Without Reason; My Testament

Shalom and Namaste,
Have I become a person without reason?  Have I become what my God has recreated from the cross for no cause in the world?
I have like everyone only one path that I can live out and that is the life my God predestined for me to live out of. This life that types these words right now are thru it all the full living embodiment of the Word of God that has married it’s own willing upon me incarnate form. I am merely a host, He/She the Host of Hosts come into the marriage supper name I am; Keshet Yashua Israel
If there is any insanity in me, for professing a name which has evolved over the natural time period of this my living instance of being, I apologize for whatever deception you come under to believe a lie that would tell you I have lied about any of my experience since the day I came back unto this world in 1994, when I was born again unto this Gentile Adoption the United States has enslaved within the depths of “Little Israel”, my monastic think tank; ZionStatION(.com)
On Christmas Eve in 1994, I on the way home from where I was working with a new friend who was a Hare Krsna.  Along the route, in the rain I picked up to hitch-hikers.  One named “Silver-Bear” and another named “Sparrow” (Where are you guys?!)
Now just to give a little background information, I had gone through a traumatic experience spiritually in meditation after being left with 17 staples in my head from being pistol whipped in a trailer I was living in.
I had started studying more of the eastern religions, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita and other taoist documents. I had a friend who was an affiliate of the Peyote Way Church of God and who turned me onto Eckenkar.  Which I actually went to and attended as well as read much of their literature and watched many of Eck Master’s video’s.
I must say, I knew that God existed, but as to anything other than that, I couldn’t know.  So back to the Car ride back to my place after work that Christmas eve night.

