The Greatest Depression: Domination of the living & the unborn by the Dead

There is a serious issue that has risen upon us all in America and across the globe. It is an issue of ethics, morality, dignity and integrity that truly needs to be brought into the mainstream of our society as a “Dis-ease” which is being drawn upon many of us. This “Dis-ease” is not a disease which is medically associated nor psychological in nature but is a psycho-sexual attack against our people from some “unidentifiable” source.

It has long been recognized that Sexual domination is the most likely route for total domination of one’s body and mind to be achieved by another person or entity, that allows the “Dominator” to control the body of those who can be dominated by this tactic, even without that person recognizing they are being controlled.

Yes, if someone knows they are being “Dominated” it is more likely that the person having their consciousness dominated will retaliate against that person or organization who is dominating them. So, the tact of dominating a person totally must be one that is hidden, or unobservable (unprovable) that draws the person being dominated to react with loyalty, friendship and compassion towards the one which is “dominating” them. So that the Dominator can gain the position of Protector, friend, or loyal compatriot in life.

The human benefit of having another person loyal to the cause of another’s life, is that the Dominating person can gain human rewards from the association, relationship or “take over”, through the loyalty that is gained through the “love deception” which must be brought upon the other, in order for the domination to take rule.

What is very sad about this tactic of deception and domination being used in our world, is that our minds as human beings are fearful of our environment by rule of our “Fearing the Unknown”, and so it is very easy for our lives become ruled by dominating people, organizations or spiritual/alien entities which have indwelt conditioning’s within their consciousness expressions and languages which they don’t even realize are causing others to become subliminally fearful of what reactions “Could” take place to the point of accepting their domination, as though it’s just another “Loving” relationship.

There are many sociological and psychological factors involved in our being “Easily” dominated by “Rule” or “Rulers” outside of our own consciousness, such as; Fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of not being loved, fear of not making enough money, fear of becoming “homosexual”, pressures from religious conditioning or social acceptance and of course the fear of not being accepted as a person of integrity, dignity, patience, Trust, honor, duty, position or simple joy, or sexual enjoyment.

Now, the notion of “Domination” at first glance seems to be one sided, in that the one dominating is the Controller, while the one dominated is the controlled, but what usually happens is that the one dominated eventually joins sides with the dominator, taking a more active role in the dominating tactics of the one that has dominated their self. And, I must not forget to mention that the original “Dominator” who achieves this title thru passive dominating tactics may many times begin their domination by first fully submitting themselves to the one which they seek to eventually dominate.

This is easily observable in many young women, who seeking a money gatherer, and progenitor to their desire for child, or in the understanding of the notion “trojan horse”. They seek to submit themselves to whom they wish to fully dominate, into their being a possession within their life. And they do this that they may be rewarded by the works that person can assimilate into the well being (Physiological needs and Financial success) of their own life.

The scary part about all of this is that many people refer to these deceptive domination practices as “Love Making”!

Men will seek women to hide from the fear that they may be taken upon as though they are a women, for not appearing in relationship with a women, just as women fear the same and so seek quickly any man that can protect them from the same. So, in actuality, men and women will seek one another to hide from one another’s own fears and inadequacies with their being in the “Human” condition.

Now, as for organizations dominating people it’s obvious that Governments have been created to do this thru out all of History. Dominating the people was in the “Dark Ages” the duty of the King (government) or monarch, so that the King could live in wealth off of the backs of those whom they could dominate. And many times dominating them meant that they were also completely oppressed by that domination, but there are obvious rewards to allowing that domination to exist such as is seen in the serfdom that came to take place in later years.

Slaves well taken care of, didn’t recognize they were slaves no matter how dominated they were. Though they knew subliminally what would happen if they didn’t go along.. they ignored those fears in order to find the rewards they could in the dominated positions they found themselves in. And as time went out Kings and governments became more aware of how they could use deceptive practices to out maneuver the moral dignities that dominators had to depress or annihilate in the consciousness of those whom they dominated, that they could achieve maximum output from those dominated and so gain maximum reward towards their endeavors.

