Portion of ‘Brainstorming Heaven’: My Journal

A Doctoral Thesis is what I conclude I need to do for the United Nations, if I can unite them. I need to do this before I fall, by the sinful routes of temptation unto the same sin of enjoying in sexual carnal delights which seek to desecrate the Lord our God unto the faggotry of Hells economy!

What I mean is, that I fear that the Spirit of Sodomy is upon the United nations so badly that the dominance of that position, being hidden ‘in the closet’ so to speak for so long now, is heiring out the Christ centered from the spiritual whoredom which is being drawn down upon New Babylon; the new Federalist regime of America which has brought down upon us the Christ centered (who have the seal of God upon them to call unto their own obedience by His spirit,  the Tree of Life known as Cannabis, that we His children may partake as Entheogenists made by God to accept His marriage supper; that which I am called and made to give unto every man in His new creation name, Keshet Yashua Israel; to the land of whores and Faggots; I am come from God, by God and Unto Glorifying His name in whom I am!

There are none Gay who may enter into the Kingdom of God! No!  Not one!
For this will I be called an ‘Anti-Christ’ by atheists?  For this will I be called a fanatic, a zelous conspiritualist? For the Christ’s name sake living out of my life I can offer you only a taste of whom my God is by the sharing of the Words which I have, for I am not one who exercises sexual want, nor seeks but to caste all desires of the flesh out of the Church of our God’s want. 

See if we truly give our lives over unto the Lord our God, it will not be our lives but His life living out the rest of ours!  And to what glory will it take us?  Unto what ‘Fanaticism’ will God use us to show how foolish man is?  Will we always be suffered, for whom our God weighs in, to be? It is unto all these Nuances & Et Cetera, wherein I have come in thru the Net&yahoo; not the prime minister of Israel!  But sharing the Truth thru the countries having hitchiked the country multiple times and sharing the words and fire baptism of the Lord my God.
while also following out Dunn’s Cunundrum thru all the libary systems that I was able to find; sharing the glory with those who call themselves ‘Christ in Action’ (CIA) and those who call themselves the Firm Believers In Christ (FBI) by their giving their Glory unto the Lord our God even in my announcing my new creation name as Keshet Yashua Israel .. named from among the Rainbow Family of Living Light who gathered with the Tribes in ’99 to comprehend the fullness of our congregation as the Lord come again; Your God.

Again out of Jerusalem Kitchen in ’00 & ’01 (Montana & Idaho) I have traveled and shared the word of God and the invite my Father has given me with all of those who have been willing to hear, whether they understood it or not.  I have not come as a criminal intent of my God, but yet I have been found ‘guilty’ in front of those who were not my peers in a court of law which was ‘out of order’, I declare this by God! 

I was legally incorporated even in their secular bablyonian system, my articles submitted according to their own regulations, I was ‘legit’ in the eye’s of God before all of that, but as soon as I got my ‘non profit’ status as the Corporation identified as “The Entheogenic Reformation Church”, a state prosecutor thought it was alright to send a member of police into my Church to become a member, in order to receive the sacrament. After professing to believe that Cannabis was Kaneh Bosm in the book of exodus 30:23, he had fulfilled the confession needed for membership and so was able to receive the tree of life, Cannabis at cost to his own church. 

The new member received cannabis twice, and assured me as the priest that he would take the membership courses as soon as they were done, in order to continue receiving the sacrament from the Church. The next time he called, he asked if he could come by and I said sure. I was sitting with an Indian straight from an Arizona reservation, who just happened to be a retired marine, when the police came to the door and knocked. I said ‘come in!’

As soon as I saw it was an officer of the law, I said, “Oh.. No you!.. nevermind please leave!”  One of the three officer’s, the one without a mask on said, “We have a warrant for the arrest of Jerry M. Cofer!”  

I said, “Ok, well here I am.. handcuff me and take me away then.”
Then the other officer with his gun drawn and mask on said, “WHO ELSE IS IN THE HOUSE!  CAN I VERIFY NOBODY ELSE IS IN THE HOUSE?” 