“I hope you don’t mind, I pick up hitch hikers.”  I said, as soon as I saw them thru the rain.
“It’s your car man, do what you want.” my new acquaintance Paul said.
(Honestly, Paul wasn’t his name.. but I honestly can’t remember the guy’s name!)  Note: if anyone reading this knows a hare krsna guy in San Antonio Texas that can place himself in a car with a guy named “JesusFish” on Christmas eve in 1994, who worked at West Tele-resource Services, please contact me: IamJehovah@yahoo.com)
I pulled over and they jumped in out of the rain..
I looked ahead and glanced in the rear view at them and asked how far they were going.. then thought about the question again after I said it.. and added before they could answer..
“Actually, check it out.. were going to get a 12 pack of beer and were going back to my place to watch a rerun baseball game and to talk about hare krsna, because my friend here is hare krsna and I’ve been studying about it. Your welcome to come and stay the night or  3.”
They looked at each other, Silverbear and Sparrow, and agreed to come and then Silver bear asked.. Hey, either of you have any green?  I looked at my co-worker, “Paul” not knowing what to say, I had made it a point not to let anyone at work know that outside of wearing a tye all day, I was getting rid of pounds of green, and had 3 lbs tucked away at home as we spoke!
Well, thank God the Hare Krsna came out with it, He glanced at me and I guess felt the pressure and then mentioned, well, “I have about a dime sack on me!”
“Cool!” Silver-bear said.. either of ya’ll trip?
Wow!!!!   What a mind numbing effect hearing those words are for me!  I mean.. that year was going to be the First year I hadn’t tripped for like 5 Years on Christmas I tripped on LSD.  This was going to be the first year that I couldn’t get it!  Then Bam!   In the Blink of an Eye !!
Everyone else in the car said, nah not tonight, but for me and Silver-Bear we knew where we were headed..
Beer gotten, and well into the baseball game later.. I began to hear some about Silver bears travels in the name of Jesus and some about the Hare Krsna consciousness.. until Paul passed out drunk on the couch.  Thats when Silver-Bear brought out his back pack and showed me that he had a whole book of LSD in it!
We talked some more and then without breaking conversation he said, “Here.. Have faith!” and reached out and offered me what appeared to be a hit of LSD.  I reached for it in faith, wanting to know of all things “Faith” and found that it was not just one hit, but 10 hits strung together!
He looked at me and ate 10 hits.  I was like Wow!!  I mean.. I had eaten some acids before.. 5 or 6 tops really.. but 10 hits!  Like that!  WOW!  I was so wow-ed in fact, I ate my 10 hits as though I just wanted to show him how “ballsy” I was to find faith!
He then took and ate about 20 more, saying “Have faith, it’s just paper!”
I honestly thought for an instant, it must be!!  I’ve never seen anyone eat that much LSD!He handed me another 10 strip and I ate around half of it but held the other half in my hand as I contemplated how many hits this was!  And remembered the bad trip I had before when I took just 4 one time..  the fear of God started to get to me already and I hadn’t even killed my ego yet, I was just getting the mind adjusted to the amount when I suddenly realized the first hits were already hitting!  And Silver Bear started telling me about the life of a man named Jesus; whom I had heard about but never really read the Bible nor knew really anything about it.
I had the name “JESUSFISH” at that time because I started a game to take over the place of “Punch Bug”, so we could stop people hitting people for seeing a person in a car who believes in peace and love, and start hitting those who are more willing to take the hit, by standing in the Gap of putting a JesusFish on their car!  lol   Yes.. whenever you see a JesusFish, you are to SCREAM at the top of your lungs! “JESUSFISH!”   And whoever does it first.. gets to hit everyone else in the Car!  lol
It was because of this game, that I took the name JesusFish.  But, being I wasn’t a Christian and believing that the Christian Church was just some mind control gig being worked out between constituents, I sought to mock the Christian Church and so put the JesusFish on my body as a Tattoo, which further solemnized my name being “JesusFish” and eventually to the realization that the Jesus Fish symbol was actually the way my name was spelt.  And so I started using the JesusFish symbol in my art and as my street Tag, whenever I went to tag my name somewhere on the street. Eventually, the symbol evolved as I began hitch hiking around the country after all of this.. hence my name having evolved from Jesus Fish into Keshet Israel.
My Apartment & the Trip:
Silver-Bear, began speaking to me about things that co-related to poetry I was writing and so eventually I broke out my spiral note book and i share poetry with the  brother..  All of which drew us more and more unto a divine matrix of light and awareness. A momentum was built up between us, that was a spiritual momentum no secular authority could touch.  We were both chosen (it came into appearance) to go through certain worded semantical realities of speech which only could transpire between us, as two enlightened beings pre-chosen for the arousal of spiritual conquest to espouse each of us as divine spiritual incarnates of the Lord Jesus the Living Christ into such a conversation which could literally draw me out of my life, and into the very life of the Christ who was going unto the cross to die.
On different occasions of this venture into the entheogenic realms our God drew us unto, I found that I was being initiated by spiritual forces of genealogies long forgotten and dead, unto the divine inheritances that our God and Lord has bestowed upon me, indian as well as a Davidic line of faith which I have found in faith, as the Gentile Adoption of God; from that night on.
