Legalized Marijuana ‘Unnecessary,’ Christians Say |

Legalized Marijuana ‘Unnecessary,’ Christians Say |

Answer to the above post!


I must say, if we are to proclaim that we have a reasonable faith, we should take recognition of the facts that are being found out about Cannabis (Aka: Marijuana).  For any of us to say that we should be locking our kids and our brothers and sisters in Christ for using a substance that is less harmful then those substances that are legal for recreational use is not only inhumane but unchristian!   Yes.. Cannabis Legalization is one of those things that we must do as Christians because as we have been brought into obedience so shall we also use every tool our God has given to us for our disposal, to glorify the Lord our God.  And if like myself, other Christians find Cannabis to be a much safer alternative then prescription drugs, or even a better substitute then Alcohol and tobacco, then we should praise God for what He finds acceptable in their lives!

The Bible says that it’s not what enters into the Temple that defiles the Temple, and we know from Exodus 30:23 that one of the ingredients known to be in the original and authentic anointing of God was “Kaneh Bosm”, which much scriptural and epistemological research points to actually being, yep you guess it “Cannabis”!

Whether you believe it or not, there is evidence pointing to this very Truth!   And just think for a moment about the meaning of this, if you were one of those new Christians who are coming to know Christ thru the use of entheogens, such as Cannabis, mushrooms, Ayahuasca, peyote even LSD, atleast these people are using these substances to benefit not only their own lives, but as pioneers of the sciences and religious position, we can see the worth that entheogens is giving us as mankind.  Look at Francis Crick for example.. who discovered the Human Genome after Tripping on LSD!

I as a Christian, believe it’s time we stopped hiding behind the “Tuff on Crime” cause, when it comes to seeing how useless this “War on Drugs” actually is!   We have to come to recognize what a Crime has always been, is not what we are calling “Illegal” these days!   No.. a crime is when someone else’s rights are being broke by the alleged criminal act, or another party is being harmed, or injury is being brought against them or their property!

Where in accepting Cannabis into your own God’s temple body do you break someone else’s rights or cause harm or injury to someone else?   You don’t!  So.. there is no Crime!  But State Statutes are written and police are not taught right from wrong, they are taught how to arrest people who violate State Statutes whether the law is created as a hindrance to someone’s own religious exercise or not!

Unfortunately for them, God doesn’t care how they are taught, if you make an oath before God then you should uphold that oath!  I believe that at this very moment there are people being “illegally” arrested (1 person every 37 seconds is being arrested for simple Cannabis possession!) because the prosecutor’s holding discretion choose to violate the 1st, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution by simply ignoring any religious use defense claims, either prior or after their arrest!

If Jesus it calls it clean, who can call it unclean?   Are you people more willing to hold on to a stubborn lie which has born false witness against this substance “Cannabis” then to save the captives that were making by having it to draw men into inquisition court settings that holy deny the Lord is within them, while yet by definition of the word “Crime” there has none been committed!!   What kinda Kangaroo Courts are we trying to run here!

And what about all of those who are real Christians, who are by Gods own unction been led to use Cannabis as a holy Sacrament of the Lord our God, and has been chased by the secular (Non-religious ) Law Enforcement officer’s for carrying their religious sacrament!   They who use Cannabis as God’s anointing, see first hand how the world hates the Christ, because they are threatened psychologically, hindered religiously and economically for keeping their faith (Possessing and Anointing w/ Cannabis) and sharing it’s substance of hope as Lambs for the slaughter!

LET US FREE THE CAPTIVES!!   Let us receive the Plant of Renown!   For the Healing of all the Nations!

As Christ centered and Loving people therefore,

Let us Free the weed!   And Set the Captives Free!   <><



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