they arrest someone who declares their religious rights to use the cannabis sacrament as according to their sincere religious belief.   Therefore, I suggest to all those who partake in Cannabis, to seek God and to find His religion!

As I invite them to partake in the Cannabis Tree of Life. And to assume a role within the Church I have founded and Chartered as an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, for it surely is within you!

Those who accept this calling have chosen to follow their Lord and God into a Church building which is created by the words we share between ourselves as leaders of our people as well entailed followers of ‘reason’ and ‘Truth’.

Entheogenists Unite!

Keshet Israel


If you would like to start a local congregation please write me!  or if you just want to know more about the function of the Church please email me!


Jerry Cofer on Facebook! 🙂


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