The End Begins -Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

We need to recognize people, that our “System” is Over!

It must be, for the Corruption has become so delving that human sovereignty; the “Individual at Liberty” is being so constricted the social adaptations that are being multi-casted to the whole of our Population by the institutionalizations and militarizations of our officer’s of law, who by their reprehensibleness activities being carried out under the ‘guise’ of the the War on Drugs, are driving our own people into madness, division of patriotic fervor but rather into a state of “Obedience” is master, in our militant minds.

We as citizens are finding that we our selves are fearful of how ‘without carefulness’ our government seems to be acting. The reality that we are being driven out of civil liberties more and more by the rising of our governments militant force abroad and at home which is spilling over into our civil lives denying us social liberties between us, which we as local people need to secure us as persons living in communities and neighborhoods.

It has risen unto us as Entheogenists that we are amongst mankind to educate people of not only the Entheogens, but the economic constraints which are being forced upon us for being entheogenists. As well as, to fan the flame of hope, within each personage, that our citizens with us, may recognize the dignity and honor we owe each other as citizens and neighbors so that our dignities are not made into inquisitional tools of oppression such as our government has already proven to do.

They are simply denying that the Civil Rights and Dignities which need be upheld, are legally a defense in court, and so the police are denying the rights of citizens in violation of their oaths by following the directions of their superiors who are being used by the misled Prosecutor and Judge who has chosen to give opportunity for death to occur (Raids with Live Weapons)in order to protect people from the harm of Cannabis?

Once in court however, our claims to religious use are being simply ignored, because we are denied by Judges orders to the protections of our “Guarantee” which were written, that we may be protected by the very police who arresting us!

Making nonviolent entheogenists into indentured servants of the State, forcing tax payers to pay the expense of their being housed while using ‘the people’, “Criminalized” for carrying out their God’s acceptable invite, to labor while in captivity is more Criminal then anything that can happen with people possessing Cannabis.

We all know that we are indentured servants as are every child born for the next three generations if we allow our Government and Corporations to continue to deny the Dignities that the Bill of Rights called to be Protected, as we are Citizens of God (not only man), and worthy of Dignity of Freedom & Liberty for which with a clear conscience & honest heart stand as willing and wanton to work as a Patriot of the Country in Land in which we stand!

Many people’s loved one’s are being lost by our own government, by their placing them into institutions; whether they be jails, prison’s, mental hospitals or half-way houses, and on the other side, our people are falling into Drug abuse which is being banked on by the Pharmaceutical Companies and the Cartels, not to mention the Medical Insurance companies, the I.R.S, Drug Testing Companies, Police Forces thru the arrest and reception of many of the economic forfeitures which are brought into helping the law enforcement agencies and yes, we are in Florida.. where we must watch out for Governors who are in Bed with Drug testing Companies (Literally!) that want to mandate every public welfare assistant must take a drug test!! Hmmm..

Seriously, I believe the first people we should be peacefully approaching are the citizens that are employed by law enforcement and the military, so that we all as citizens can gain trust and security not just thru watchdog groups and other forms of civil ambassadage, but with the actual people our government may seek to use against us; their citizens in a fashion which divides each of us; as wanting to be obedient and made acceptable as a people (law enforcement and Citizens) worthy and found gratified by the upholding of the “Guarantee” that we will be protected in our acceptance of the confidence and the Joy, which it takes for good and loving parents to pro-create and to give our God a child to disciple unto the way we have been led by the Lord our God.

We as Entheogenists (I speak boldly!) are protected and Protecting the rights of our little ones, our loved ones and ourselves as God’s Individuals;not the State Run Corporations nor any other corporation which seeks to evolve in such a way, as to deny us our religious rights and our protected passages in them; by the “Guarantee” bought and paid for by the blood of all who found oppression by seeking to uphold the Bill of Rights and the constitution.

The Same Rights and Constitution today which is simply being disregarded or ignored many times, by state prosecutor’s and Judges who not only don’t seek to recognize anyone who uses Cannabis but as a Criminal; but who obviously have the false ethical belief which says using violent militant even deadly force to invade a person’s house, is justified even when the person(s) involved are not even Guilty of A Crime as according any court of law!

We as a People, must remember it is the motto of our Courts that we treat our people as innocent until proven guilty, and at the same time we then turn around and use live ammo weapons to raid peoples lives who are only accused of possessing a less harmful substance then alcohol or even aspirin!

The reasoning used for making Cannabis illegal is to protect the citizens from the harms of the substance, but then were turning around and were saying it’s not only okay, but ‘ethical’ somehow, to provide an opportunity for a gun raged police officer to shoot merely a suspect, of what most people don’t even consider a crime; possessing the cannabis tree of life that our God has given us who accept it as the marriage supper of the Lord our God, the comforter of our souls as we stress out from all the labors we put forth to live in the world, as a joyful delight for the righteous contentment of our God to fully be felt in the patience of our own minds fully entheogenically enlightened by the process I have in The Church held out.