In the same way men and women have grown to condition themselves to accomplish the same tasks with those they find available to them, in this day and age. Just as Governments have grown to accomplish the same among each nation, state or individual since the beginning of time. In fact, if there was a name to be given to the history of our human conditioning it must be “Human World Domination” or as a friend once told me, “God stands for Government Organized Domination”!

Yes, we are all dominated by our Governments, our People and our Loved one’s that we may be used to reward them, and we are dominated by the emotional impact that words have over and above our lives; whether asserted through our hearing, reading or Legislating unto laws.

There is a false assumption that being dominated by words, is less harsh then being dominated physically, because we don’t live our lives so much in the biological make up of our body, so much as we live in the sociological make up of our lives; wherein words rule our emotional lives. There is no better way of understanding this truth then by recognizing the well known phrase, “Give me liberty or give me death!”

We as moral and dignified intellectual people, find the abundance of our life in the freedom that exists in our thoughts, our imaginations, and in our positions sociologically risen to by our adeptness in understanding the environment that we find ourselves in as well as our ability to express ourselves thru words.

My asexual constitution is one formed by God who has dominated me into the (mental/emotional) conviction that I am not to allow another the reward of my God’s temple works, unless the conditions of my God are recognized in the environment that my God has regenerated himself unto by coming unto my Body as the dominate Host (Willing)of it. God will not submit unto any, lest it is for His own reward, and that reward is only found in His standing upon this earth in the full authority that God alone has as King and Lord over all!

So, then am I condemned in the world because my God is willing to stand in me? Yes.. why?

Because the whole of this worlds people, does not want to be taken out of the deceptions that have rewarded them for their adhering to them. The people have come to be comforted in their own deceptions and dominating factions or relationships and so they don’t want to see their God (The Ultimate Dominator”) because they fear that their rewards could, or will be, taken away from them.

And, the only way their rewards can be taken away from them is if someone has the power to take it from them, and who but God (The personage of All Power and Authority) can take all things away from us, without being considered unrighteous in doing so!

So, for any “person” to actually “Be” God, is to deny one’s own full authority, and since the conditioning of our minds in this day and age is one that subscribes to the thought that if one is not “Sovereign” over their own body, they are then Slaves to some “other” authority! And So.. no man can ever be considered by any Government or individual to be God; or the authority of their own life rulings could be uprooted and destroyed, a fear worst then death.. as again is seen in the phrase “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

The prospect that God is living within you, the ultimate authority of Heaven and Earth, the Living and the Dead, is one that allows us all to recognize that we are Sovereign in our identities and equalities while we are controlled by our God within us. This assumption of dignity and honor therefore that we by this distinction are to give to one another is become the position that has infused our governments to adopt “Civil Rights”. And in America this ideal has deemed every citizen (individual) worthy of the “Guarantee” that our Civil Rights will be protected in every circumstance of our individual life!

That we may have Freedom from Tyranny, religious persecution, forced Labor, governmental slander or defamation of character as well as the Freedom to assert our religious exercise without hindrance from other individuals, organizations or Law within our societies and the rights to Life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These “Ideals” though Guaranteed are not always upheld, and many times as we can see now by the hindrances put upon us by “The War on Drugs” are outright ignored or refused by our ruling parties, or individuals who acting in ignorance don’t uphold their own oaths to protect those Rights by their simply denying or ignoring the rights of those who upon examination are considered less than Sovereign Worthy.

It is now in my considering, that all Government is seeking to discover and use new deception tactics upon their people that they can protect the Governmental National Interests even when those interests deny their people the Rights that have been promised. The government would rather dominate all people into becoming a more rewarding “capital” interest for the profit line of the Nation rather than the overall Freedom of the individuals who are more and more finding their own rewards intellectually, rather than thru labors which only provide for their bodies material wealth and so our governments have turned to legislating laws that deny the rewards our God gave us, in creating the world we live in, by denying us the Authority to partake in the Holy substances (entheogens) which many religious peoples, thru out all of History, have used to discover and understand the circumstances of our being, our Gods being, and our consciousness as well as tools used to progress in our pursuits of life, liberty and the pursuit of our happiness.

