Where are the Real Christians?

Exodus 30:23  <-The Anointing Ingredients which draw us upon”The [Entheogenic] Way” of our God!

As I see it, christians are those who partake in Cannabis as the anointing of our God and who make peace between people in their community as they draw always upon the ethical pursuits which we all must be involved in as Gods children, that we may lead our Country at every possible turn!

Christians are those who share cannabis with their God, who resides within the temple that they are.. while recognizing the substance as holy when you bring it into your lungs upon the fire baptism of God.

Christians are those who recognize the sins of greed that led to the illegality of Cannabis in this Country and they recognize the worth of cannabis not only as a religious sacrament but as a medicine, a fuel source, clothing source, textile source, source material for making a house, roads vehicles and all sorts of fiber board or resinous materials.

Christians are those who call everything into obedience to Christ Jesus, after having come into obedience to Christ Himself within.

Christians are those who no longer are living as though they are one day going to die, but are always hoping to hear every word of God so they never taste of decay!

Christians are those who have no respect of persons, because they have become like God and now recognize people by the words they speak and the honor they hold up to Christ by carrying out every word God speaks.

Christians are those who stand in the gap for those who are going to jail for sharing, growing, possessing the sacred herb of our God!

Christians are those who are anointed by that herb and recognize the sacredness of God in the humility he brings us to in our giving up our Glory (Carnal Mentality) as His son in this earth to the presentment of the comfort He plants in and through us as He takes joy in recognizing people’s acceptance of the anointing supper He has offered man.

Christians are those who share our joy with one another not as it’s distributed by the Federal Reserve System, nor on the time clock of the corporate paradigm which says, “Time is money”.

Christians are those who recognize Life is not given to us that we must live mundane, depressed lives, conditioned to or by the sinful ways of man, rather than the words of God.

Christians realize that the harmful effects of Alcohol are much worse than Cannabis, and seek to change the laws to protect their own body members who would, and could partake in the sacrament our God invites everyone to; that we by our slowing down and paying attention to each of our words we may create peace between us rather than always being rushed into doing things that just consume our time and money, rather than building our moral and ethical views and ways of expressing our God’s intentions and mission projects in the world we are living in today!

I’m a Cannabis Christian.. a priest after the order of Melchizedek.  I can’t hide myself under a bushel, I can’t lie about what I have come to accept upon my own sincere conviction as it’s fully found in the expression of my partaking in the sacrament before my God and Lord.

Many people who don’t recognize Cannabis or any other Entheogens have come to call themselves Christians, but it’s obvious by their works as well as their words, that they aren’t.

There are many coming to say their Christians just because they had some intellectual revelation about the words which convicted them to say, “I’m a Christian” or “I have been saved”. but what are people saved from if they are stuck in the same hell hole together all the day long?  By how we find our answer to this question; “whom is Christ” & “How do we receive His Anointing? “; we answer, “What is a Christian?”, for it is all that we re-present  in our re-cognition of Christ.


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