See, as I spoke and he spoke, and as the words were opened out unto our own consciousness to recognize the fruits that our God was drawing us unto as His disciples, we had distractions and/or objections which generated further truths that came unto a head that night in Jesus the Christ whom I that night died with upon the Cross;  finding my salavation to be in my being regenerated unto this new creation vessel that my country government in accordance with the world, has called Jerry Cofer.
A psychology major, after being raised by psychologists because of running away from home and getting into entheogenic substances and older (19) women!  8 years of Clean Time in Narcotics Anonymous, a movie fanatic who studied criminology and eventually who was led after a hard life of dealing drugs and guns was led to meet with Jesus on this one night.  The night we are speaking about now; Christmas Eve of 1994.
The trip lasted for 16 hours that night into the next morning; Christmas!  The Day I was Born Again!  In fact, it only made sense that Christmas was celebrated on that day, because it’s the day I was born into this world again, in this little one, even in such a way as of having my own name “JesusFish” drive me back unto the Words my God drew me up and unto even before I died for having it.
For on this side of the cross, I was being narrated to by Jesus, but on that side I was literally being crucified and as the cross became observant unto me; I was complete in my regeneration unto this embodiement even beyond the point that Silver-Bear had become, because it’s a little like “Leap Frog” when someone else comes to throw you over, you get a little further then they were!
And what I mean by this, is that Silver-Bear was there in the name of Jesus with me, but he had in his own personal walk with him a feminine aspect of the divine Godhead already attached unto him in the women Sparrow, who was asleep in my bed.
My Bed I have come to see is representative of my inner courtship with the spiritual reality of inner darkness and light, and was in that instance (with Sparrow asleep in it) perfect in my respective ignorance being the Shekinah spirit was in Sparrow, the totality of my feminine aspect , while Silver-Bear, being as beaten and war driven by the streets that I had taken him off of had become the dominate entity within my Apartment, even to the point of my taking recognition of the transfiguring shapes of our own bodies while we spoke to one another.
It appeared at times that Silver-Bear looked so masculine and Fearful, that I was willing to give even my own women (within me who was sparrow in my bed) over unto Silver-Bear to calm his man from the fear bearing that God had drawn upon him, and eventually my hope and love was being so questioned as to ever take an existent form, that I felt threatened that if I didn’t offer my whole body to this man, I would never forgive myself for not having sought fully to give myself to someone!  So I made my offer to this man, seeing him sitting in my black leather chair, his coat over the back of it with a big “TR” marked across the back of it in white!  (From my Favorite movie of all time btw, “Suburbia”)
I had already been initiated thru some strange spiritual ceremonies with Silver-Bear, and it was well into the night that finally I literally said it,  “Look brother, I don’t know what you want for salvation, I mean you can have even this if you require it for my salavation” and I literally bent over and sat back down after showing him my ass..
He said.. “No, thats not what I want.. I want to walk in you and I want to talk in you! “
“I’m here to show you how much you will have to suffer for having taken the name of Jesus Upon you!”  And then He began to speak to me in tongues that were scrambled from both of our hearing, but we could tell that we were both understanding the language though at times we came into disagreements they were dismantled and God’s glory was always more reflected through them.
Eventually there came a time when we shared the Cannabis with each other, as a marriage supper ingredient for the baptism of fire that came down upon me that night, drawing me fully back unto this world from the cross; wherein I fasted and walked unto the following of doves which brought me to meet the Rainbow Family of Living Light.
The Rainbow Family of Living Light, was first heard by me out of the mouth of Silver-bear and sparrow.  But I honestly didn’t remember anything about it until I finally got to one, and I began to fast which was I believe in ‘97 in Ocala National Forest.
Something that I realized later after all of this also, was the relationship we each had that night with the world.  I being “JesusFish” (Fish>Water) He being Silver-Bear (Bear>Land) her Sparrow (Air) and the Cannabis Tree being Lit on Christmas, the anointing fire of our baptism; Aka: The Marriage Supper of the Lord.
The origin of the Marriage supper in my eye’s is that it was first held between me and those that were there that night.  So, it is by God’s drawing of it upon me and Silver bear through the marriage that I was presented unto in my reception of the True name of the Lord my God, which is that name which has evolved through His living out the rest of my life in this temple body.
Keshet Yashua Israel, after the now 16 years since this day!
The Next Day: Christmas!
At about 6:45 the Alarm went off and “Paul” (The Hare Krsna) woke up and said he needed a ride back to his car at work.  That he had to goto work that day.. I was suppose to also..but at that moment I had a light coming out of my body in about a 12 foot diameter, being I had just come back unto this world from the cross.
He didn’t realize all I had been through in the time that He was asleep!  So anyways.. I had a decision to make.. I could put on the Dead Kennedy’s T-shirt I had which was the “Bedtime for Democracy” shirt or I could put on the Grateful Dead Shirt, representing peace.
I felt I had come to a point in my conversation with Jesus, that I had to make a decision as to whether I was going to live out the rest of this life out as a vessel of wrath for God, or a vessel of peace! The decision was being forced upon me in such a foolish manner, having to pick between two t-shirts!  I mean come on!
