Entheogenists Unite!

I have come to realize that there are many entheogenists are “hiding in the closet” so to speak, afraid of their friends and family members because the entheogenic sacraments God has led  you to use, are labelled ‘Illegal’ by a government which has denied you your sovereign rights.

Those same fascists are also threatening your very religious position with God and man, in the world, by the over-whelming use of a militant police force which has been (is) taught to deny any relationship between the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, and the person they discover to possess an entheogenic substance.

They are taught this so that when committing an (illegal) arrest for possession, cultivation or distribution of our Gods entheogens; the police who are carrying out these illegal acts, don’t recognize that they are violating their own police oath!

So, in order to create local branches of The Entheogenic Reformation Church.. I have devised a packet that can help you focalize local members into a fashion of ambassadage that will empower our Church members as Sovereign and Righteous entheogenists who are sincere (Pro-active) members who are seeking to play a vital role in our leadership as religious (spiritual) persons who find ourselves to be mediators of spiritual awareness’ (Entheogenists) which lay beyond the veil of our own psyche, which we have only as mediators of the Truth which we can only ascertain thru the Entheogenic process. (Our literally becoming “The Anointed” ones!)

God (thru entheogen use) has been calling us all unto the Divine healing which comes with the plant of renown (cannabis) as we all participate in, the entheogenic marriage supper we by God’s unction divine unto His temple Body.

Because many people don’t even know they are ambassadors of a multi-dimensional reality, they don’t have the chance to recognize the dignity and integrity our God had called us to in our being pioneers unto the multi-dimensional realms of Heaven; which our God draws us to.

In this common realm called earth, we have come as the highest representation of our God to be by our God’s nature “entheogenists”.
We, given unto our Council fellowship as a self governing Church organ, in the hopes of keeping of our religious members and rights safe and protected.

We do this that we may learn together as one body (a Church of our God) co-operating together in our gathering of intelligence, that we may draw our own religious convictions and so create a constant and consistent Reformation of our Ways while we are upon any one portion of Earth.

It is in this way that our sovereign religious ideals and standards are incorporated into our Body as a Church, and so how we influence the people who have accepted The Entheogenic Process as the highest calling of our Church body, along with spiritual meditation, Exegesis, Asceticism, Trance, Dance or Tribal Drumming.

Those who call themselves Entheogenists are not “casual drug users”, nor recreational ones!  No.. we who accept that we are an Entheogenist are the elite few who have been drawn by our God religiously (expierentially) to see those things we have and to express those things to others in a way that will help our Church body, Society and Government.

This is why we gather together.. To fellowship.  So that we can share these stories and our living entheogenic experiences, as we transverse time and space, so that we all may have a deeper envisionment of whom God is in our lives and in the Governing of our Body; as Entheogenists.

We must continue to build upon the integrity and dignity that we as entheogenists who share in the Entheogenic Process (And The Entheogenic Reformation Church) define by the “in-living” spirit of our God; that we may prove we are worthy of the rights that our patriotic grandparents and parents have sought to uphold and protect in the Bill of Rights!

Therefore, “we” who are under attack by illegal governmental activities of our nation and states, must make ourselves known unto all of the World as a group of religious people who have been profiled by our Nation and States by what substance we possess rather then by what merit we achieve thru the Good works that we are instilled by our God to perform.

As Entheogenists, this “War on Drugs” is taking many of our entheogenic members, away from the sacred entheogens that our God has given to us and those who illegally recreate the illegal enforcements that are coming upon many of our members are being rewarded for their sinful behavior and spoken of as having integrity for throwing our Gods members into jails and prisons.

Why will they not recognize our sincere religious positions, and so allow us to seek with all of our Might, to quicken our mortal lives unto the image of our Gods true divine celestial nature; by simply allowing us to keep our religious dignity and honor by our being allowed the entheogens we partake in?

It is in the joy of our knowing our God, that we are able to know that we are anointing one another with the authentic entheogenic sacraments of our God, marrying us unto the fire baptism consumption which comes with our acceptance of our Gods marriage supper.

This is the ministry foundation that we share; that our God invited and accepted death for our victory, and now Has allowed us our (God’s) sacred entheogens, such as the Cannabis tree of life, to enter into our own temple bodies that we may hear our God’s message which calls (commands) us to quicken unto the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is with all of our strength and courage, that we seek to find rest in this wicked world, and it is under the influence of our Gods holy sacrament that we find our lives to be quickened unto the image of our God’s holy Merkahbah (Celestial Chariot Body).

It is because I have sincerely come to believe that this is all the Truth; so help me God, that I have chartered this The Entheogenic Reformation Church and sought to fellowship with other Entheogenists in America and around the World.

I had 8 years of Clean Time in Narcotics Anonymous working as a Group Service Representative (GSR), and we have decided to adopt the same sorta business organization as a non-profit co-op group of religious (spiritual) people who share as a common and central theme of their religious beliefs, the view that the entheogen is a sacred article of our Gods religious pursuit; (used) for our finding of happiness within us.

I can be nobodies rescue until I’m allowed to personally possess God’s holy Cannabis tree, given by God to me, that I may invite all men unto the Marriage supper of the Lord that I may share with them the re-cognition of the new name I have received of God while walking in His way and showing others how it is carried out. –Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)


One thought on “Entheogenists Unite!

  1. Hello Keshet,

    I agree, as many users do, that cannabis and other entheogens (such as psilocybe mushrooms) often trigger religious experiences and religious thoughts. More than once, I had the experience of being controlled by an outside, higher force, while under the influence. Also I have witnessed true miracles on my computer screen after I used entheogens. This is no hallicunation.
    An interesting site which explores the connection between entheogens and religion is http://www.egodeath.com. I suggest you give it a look. It proposes the world is deterministic and operates according to plan, an idea which is the subject of much philosophical debate in the history of philosophy and religion, possibly starting in ancient greece.
    I think people around the world should be allowed to take these substances, of which I think, just as you, they should be called holy sacraments.
    I’ll be watching the progress of your entheogenic reformation church. The idea to start such a church seems reasonable to me, although I cannot follow all your reasoning about it. By the way, there is already a large organisation who uses entheogens as their sacrament: the Sainto Daime church. They use ayuasca as their sacrament.
    Good luck with your site and church

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