The Full Prosecution of the Law

What should have happened before we created the Controlled Substance Act, or any of the State Statutes which have criminalized known religious sacraments used by our citizens publicly or privately so that we didn’t create laws which violates peoples religious freedoms.
First of all.. All Legislatures must take an oath, to uphold the Bill of Rights.  So, what must need to happen in the case of the 1st Amendment is that the “Guarantee” must be registered by all State Legislatures in their creation process of writing in new laws; so that Laws created do not violate anyone’s religious rights, or freedom of speech platforms!
The only way that seems rational for conducting the process of writing new laws therefore; must include the information gathering about modern/contemporary religious organs that are being created and carried out among the population currently in even the private lives of individuals who hold special religious precepts in their privacy, which are worthy their protection just as much as any other religion.
A “Guarantee” means that the protections are “Up-front”,  without need to be authorized by any other governing agency, since the Bill of Rights given by God out weighs even the opinions of the supreme Court of the Land, much less the States which have stomped on my religious rights by declaring as a generally applicable law that Cannabis is “illegal”; turning an ignorant eye to the fact that my God has given me this substance as the very marriage supper invite of my God!
With or without the Church that I call unto my Ambassadage, in my Chartering of The Entheogenic Reformation Church, I seek my own God given right to participate alone with my God in the sacred anointing of my Gods marriage supper.  It was given to me by a man who came unto me in the name of Jesus the Christ who gave it saying as an invite to me, [Here, , , ] “Have Faith” (by accepting it) , proving unto me thru the invite, by what fire of God we are married unto one another by walking me out of the world with his tongue being led of God, so that I became the member of Christ which embodied him in all the sufferings which took place leading up to the death that I died there.
Being resurrected unto this vessel, which I now walk in; to walk in the new creation name of Keshet Yashua Israel, and to share the plant I was given as the plant of renown (the Tree of Life) given for the healing of the nations; as the marriage supper ingredient which produces the clouds that I come in upon, through the “Entheogenic Process [The Way of Anointing]” that is the founding ritual exercise (used in marriage, membership and comfort of spirit) in our church.
I would call this my Church to gather with me, but that it would incriminate my members because it would be upon the authority of the new name of my creation that my members must rely upon to know that they are protected in their religious functions as a person given to God as an instrument of intentional community building, who God would love to have retain a level (ambiance) of wealth even in this world, no matter the outweighing debt that we see as citizens looming over not just our generation but the next two, if we keep going the way we are!
So, because I ask for people to come and to be anointed by my God, I have been jailed in Florida. 7 months I spent, after recognizing how the State abominated the highest sacrament of our God, and desecrated the Temple of my God by taking me into arrest for carrying out the mission objectives given in the Charter of the Church. How now, can I hide from what Christ haunts me to confess whom I have been for 16 years crying across this country for those who are being taken captive for partaking in the anointing of my God! I have come to free the captives!  Legalize it!  Free the Captives!  It is the will of God that Cannabis be legal for every man to have right to it, being Christ Jesus paid the cost for our being allowed back into the Garden so that we can partake in it!  It is the whole cause of our God as Jews, and as Gentiles to seek to enter unto the final covenant of God, that covenant which began with the first Adam, came to life from the dead in the second Adam, but is sealed unto the end in the Third Adam in the new name I Give… the vanity of God (Keshet Yashua Israel)
It is in this name I stand.   <><   (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)


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