The Stumbling Stone(d)

Shalom and Namaste,

It’s still me. A nobody vagabond who keeps no friends because experientially living in America across the nation I have found that there are a huge portion of people that I have met that seek to be called “Friends” just so they can take advantage of what you draw upon your own path unto success, so as to acquire simple benefits for being your “Friend” so called.

Yes, I do my best to fan the flame of God unto each and every person, not just thru the way in which Christ stands in my own life, but as one seeing Christ in the oppertunities which are presented to other’s in their daily walk wherein they have Christ available to do His own willing in life, as He seeks our success.

No, today I am a PeaceMaker.  An Omsbudsman who likes His God’s bud.  The wife of Mary who immaculately conceives the Christ unto us in the Comfort spirit and anointing consecration discovered thru the Way of the Entheogenic Process and Reformation of my  Church.  I speak not just of my own personal body, but the body of the whole Church of God which I have founded in, “The Entheogenic Reformation Church”.

I have found my talents in the world to consist of me building computers, creating Christian Imagery, Vide0-0graphy and Animation for the exaltation and provision of those Churches who would hire me under the business entity name of my Company “Nuances Et Cetera”.

I am seeking still to build up the Church my God has sent me to build in The Entheogenic Reformation Church, even though the State has already taken me into arrest and illegally kept my Civil Rights from me while working out my Gods willing thru the actions I performed to the providing the Cannabis Tree of our God to a member (Officer who lied to get into my Church) under the “In God We Trust” economy that we as God’s children have come to keep while in the world.

God has shown me that the Government has denied Him by denying the Church that He has chosen to build in my life as Keshet Yashua Israel, The Entheogenic Reformation Church, while serving my own talents thru Nuances Et Cetera.  They denied Him by abominating the Sacred Herb Cannabis, and desecrated the temple (Little Israel) by taking her priest out of her for possessing the Lords Holy and sacred ingredient used in the Marriage supper Invite, which I partook in upon my being born of God unto this world and have shared for 17 years across this Country in the new creation name of the Lord our God; found and re-presented in the life I am, as a gentile secured as ‘identity’ (Intellectual Property) to;  in the finger prints of Jerry M. Cofer.

I haven’t sought for men to stumble, nor for me to stumble but it’s nature that we do. I don’t seek doubt nor confusion, nor can I want for sins to procure my life unto a system of which leads me unto a death I am not apportioned unto.  So, will I die? Let me question without confusion what is the outreach we must seek to enter into the Kingdom my God calls us to… For if by my own thinking thru words and my own convenience, I find myself to be convicted in mine own conscience (Heart) and imagine (Soul) that I died on the cross with Jesus (not symbolically but actually) literally by the faith anchored unto me thru, the over-soul (Holy Spirit-threads of conscience) which mesh us all as one unto the Heaven of our light in the Here and Now.

I pray my God that in this light of “little Israel” that I be faithful to stand for all that Is Real unto your own mind and heart, for my was lost with yours upon that cross and my love is given to your righteous wanting to fulfill your redemption plan unto one and all. Please my God draw me not away unto sinful wantings nor perversions.. but arousal my life unto the full wakefulness that you can use me to gather all the Love of your Character unto the Highest of your longing ways in my life.  Please.. God.. let me seek no evil nor ill to be provided by my actions unto any in this world that my own life be taken out of it, before being raped unto the evil intentions of others. Let me have no double mind Father by providing for me what you seek most to accomplish in my living.

When I ask you Father what that is, you say build my Church Father God.. and so I have sought.. but my enemies are those of my own nation.. they rise against me in the temporal forms of governing by their holding on to false precepts of evil!  A wickedness that stalks us all as they send out their enforcer’s to stop us from having your holy sacrament!  They prowl as Lions seeking who they can attack!  They long to “Criminalize” (Utterly Ruin) your temple Reputation for simply accepting your own holy entheogen unto your temple body God.  They demean and batter us as though anyone who partakes in your Holy herb must be a Liar and Desecrater of your Temple but we Know God.. we know you have used this herb to gather us to fellowship.  You have used this herb to comfort and to heal our longings and our minds from false beliefs and morals that we would have fallen into but that we accepted your route in the Entheogenic Process to escape from the evil and wickedness that would have consumed us other wise!

Thank you God for your Entheogens!  Thank you God for sharing your Love with us thru these Entheogens in ways that nobody could ever believe unless they themselves accepted these gifts you give.  Please Father, free our society from the reckless abandon that our Government has taken on.  PLEASE God.. don’t let them militarize our whole country just to dominate our children into capitalistic monopolies which have drawn our economies into ruin! Over come the Prohibitionist mind and the Product Core Mentalists who Will secular ways upon all mankind so as to disperse even your Religion out from the World!  Save us God.. your True witness’s and Lovers of your Entheogens by the power and will that you have raised up in us to love them with, we have accepted your invite.. and we love you God.. and we will continue to partake in the comfort that you may be with us more and more in our heart and mind during the long days and nights of sufferage which is being produced by those who seek to attack us for carrying out your will in your Entheogenic Reformation of our Souls!

Free us Father from the Abuses of our modern overgrown government, who is not protecting us from the corporate systems of Capitilism, nor seeking to love you in the one whom accepts your marriage supper invite in their accepting the Cannabis tree of Life, as “Origin” thru the Entheogenic Process.

Please God.. bring those who hate the Lovers of your Soul, the Prohibitionists to death if they do not repent Father! For they are over-ruling the lives of those that love you most, for we who open our minds to entheogens are those who’s minds are more sensitized to the emotional lives (Precepts) that makes us human.  Yes, you thru these substances God have enlightened us and so opened our minds up beyond the understanding of those whom have taken control and caused this “War on Drugs” to incriminate your own temple bodies!

Having opened our minds Father, they then throw us into prisons that they can’t realize are terror institutions built to destroy the spirit of your resurrection and reformation being carried out in the Entheogenic Reformation of each of your Church bodies.  They have become inquistion tanks, holding our dear loved ones for simply accepting the call you placed upon them.  I have not sought for relief from laws that make legal drugs that are physiologically addictive and/nor destructive upon the human temple, but those you have secured as healthy thru our adoption process within our council as The Entheogenic Reformation Church (A Private Church Affair, self-governed!).

So, here I am God.. your new creation name raised up and inviting all of mankind to know the Cannabis Tree of life.. as the marriage supper burning of my anointing. Yes.. the Fire baptism of our Conviction.. the holy grail of our sacrificial experience being given unto the psychnaut you have instilled within each of us that we may express (In and with you, entheogenically) all your fullness unto all express of heaven.

Let us be free from terror FAther.. Mother.. keep your powers at our whim!  Let us as one new creation vessel carry the fire of our God’s baptism unto all who shall seek it in the name that you bring, the plant that you share and the Holiness that we are as one perfect in time.                -Keshet Israel


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