The incredible Crime against human dignity then can be seen in how the children of our country have come to live more and more in a place wherein police officer’s are better known as crooked and to be afraid of, than to believe they can be on their side.

We the People… must recognize that our Government has punked us all, by making our God’s holy entheogens illegal for our use! Maybe those who are taking us captive don’t even know whats going on, so let us not blame them but be grateful for what harm doesn’t come unto us.

Though always speak cursings against the evil principalities and powers of wickedness which may physically bind us to terrorized minds of the Lord our God being denied the sacrity of our God’s holiness, by the denial of our sovereign rights to live as one with our God; thru the sacramental entheogenic process which our God draws in my life, unto the marriage supper of the Lord our God, as being that which I bring in the new creation name He sent me back into this world to speak in.

Meanwhile, Our courts are using our sacred entheogens as an inquisition tool against the very dignity of our God, the integrity of our being, throwing our own loved ones, children and adults alike, into false criminal reputations and economic liabilities; that not only we cannot afford, but which forces us out of our ability to partake in the cannabis sacrament, and having an economy that we may partake in our God’s religious ritual and Entheogenic Process consecrating us unto our God’s peace, gaining enlightenment (Intelligence) that we may be smart enough to recognize how to throw off our Oppressors, which are denying us our Rights to these entheogens and so the right to anoint them unto us as our loved one’s being called Entheogenists!

I hold my own case out as exhibition… I was arrested for sharing the anointing of my God; Cannabis, with a member of my Church who lied to become a member, saying He believed the substance I was giving him, at the cost of Our church, was the anointing of God. He was liar and a Police officer, who literally lied to me, to become trusted as a member of the Entheogenic Reformation Church by his confession.

Now, because of that lie i have 5 felonies against me; because I pled “no contest”, after being denied my 1st Amendment, the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, and upon hearing the tape which could have exonerated me.

My reasoning was simple, also hearing myself cussing on tape, I felt it inappropriate to have my churches Good name, Dragged thru the courts of the public, who already had chose to deny the only just and True defense I could have as the Priest of her!

I cried in the court-house in Pinellas county, loud enough for everyone in the place to hear me, when my ‘Public Defender’ came to me and said that I could not have the 1st amendment as my defense.

My Public Defender Stating, “I am not going to try this as a first Amendment case! “ I balled like a little baby, thinking my country.. MY AMERICA, was behind me all the way!!!

Now, where am I?

Where I am… Father?

Why have you brought me unto this place? (Little Israel)

I have walked the path you have led, I have served the Truth the way you have made me to; I have no other way! And now I coming upon this earth into the regeneration life of this little one; Jerry Cofer..

I am made to be a laughing stalk of deceivers and fornicators; who would rather see all I have still stripped from me or my intentional wanting to whore my body out to them, not seeing the Cross We died on Father, they can’t see the depth unto which they are to continue fanning the flame, that you require of them, for them to see me in your new creation name and position which you alone in your Son can bring.

I stand not as an embarrassment I pray, nor as one mocking my public nor my family in this world as according to the blood of the lamb from which I am married, I know where I died and I know my Father’s way..

I have come to share that way in the parable of the marriage supper of life which leads men and women unto me, now living in the new creation name Keshet Yashua Israel .. I am not playing a game.

I have traveled this country as an American patriot for many years with an American Flag on my Back. I have ministered to men homeless like me, vets of wars past, whores and prostitutes I have sought to help, and in finding intelligence as I have and drawing upon it as my God has willed; I have found thru the travels that I have gone, that I am not lost but sent by God; to share the marriage supper that I do.

Authorities want to lock me up for wanting to carry out what my God has drawn upon me to be, as one sharing the very marriage supper anointing.

I am frightened and I am mocked as a ‘insincere’ priest, even a criminal in my own country; because I have found in my God’s own walk that the cannabis tree is (unto me) the tree of life given for me to be one with God (married) and comforted by the anointing that it brings.

I, being a son of God, in Authority find it is my sovereign right to accept what my God calls upon me. To deny each of us our own ‘Sovereign Authority’ is the same as denying the religious rights of mankind and Truth of the Lord your God whom invited me by it to be married unto Him in ’94 when I was regenerated unto this my new creation being.

I, Jerry M. Cofer (In the Least of me) am considered a citizen by the Government which is housing me, in a captivity which many within the General Public may not yet recognize, but which is happening in our own society right before our very eyes..