Well.. the pressure built and built but eventually I had to take the Dead Kennedy’s shirt!I just couldn’t allow my own country to continue destroying the working class poor, the middle class people who have always been the people life has been hardest on…
Well.. as soon as I walked out of the Apartment is when I first saw the light coming out of my body.. my whole apartment must have been radiating light from the both of us so much that we just couldn’t see any difference.. but as soon as we weren’t in the same room together all of the world became dimmer and dimmer..
I had to goto a gas station to get gas to take Paul to where he needed to be, but as I went into the gas station, I realized I couldn’t remember my name. Though it was right there on the Check, I simply signed my check with the JesusFish, then turned and walked out.
There was a girl outside at the pump next to me, and as I walked by her the light came across her trapping me and her in a eye lock of compassion and emotion that I had never felt before in my life!  We were locked into one another, like I could feel all of her pains, her agressors speaking evil against her at that very instance.. I had become a piece of her.. and was becoming more and more emotionally bound to her by simply just having her appear in that light.
I ran for the car.. got the gas I needed and told Paul he’d have to wait.. I needed to get to a church ASAP!!
I did too.. I went down 1604 over to Corner Stone Church.. John Hagee’s Church of all places.. and I walked around it checking every door!  It was not open!  Here I am.. finally back in this world.. ready to goto a church and the doors are all locked on Christmas of all days!
I walked out to the front again and down at the end of the sidewalk near the parking lot, there were two small tree’s there where a bunch of sparrows flocked to!  Through all the chirping I looked up to the horizon line at the back of the parking lot and I could see the sun rising up over them..  The son didn’t stop however it seemed!  It overtook me!  I was completely bound up unto the light of God.. I was taken up complete and whole.. totally gone beyond all sight!
In that perfection….after what seemed forever… I heard a voice..
“Are you ready son?”
“But Father/God they never accept me! “
“They will this time. . .”
Then I heard, “Jesus!!  Hey.. Jesus!”   Then,  “JESUSFISH!!”
My eye’s opened I suppose because suddenly I was standing in front of the Church again and Paul was yelling from the car… “JesusFish!!”
I turned and ran back to the car and got in, He was like come on man.. I’ve got to get home!
So, I took the hare krsna back home.. and dropped him off there.. then I tried to drive back to my apartment but on the way there my Car started acting up.  Then I ran across another car on the hwy that was really pushing to get next to me and as it did come up I looked over and saw a bunch of gangsters in the car.  Well, I pulled over to the right lane to let them pass, but they came up and they swerved right at my car!  I was like holy crap.. and pulled back.. but then I merged off the road totally after they tried to swerve into me again.. only then as I made my way off the hwy I actually got ahead of them and looking over saw only 4 old ladies in the car looking like they were on their way to church!!
I drove from there back to another church, this time all the way into Converse Texas.  And at that church I found the same.. a locked and closed church on Christmas morning.
I then stated to listen to the radio, but the radio started talking to me.. and I started to feel as though there was alot of evil around trying to come in on me. So, as I left the church parking lot, I passed an officer who I waved down into the Judson Driving School in Converse Texas.
As He came into the parking lot, he opened his car door and I opened mine a little but as soon as I started talking I saw the guy pull out his cop stick!  I said.. nevermind and closed the door!
The cop, put his stick back..and started asking me what the problem was..  seeing that he wasn’t going to beat me.. I opened the door again and said..I was just wondering if you could lock me up for a couple hours .. I need a safe place to think about things.
He eventually got on the horn, “Calling all Cars, calling all Cars!  Jesus is at the Judson driving school!”
Suddenly you heard another officer say, “Is he on Acid or mushrooms this time!”
Just happened to be a police officer who had picked me up on a different occasion wherein I had a bad trip.  He remembered my name was JesusFish and assumed I must be the same one.
Anyways.. I was booked and taken in to the University Hospital downtown San Antonio, and from Christmas to my Birthday I stayed there.. being released on Jan 5th
Entering the Hospital
As I came into the Hospital, I had received a vision from the officer sitting in the front of the police car on the way to the hospital, being in such close companionship with the officer, I was able to soak up all sorts of information from his being in the light of my reach.  I learned just in that short trip to the hospital that we as humans in this country were all slaves!   As soon as I walked into the hospital, I began screaming at the top of my lungs, “Were all Fucking Slaves!!  Were all fucking Slaves!!”   Until the cops tackled me!
Eventually they let me up, and told me to walk ahead of them as they walked me thru a hallway.  On the right hand side of the hallway I saw there was a lady on a gurney.  As I got closer to her, I could feel her energy and as my light came upon hers, I could feel her spirit asking for the healing I had with me, so I reached out to just touch her, that she may receive her full healing but not an inch before I could the police had tackled me again!  I was then taken into a room and strapped down to a hospital bed, and given an I.V. drip.
Giving Birth to a Child