I said, “NO! You can’t. You don’t have a warrant for my house! You have a warrant for me, and here I am.. now lets get out of my house!”  

They took me out of my house, but they tore apart my house anyways, finding the Church sacrament and charging me as the Priest, with 5 felonies! 
The cops don’t have to live with their wrong, the courts don’t have to neither.. nor does the Public ‘Pretender’ who didn’t hold my rights up, nor seek to protect me at all in my personal opinion! He covered his own ass like they all did and Fucked me for life!

Why?  Because they Hate God!  They Hate that God gave us a Sacrament that is HOLY!!  A sacred article that No man can tell us was not God Given!  Genesis 1:29 tells us that ‘Every Herb Baring Seed was given to us for our Food (Consumption, Health & Medicine!”)  Exodus 30:23 tells us that God gave entheogens as the Authority of Holiness upon the levetical Priesthood and multiple other Religions were accustomed thru out time with Entheogenic Elixars used in ‘Secret Sanctuaries’ even!  

The Obscene Reality of this ‘War on Drugs’ however is being seen the World over!  With the Rise of Fascism in American politico’s, the corrupt economic system and bogus foundations set for our medically ill, or seriously diseased persons not to mention the housing bubble and the soon to pop, School Loan Scandals which have targeted every part of our ‘individual lives’ taking all of the ‘So Called’ FREEDOM IN AMERICA, from each of us!  

We have fallen to become the Enslaved by Corporate America, rather than to be American by passion and fervor we are branded it by our birth record when we are apportioned a secular number and name, ushering us into the ‘system of death’ that our ‘love’ has apportioned us. Love being looked at from so many ways, every way appears a death trap! Why God suffer us among those who suffer us further, why suffer us God to a fornicating fervor which seeks to extinguish your Glory from our being your own lives forever! 

No Sin FAther! I pray God.. No Sin take place against my love nor by the sexualization of my being!  I be your saint your son, your fervor! Destroy therefore my Father God, those who seek to whore her, my virgin dress my gorgeousness the queen shekinah (holy spirit) who enlightens my life thru out Your day!

I pray that your nuns and your priests recognize I come not to sin, nor to keep record of man’s sins, but to speak the Truth as my God has spoken it before me, unto me and thru me in times past.  I pray God you bring us all strength to recognize how I may be saved from the whores of babylon who seek to ‘dominate’ my virgin dress unto their own economic woes and falsified holiness; fornicating and calling it ‘holy’ is somehow being allowed, but sharing a sacred herb that you Gave is somehow become criminal!  Why the BackAsswardness of this Country you have sent me unto?  Please God destroy the wicked principalities and powers which seek constant prowling like roaming lions, to draw your children into Captivity for simply possessing your Holy sacraments! 

End this War my God! Destroy the Nasty habits! Let their ruin be known and my dress renown, that your herb be seen for her sacredness! The Tree of Life before the Tree of Knowledge is the Route we choose Father!  CAnnabis before our own Bodies God!  This we know is your way!  For now that we are in right relationship with you, having followed Jesus thru death, we can see now God that you are here with us offering us the Tree of Life once again!   

Remembering wherein we started with Jesus in our dieing, we see that it was in our First sin as Adam and eve that we chose not to bow before God and accept his tree before we took from our own Bodies of Knowledge, but now having died with Christ upon that cross we have learned from our repentence that we are to take from that Tree before we look to one another!  

For God has established in that Tree of Life, long before Adam and Eve came unto Life; the rule of the Lord God.  Having that tree now offered, by the blood of the lamb putting us back into right relationship with God, we are finally able to Follow God wherein He would have taken us if were would have been obedient in the beginning!  To the East of the Garden beyond the Flaming Swords and the Cheribum!  Who can seek, if they don’t know what their looking for?

Namaste & Shalom!  -Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 41:14, 62:2, Rev 3:12)







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