In the sexual joys and fetishes of mankind “We The People” (::Being Accountable::) are creating children out of wedlock at alarming rates! Creating instances of the temple authority which is our God’s upon this earth, which are unable to be well led because there just is nobody there to take care of all those who get taken in by those who can’t take care of themselves much less another; they unwantingly have thrown into the world to become a demon vessel of God not by anyone’s want nor willing!

The holiness which is directly ascribable to our sovereignty being gods (“know ye not that it has been written”) of our One and Only Father; is for the Peaceful quality of life that we all in Dignity deserve as children of God living in the earth, that we have been given to protect our God’s purity;

But as it is, Corporate State organizations (and Federal ones) are ruling over our “economic” lives, as seeking still more even outside of our Country to capitalize on, while denying us as citizens in this country the simple right to be protected in our own possessions (religious or private) as long as those possessions are unable to cause death, not incurred by police action.

We are not a government who is to empower corporations who choose to go over to other countries to do business, when we aren’t even allowing the anointing of God legally to our own citizens, because of old racist and profiteering lies and propaganda which has led men by their misconceptions to an idiocy of Government employees, not even recognizing anymore the sacredness of the “Guarantee” that has been given to be upheld by our own Police Force and Military Garrison!

We need more agencies like LEAP, who other Religious identities or organizations which are willing to stand up in the GAP against the War on Drugs, because of it’s being a facade, quite possibly actually intended by some force to create the ideation that any government has the right to use force which can kill, against a person who is proclaiming religious use of an entheogen; which cannot harm a man nor women outside of those who may partake in it. But men and Women in their Sovereignty are honored with the Right to put what they by their God’s own will, may .. into their own God’s temple bodies.

prosecutor’s and law Enforcement officer’s should be taught how to recognize the religious realities that they are attacking in their ‘authority’, which is denying their freedoms; as law enforcement officer agencies and their Court liaisons deny the Truth to their own employees!

Are we going to continue to allow our Government to run their agencies under the ignorant dictatorial regime; being fully controlled by the false lead of the Federal Reserve Agency and their families? Seriously people.. this is what we have to show to our Police officer and military men, so that they can Nullify any Order which they see Directly comes against the Constitution of the United Sates!

We need Wiki-Leak Offices all over the Freaking Country, spilling the Beans on violent militant activities that our Government chooses to take out! We are set upon a stage of destruction by the militant maneuvering of our own country!

The Best war is a Secret War!! We must recognize that the evidence we have of forcible population control caused by the arising circumstances of the so-called “Drug War” is being used to house our citizens in Jails & institutions, trading off the Labor of our citizens, for the time presented in by our saving the cost of the labor’s done by our citizens enslaved in those jails and institutions.

the are just a further way to make money off of our lives while quelling those that gain intelligence thru the entheogens that are used from being able to share the Truth about our own Countries intentions being capitalistic over all, not considering the humanity of their own people by denying the Very entheogens that God has given us to Know Him and to make Him known unto men. As I do share it with all men who seek with pure intentions, to represent the Entheogenic Reformation Church and Embassy which I founded back in 2000, and incorporated in 2008 as a Non-profit.

I am now $215 dollars in the hole, for the Church.. and I pray to one day come out it! I am a priest of the Lord Jesus the Christ; the Lamb of God whom all men died with upon the Cross and I call my Church unto His order! I do this in the new creation Rainbow Name that I have been given as I have been raised up by the active spirit of the Living God working thru the Rainbow Family of Living Light which has now risen to tribal communications around the globe calling the power of the Lord our God down upon us all to create peace in these end times for the Rise of the Lion to come.

May He stand and sit as a man, one who seeks a bowl of cereal and cannabis to anoint His day unto Him? Why must I be a slave to a Corporate Drug Testing of my Temple bod, and told I must whore myself in order to be anything or anyone? This is America? Why God?

I have cried across the country, and my tears are dry.. I rather curse all of mankind then to have to cry again for them.. seeing all along everyone just making it worse!

Now, I sit still a crying bitch.. fearful in your sight and alone by your might; your holy virgin kep!

I do not care for what I see outside my own life Father God, nor do I see my Life but as yours from here on… so .. Do not falter Father.. Do not mislead your son… for I am now still only a man.. walking under your sun.

humbled I am, and Grateful as you can see when I do share the Cannabis tree and would if I by it could anointing her over unto us by it; that we all as one may conceive as we believe what faith and truth and love is as we breath and breed.

But no.. Father.. this is not how it is.. our government has said I am a criminal.. that I don’t deserve to live… Please Father God.. I know I am no longer American by patriotic fervor in any respect for the distinguished dishonor which has been shown me by the denial of the Constitutional rights of my 1st Amendment that says Father that you Gave it.

