Cannabis Tree of Life; The Marriage Supper. -Keshet Israel


The Asexual Agenda of Our God


As Jerry Michael Cofer, the gentile adopted of God; whom in me walks as Keshet yashua Israel in our marriage supper spirit has come to be the Asexual re-cognition of the Lord our God in this my own gentile actualization of whom I am.

I am not like other’s who have come to lead men to be pedophiles nor adulterer’s from the will of the Lord our God, but to invite all of mankind unto the anointing of the Lord our God thru the Flash of Light used to ignite the Tree of Life upon the altar of our own lips, that we may draw in our God’s Spiritual fullfillment and so meet our Lord and God in the Clouds of our redemption meat found and prospered unto us that we by it may take our wives as our own without sacrilage nor loss of merit and so harvest thru her a son or daughter whom can be anointed upon her age appropriate and so announced unto her husbandsman’s vessel in the Land that is Just.

It is my religious right and duty by God, that I anoint my son upon his passage right into adulthood, with the Tree of Life; that He (God) has provided in the marriage supper invite given to me; and carried out of the Lord our God in my own life and in the life of that one whom I met on Christmas eve In 1994; whom led me unto the Cross; wherein I died & was resurrected & regenerated from.

See.. I am not born of this earth.. I am no longer a Sexual Creation.. for I have been regenerated of my God, after having died on the cross and come reborn unto this one; my gentile adoption and son (Jerry M. Cofer).

Yet, I have come with my Father’s new creation name; Keshet Yashua Israel.  A name that is to give mankind hope.. not to lead a man to spoil his own water, nor to beg for another man’s water.. but to provide the comfort I have found in my coming back unto this ground in the healing that my God has drawn upon me to work out, if my God be allowed my soul and clout to remain Asexual in all Regard of God; and always able to partake in the Entheogens my God calls unto His temple bod.

I am a linguistic creation, no longer carnal in any dimension, but that one you lust for me to meet you in; and unto those I fall condemned and regretting unto further repentence being I know in my own Gods heart that no man who stands before Him; can deny the position that the Lord Jesus the Christ put us in as one with Him, by dieing with us upon the cross!

I pray my God, that I never fall to charisma, demand nor decay father God.  I pray that I fall not unto my own passion for longings that are fetishes of the flesh rather than to know what “Holy” you are!

Yes.. FAther.. I have come from the cross you sent me to.. and I have raised up another flesh unto whom we are!  And I give without sexual affluence, as a virgin kept by you.. the just crown of whom we are!

Do not allow me to loose hope, hearing the vanity of whom you are in my own life God.  Do not let me loose the rememberance you gave me when I was with you in Heaven Father.. when you called to me .. to come back in to this world, as your son…

Do not let me loose that hope for the shame they seek for me, by their wantonness to whore my virgin bride in this one Father…

Let me remember God.. that I died on the Cross.. despising the shame!

And so let them also Father God.. recognize whom I am in this one..

That they no longer persecute the flesh of any of your children, and end this war against your body; which accepts the unction of your spirit as it marries us thru our acceptance of the Cannabis tree of life.

Let this marriage God, ours … bring the Healing of the Nations as you promised.. as I share with them who accept it with me in the new name of the Lord their God; the Marriage Name you have in me walked.

-Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

I have not killed anyone..

I don’t steal…

I don’t seek to whore my body, in anyone!

I’m not a pedophile..

I have no Guns..

I have no bombs..

I have only words..

falling from lips I have given to the Lord alone

never sucking dick…

Yes.. I have been with women..

but I repent from men and women forever if that I may ascertain unto the perfect acceptance of whom the Christ is in all of my life thru out.. perfect as He is Perfect.. pure as He is Pure..  I do not seek a wife in this land but my God has made me His son’s Host to walk in as the Priest and founder of the Enthoegenic Reformation Church of God.

For like our Lord, we who are made likened unto Him; are made likened unto Him in His Androngynous affair; but we are administers of Justice in our place first and foremost before any passions we commit.  For we have learned from the Garden that we do not seek to make decisions based upon our own passions for one another; justifying them as our Godly compassions as we did in the Garden it was obvious to us in our shame when God came.. that we were caste out from what is “Godly”.

And it’s because we didn’t accept the Tree of Life in the first place… but chose our own passions rather than first choosing to be obedient and just accepting the Tree of Life first.. rather than our own bodies.

So.. those who have come to recognize that they have died with the Christ.. should also come to recognize that they are now made acceptable to God.. and so may be allowed the Tree of Life, offered from the Garden once again (because of the Blood spent!).

Not being received in the beginning, many have gone astray that have not recognized the position Christ unfolded for us to come to accept the Tree of Life in the Presence of the Lord our God.  Many don’t recognize this as the confession we have of our God which draws us unto the quickening of our lives over unto the character attributes that are our Gods.  Those who do recognize this path, recognize the foundations of The Entheogenic Reformation Church of God.  For it is thru the Entheogenic Process of our Lord and God marry us unto Himself ; in both the entheogen and us, as well as the active spirit of it’s being brought in and unto our conscience that we may have our God conceived in and unto our minds thru the visions and or reforming principles, the sacrament brings.

The principles discovered through our being anointed hosts of our God; are our armor and sheild against the evil principalities and powers of wickedness that are being revealed to hold position within even our own governments; denying our rights to be protected in the religious exercises our God has ordained and invited us to partake in as Entheogenists in the Church I have called to fellowship in the Clouds I stand in!

–Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)



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