The Christing Spirit: The Entheogenic Authority

Hello, I come with a name I have been hard pressed to bare for many years as I’ve traveled across the Country seeking to share the plant of renown with those who will accept my invite to the sharing of the cannabis supper of the Lord, in the reception of my new creation name given; Keshet Israel.

I have invited people into this service so that I may speak with them in the spirit of the Christ born again, who asks for fellowship as an entheogenist living in my temple body who has quickened me unto the calling I have as an entheogenist; to share God’s sacramental Tree of Life, in the entheogen of Cannabis, and to do so in my new creation name (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12).

I have a new covenant to share with the People.  A Church which stands upon the clouds of my Father, who within me has brought me to found and charter unto establishment a new creation Entheogenic Church; “The Entheogenic Reformation Church”.

The concept of the Church is to find a body of people who recognize that their body is God’s (Sovereign) and that it is itself an entheogenic body (substance) being used by the Divine at all times as God himself partakes in our bodies acceptence of entheogens we find God has given us within this world to glorify His/Her body.

There is No Time that God is not within us, so there is no time where God is not exacting His/Her will instantaneously.  Wherein we loose our patience and need to yell “something” it is better to YELL and face the punishment then to deny your emotion is justified and allow it to build up within you that you later lash out against the evil that is rushing to over come you, because you didn’t yell at the evil which was coming against you from a distance that God could come to your aid and fight them before they came upon you!

For what you feel and hear in your heart and mind, may be but devils seeking to gain in you a trust, that you will follow.  The evil present will seek to use your own friends and family (loved ones) to deny you the rest, that your God has to offer you.  Which is the full quickening of your body unto the controls of the merkabah body.

I have come to believe within me that our God is calling all of us to look within our temple bodies, wherein God is, and if you find it right within you to offer or to accept the courage that God gives us to partake in the entheogenic process, as a logical and reliabile way of quickening your life unto God who is within the Kingdom of Heaven; you have the burden upon your own self to place that entheogen within your God’s own temple body by His/Her will.

It is God within your temple, who uses these entheogens to marrying our bodies unto God, there fore it is the highest calling of our God “Holy Matrimoney” which takes place in the service of it’s intake.  Those who deny us our religious marriage are those who have given up on providing the Guarantee offered us in the 1st Amendment, and so have acted out Treason against our God and Country!

It is through the Entheogenic Reformation of our lives which is the very awareness of our God living out the rest of our lives in the enternal way of our own personal quickening relationship (relativity) with God, which is the process the Entheogenic Reformation Church is recreated to fellowship in.

That we may protect our people as a mass of entheogenists who hold prayers in fellowship that we may move beyond the veils that Satan has laid before us to deny us the Honor’s and integrities that we are all as Gods elohim to be in grasp of… for we are no longer living as though we have a cross before us, but as those raised from it moving by the will of our God’s spirit who drives our body unto the mission works prepared for us before time.

It is said in the Bible that there would be times when there were some that would refuse to hear about the true marriage of the Lord our God. And that the mystery would be a cause of the end, as it is seen to be in this end; that the marriage supper of the Lord is fully given by the sharing of the plant Cannabis with those who accept Kaneh Bosm, not to intoxicate but to praise and receive thankfulness, as we give it, from our God.

We are wise by it, and know it’s evils and will not let it or any rule us but the spirit of our God who marries us through it unto Him/Her.  As sovereign and righteous by Gods authority being bought by the blood of the Lamb, we are guaranteed the right to partake now in the Tree of Life (Cannabis) and as we learn to accept the marriage supper unto our own breath, then and only then will we recognize the firey spirit of our God’s comfort, and recognize the true name of the Lord our God.

I cannot deny the honor it means to me to come in such a name, through my quickening spirit, as the one I’ve come to walk in as our Gods new creation vessel given; Keshet Yashua Israel

I pray we gather as Entheogenists the intelligences we need to create intentional community building programs within each of our own local ministries.  That we all may help our localities clean up the streets, feed the homeless and help to create new avenues for economy, health care, and enjoyable recreation among those who don’t have it.