Well Father, I could hold those men in the court and who had control over my defense as accountable, but what grievance makes sense, to given a grievance to a government who doesn’t represent You Father? They deny You God in every single instance of the Life that you are in my life living.

I am not allowed to speak as you would me in front of all man and heaven.. They are bitter to receive a savior father.. the are no longer looking because of all the deceptions and false fervor created out of the false witnesses which have already risen to lead astray those who fell smitten to the powers of their false persuasions.

I pray Father, that I never fall under those conditions that I lead men to deceive their brothers nor their sisters for what rewarding hope, comfort and healing of heart we receive from the consecrating marriage supper that you have us given; in the sharing of our herb Cannabis; as the meat of Your reception; marrying us all unto the same one body of believers in the blood of our redemption.

Will the continue to fanatically test our blood Father, to discover those of us who are yours so they can us imprison and enslave to economic slander and false reputation!? Why God allow these sinners so much authority to deny the Holy sacrament you have given? Why deny the world the son you are in the new name You; in me walk in? I am Keshet Yashua Israel .. I am the Third Adam of the Lord my God.. and I invite men and women to share the anointing of the Lord my God by their sharing the Cannabis Tree sacrament as it is the Highest consecrating sacrament of the Church that I, upon the blood by the spirit of God have come to call as an Entheogenist to the Entheogenic Reformation Church.

This is nothing but a name.. unless men fill the foundations of it.. I have spent my life to draw the order of the Church unto creation as a legitimate established faith of the Lord my God who has sent me by His own conditions in my regeneration of being; to assimilate His Embassy of Entheogenists unto this Creation.

If we can all agree that channeling of the Spirits exist that then Christ Jesus himself can channel himself unto our own lives to speak from His own perspective truth unto the creation of the Body of the words; which draw by rational ambassadress; men and women, to be safe from corporate slavery, from the taking over of their “Precepts”; so as to be ignorantly led astray into Corporate institutions (or (mis)led by your desire to “just work”) who choose to use the money that you help generate as an employee to perform those unethical (unprincipled) activities that they do.

Yes, just by your simply working for the Corporate entity that funds ‘immoral’ or ‘irrational’ activities; which you would not in your own principled body perform; should be recognize as “Criminal” on your part as a Citizen, who is to be Accountable for the “Ethical” Consciousness of our Legal Forum, and Economical Functioning as TRUST WORTHY to fund the Freedoms of Cognitive Liberty Religion and Love that men and women come to glorify with their lives as they hold themselves out unto God.

Can we all say.. “I am an economical Function of my God!” and know that it is the Truth? So then.. what we see as “In God We Trust” on the Dollar Bill are we to assume we are serving the dollar up as a religious invocation spiritually settling a debt between those who spiritually share the entheogens that we as persons use within our lives to help us to become divine from within..

Is not life Divinity here and now? And if not, it is because you are not born of God and you cannot see! And in our Being Divine, we are Sovereign.. but if you look at our Governmental ways as has been seen even in the media constantly happening; secular rules and regulations are being used to deny the spiritual cause of our God upon this earth in the War on Drugs which is Rising up against the Tribal spiritual cause of the Lord our God to share our lives with one another without sinning against one another, as we share the Consecrating anointing of the Lord our God in the marriage supper that I am presenting in the new creation name I come in, from the cross of the Lord, that I died on, Jerry Michael Cofer, and came back from; as “JesusFish” (My gentile Caught & ) evolved spiritually thru time unto Keshet Yashua Israel whom proclaims to be the Third Adam of God.

Do I see by it to be a terrorist? No! Do I seek by it to rule over mankind? Not I! Have I done evil that I should be denied any goodly reputation in my life ? Not other than try to kill myself 2 times before coming to the Cross of Jesus the Christ. I have 6 Felonies.. All Lies! For what? That I can have a Rant to bark back at the evil that our Corporate America has become as a tyrannical force of our God’s nature across not just our country but the whole world!! As it’s risen up not by our willing nor God’s to becoming a Militant Capitalistic force ruling over every aspect of our lives, rather than protecting the Rights that we as Citizens, Sovereign children of the Lord our God by allowing the authentic “Christ-ing” anointing of the Lord our God to be used as the marriage supper that I bring in the new creation name of my God.

Kill me, if you think I mock your God! Do not mumble under your breath or tweak your face as though I am lost or insane!! I am come by the light of Justification; to know that I am not my own but the Lord my God does own my soul and does so live out the rest of my life to speak His words in the name He has evolved unto as a tribal warrior of the Rainbow, focalizing the power of the Lord our God unto all; that we may bring True and Lasting Peace to all our People and children without the militant forces of Wrath and elite corporatism always looming upon us as though we are to be the next, for violent police Raids against our dwellings for being simple Christ barer’s of the holy sacrament; Cannabis.


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