The issue is that our Governments are responsible for debts to other countries, and so our people are become slaves to those countries, making our own governments the oppressors of our individual citizenships as an apportioning to drive our lives unto financial gain so that we can be Taxed more and so give more to those countries which prior generations built up debts to thru the years.

Now, we being born into the world are automatically indentured to other countries and peoples who we have never had any contact with and who are long dead! The individuals responsible for these debts are not available to rebuke or to enslave for what decisions they made without us, and we are pressured by our government to invoke motivations unto our own lives that we the people cannot truly ever spiritually, emotionally or even many times principally adopt; seeing that many of those debts were debts that we as individuals would never have voted to have taken upon ourselves!

Being born into being an indentured servant to those who are long dead, and those who have yet to come is a huge moral guilt placed upon our shoulders which we do not actually own, but we are deceived and oppressed to accept the burdens simply because we are individuals within the nation states that we have by an act of Nature come unto.

Now, if you look at insurance on a car, when an act of nature causes damage we are covered, but not when it comes to a debt not incurred by us by those who acted without our lives even being present in the World!

Therefore it is my grievance, that my nation is not my own because it has been sold out from under us to ploys, deceptions, and agenda’s that were set not by my individual self. So, how is the individual protected from what others have done? We simply aren’t! We are enslaved, and told that if we do not accept the enslavement that the Federal reserve has brought upon us, that we unpatriotic and treasonous against our Nation!

Sure.. we can look back into history and recognize that our Government has done somethings that we the people needed to have happen as a government, that may or may not have benefited what we now living believe in, and for some reason being conditioned to be “Patriotic” we can give ourselves to the duty that others created without our awareness nor say so.. but where in this is our Liberty? Where is our Freedom? Where can we pursue happiness? We are in Debt, our children will be also.. and theirs also! And were to be made guilty and to teach that guilt to our children also?

We the people, must find fellowship with honor and dignity and find our integrity again, by seeking to find true liberty from the sins of our generations prior! We should not have to suffer so consistently because a financial system created by people long before we came unto this planet, this country sold us out for the wantonness of our dead ancestors! No matter how much good materially it gave them, we are the slaves that are paying for that and we must learn how to say No!

–Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

Note from author:

I believe, the only way we will ever be able to overcome all of this burden being placed upon our lives by our government via our dead ancestors is to take full control of the whole world! To overtake every government, and to re-establish the economic ecology of our lives, not as people competing for why would we compete against our own people? No.. we must come to realize that the social dignities and intellectually and emotionally charged lives that we each have right to must be brought back into the spot light of our social agenda’s. The emotional confidences of our people must be free to acquire the freedom and liberty that we the people were once willing to bleed to protect and uphold!

We must be allowed to seek our God, exercise His/Her will, teach, love, educate and instill the honor and integrity that our lives are worth, rather then to live under the guilt burden that our ancestors placed upon us, and that our government and other governments are holding against us Now!

It is time that we come to recognize that our ancestors long dead, have become our enemies by the pursuits that burdened us to pay for by the enslavement’s that have come upon us by their works!

We should not have to bare the burden of those who are not here, but bare our own burden as the Word of our God shows us we must. We are responsible for the living, not the dead. Let the dead bury their own! Where God have you allowed our Government and our peoples to take us! Please God.. let us rise up against our dead ancestors and the living ones who believe it’s patriotic to accept debts we the people (living) would never have taken! Would never have put upon those coming after us!

Let us destroy the bonds that men and women who may in their thinking have been doing right, because the government we had then deceived them to it, just as our government now is seeking to deceive us into, that our children coming may be even more burdened then we are now!

Please God.. free of us of our debts! Free us of the false conditioning’s which have used our own system of Government and economy against our own personal God given rights!

Let us come out from under all of this and take the world unto one fold, and allow your freedom to reign in our bodies; release us from the burdens set upon us by the dead and those who use their powers to evilly deceive and further beset us to debts (burdens) our children don’t deserve!


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