As I lay there, I became conscious of another telepathic entity within the hospital which could communicate with me, outside of God whom had sent me. And Silver-Bear had returned to me periodically, trying to help me through the pains of child birth, which I was going through while strapped to the bed.  Child birth to a child, that wasn’t mine but what was being had through the womb of a women that I was in as a spirit living in the child being born.

I saw a white light and as I was strapped there unable to do anything, I kept trying to get through that light somehow.  Every time I would try to brake thru I eventually began to realize I was coming to a further point in the consciousness of light.

It came into my recognition, that by sharing the Word of God, we; Jesus in Me, gave rise to the birth of consciousness through our sharing our lives as a connection brought together by God through the hearing of the Word.  The word brought forth fruit deeper than I or He could have known!  For it was through the light of my own immaculate conception that I came fully to recognize the insistence of my God to draw me unto this world as a man with a conscience and His will to carry out.  As well as that conscience that we gave fruit to in the child that I bore; thru the womb of that one who had my child in that world wherein my God sent Him to be raised unto being the savior of that world!
Jerry at LSD Acid Test
At one point after giving birth, I fell out unconscious and found myself waking up as Jerry Garcia at the LSD Acid tests!  Showing me that God used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise in my coming; in the clouds of our Cannabis marriage supper!
Ghandi and Hare Krsna Song
I saw a newspaper that day, in the hospital before going into the group room, that was a complete article on the life of Ghandi.  It inspired in me to sing the song, Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna.  So I sang that most of that day, or OM.

Signed into the Book of Life
In Going into the group room, I was being shown that I had to sign in.  But as I was signing in to group, I was also signing my name into the book of life. I was living multiple realities at once it appeared. That the only reason i was doing things in this reality was because of what other realities were drawn spiritually already in existence.
Entered and Left Middle East PeaceTalks
Entering group, I found that the whole observation, of getting the ball into the hole, was an expression of the conversation being carried out in the peace talks. But eventually, hearing the talks I found an error in the reasoning of Israel, and as their savior I walked out on them!  Causing me to appear to be walking out of those in the group, I was taken to be hostile and so shot with Thorazine.

Saying something about writing a trilogy of books called Alpha and Omega: The War of Heaven upon the Earth!  as I was fading out in the seclusion room looking up at a camera!
After leaving I went back to my apartment and my job, wherein I fell head over heels in lust for this redhead. Forgetting all that I had become, i was tricked back into being “Jerry Cofer” rather than “JesusFish” and so fell into natural compassions that I should never had gone back to.

Over the next year I stayed in the same position I was in, before I was saved!  Thinking that I was to just carry on from where I was before.. I went back to my apartment and found a note from Silver Bear and Sparrow..

My whole house was completely clean!  They threw all the garbage out and cleaned up better than I ever did!
To JesusFish,
Merry Christmas from Silver Bear and Sparrow!
They gave me a shirt with it, that said “Party Cow!”
P.S.   A Broken Cross is a Peace Sign!

I left everything I had eventually, and bought a 250 dollar backpack from Sports Authority and I hitch hiked out of Texas, out of Jerry’s life into the walk and name of the Lord my God who began living and has lived ever since in my own life.

I pray that though my Country bares false witness over my reputation, by keeping a record which proclaims I did criminal acts that I never actually did, even if I was found guilty in their courts of law, I may somehow find a way to provide you Father God with a place to lay down in my temple body!

I pray that anyone who seeks to help a vagabond Christian by hiring me for your services in Electrical or Computer functions, or by donating to the Church; The Entheogenic Reformation Church which I founded in 2000.

We are not 501(c) Tax Exempt.  In fact, as according the legal authorities, it appears our Church could possibly even be considered a terrorist organization, for perpetuating the belief that Cannabis is the Anointing Marriage Supper my God has sent me back with, to share with all of those who seek to come unto the awareness of the new creation name that I have been given, and unto the Rainbow Family of Living Light whom I have by that named married.

Forgive me, I pray for the false witness that is being played out upon us all who seek to partake with me in the end that you arrive in the clouds with me, transformed by the proof of whom I am in this my coming!

Without Reason, I pray you hear my Testimony and accept my new covenant in the Embassy of the Churches creation!

For this is The Entheogenic Reformation!


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