We hope to pioneer new pathways for our people to come into the full recognition of the meanings of the words Dignity, integrity, hope, honor, gentleness, and charity as well as strength and encouragement.

We hope to gain our citizenry around us who as of yet perceive our sacraments as “Evil” rather than what our God has called them “Good”.

“What I have called clean who can say is unclean? ”

The Entheogenic Church is a Contemporary New Creation Church which I personally have based upon my own experience of having received the marriage supper on Christmas eve in 1994 through the acceptence of Christ Jesus unto my life in a man named Silver Bear; who speaking the word of God to me over a 16 hour period did lead me out of my life and into the life of the Christ wherein I died with Christ upon the Cross and was regenerated unto this new creation body.  (Hence a New Creation Church)

Since that day, I have been called to carry out the same invite to all those whom my father draws unto me, at what times I’m allowed or able to possess the substance by my God’s authority.  The 1st Amendment holding True still to my God, it’s the prosecutors and police officer’s who are denying the Bill of Rights and the religious Freedoms of our God and people.

This doesn’t mean that we should back down from the Good fight that we have before us!  No.. this is where we must step up and into the Gap to protect those whom God is calling to use Cannabis and other entheogens as His/Her vessel given to speak as the Authority of God upon the Earth.

These are the religious priests (Shamans) who truly unravel the mysteries of Heaven to those whom they are sent, not those who guess or wander without confidence as to what is right or wrong; but who are sincere in their honorable pathways of achieving a good name in this world; as they have received in Gods Kingdom.

Unfortunatly, what is Good in God’s eyes, has become evil sought in this world!  The Government which is God’s, is only God’s because we “hold it up” (fan the flame) as God’s children to God.  We do this through our fervant prayer and cursing of evil principalities and Powers; that we find (and that seek to) take root in our governing affairs.

That again is why we as Entheogenists need to Gather.  We need to strengthen our lives as Entheogenists and to fight for our rights to be protected!  We need to call our Government into obedience having now come unto the obedience of our own God and Father!

The entheogenic Reformation Church is therefore our tower of salvation which our God is seeking within us to build up as a platform that we can stand and attack the evil pincipalities and powers that stand against us for simply being Entheogenists!

We contend to do this by the sharing of education (Words of encouragement and Strength) and resources (friendships, sacraments, sacred medicine and hope) which help our people (are you your brother’s keeper?) to recognize a life wherein there is no inequality; nor lack of dignity nor integrity. As well as to further the end of all oppression (principalities of darkness (unenlightenment/Lack of Awareness).

We are not Criminals for accepting God’s provisions given to us (Entheogens). Those legal toxins (Like Alcohol, Tobacco) which are more deadly and yet allowed even into the general market place are killing people daily, women are allowed to control their bodies to the point of killing a child formed in the womb by God, and people have the right to bare arms (guns can only kill, maim or injure!) but the government at the moment is taking religious people’s rights away from them, and our Guarantee to them; for possessing and sharing a safer entheogenic substance as according to their very personal (sincere) and private religious observations.

Justice being found in our Agreements,  it would be best to pursue how we can first enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is our belief as Entheogenists that ‘the way’ is found in our first unlocking our own bodies and minds unto their fullest potential we have as human beings; and that is where the use of Entheogens comes in.

We have found in our prayers and our experiences that our God has called us unto the invite of certain substances which hold scientific/Historical, religious promise to enlighten us unto religious experience, a higher awareness and/or a mystical experience or ability.

Therefore it is our rational duty to seek to protect the routes that we have found to uncover the life and love of our God; that our people coming after us do not have to fight for what we are willing to lay our lives down to achieve while we are here now. (Faith is Now!)

We must recognize that Entheogens are a key to keeping our Cognitive Liberty as citizens of our God (And Heaven) that we may always keep reason and rationality in our ethical bodies of governing as we compile directives and motives for our sincerely held logical precepts and principles (rather than evil principalities and powers).

Therefore I invite you all to come unto the co-operation that I have founded for all (Confessed Entheogenists) to partake in that we may contain ourselves as The Entheogenic Reformation Church body, and continue to draw members to proactively include themselves in routes of dignified and honorable intentional community buildings, based upon the Christing (Entheogenic) Spirit of our God.


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