Priests Pursuit unto Sexual Freedom!

As one who has suffered unto and thru this world, as poor in the world, but rich in the spirit; I have more complex threads of consciousness within my life stream then time to read thru them all in just one life time!

In these threads I am beyond all gender, beyond all wantonness and desire and yet full of it all of the time!  My thoughts are not my own, but those of the whole congregation of God welling up unto the very messiah living inside bound to protect His/Her own virgin androgen bridal pride.

Is there such a thing as one who is perfect in both genders that they by Gods power are able to bridal the passions of carnal desire so as to glorify the Virgin Pride of the Lord our God who keeps His own Shekinah chaste & pure as the Neuter center of our spiritual being.

This being the Core of our Lord and God’s spiritual essence, the division of it is the falling away unto being heterosexual, homosexual or even bi-sexual in our actions.  Dividing us unto the desecrating acts of our Lords own temple, by our choice to accept the intentions of those temptations that lead us astray from remaining as our God’s core center.

To walk however as one perfect in the core of the Lord our God, we of all people are most persecuted.  For heterosexuals, homosexuals and bi-sexuals are all false witness’s of that false glory which has sexually oppressed the priests within the Church of God by the choice of mankind’s governing to “feed” the sexual delusions of man rather than to keep their eye’s on being content as the children of God; chaste pure and True unto God and His Church.

To those that are Born of God, who come thru the full recompense of the Lord our God, we cannot find sexual cause nor devote our lives to a sexual trust, because we are our Gods vessel pure and holy.. loyal not to the body of one wife, but all of the temple it’s self which is comprised of all men and women within the Church.  We as priests by default of our judgment, being chosen by Christ, must live our lives out of the Light of our Regeneration from the cross.. not giving us sexual compunction to enact as a specialty any sexual affluence, so that we by it don’t fall unto the position which binds us unto just one wife precept, unless our God in us finds the Kingdom is willing to allow the anointing marriage supper to be possessed and partaken in, as a holy and sacred (Divine) consecration.

Only when the Tree of Life comes before our own carnal longings, do we over-come (repent) fully, the false ways that we chose in the Garden with God.  This being the diamond in the ruff.. I cannot seek to be married unto any in this world, until the anointing marriage supper of God is seen as Sacred and Trusted as our God’s, and so ours as much as He wills it unto Himself!   it is our acceptance of the marriage supper.. which allows us Justice, that we can recognize our right to have a wife who can be our “Help-meet” to disciple our God’s child, unto the initiation of our Child over to our God; by our anointing our child together by sharing of the Cannabis tree of Life as the Holy ingredient our God has given it to us for!

If you take my right to pursue this, my happiness.. then you deny my God and disclude me from moral service to you.  For this Father, I pray, you denounce prohibitionists at every turn!  In Jesus Name!   — Keshet Yashua Israel


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