The Event Horizon of An American Entheogenist

It’s obvious when any avatar of faith looks upon the stage of mankind that we as Entheogenists are being persecuted heinously by the Criminal Justice System within each of our respective states, and nations no matter how ‘modern’ or ‘liberal’ so called!   

Yes, it’s obvious that an Entheogenist is completely mocked as though ‘non-existent’ by the laws of most modern Democratic Governments!  

As an American Entheogenist, I have traveled the United States inviting everyone to gather for the Marriage supper of the Lord as I traveled and gathered the Tribes of the Rainbow Nation unto the Gathering of the Tribes ( 

After years of carrying the marriage supper with me, I didn’t actually become aware of it until after all of those years actually sharing it.  Yes, it was in retrospect that I found I had been carrying this invite of God unto everyone who I offered cannabis to, in the new creation name of God that He had risen up unto in my own life.

I have found it obviously hard, as an Entheogenic Priest to live in America and to make money.  The Corruption inherent from the denial of the Criminal Justice System to allow me, The Founder of the Entheogenic Reformation Church, the ‘Guaranteed’ protections mandated to me by the 1st Amendment, has become the worst outcry I, an American Citizen can have against my own Government!  

The Event horizon for me as an American seeking to pursue my happiness, is found in my accepting Cannabis unto my God’s virgin bridal Gown, as His own new creation vessel, given to the invite and acceptance of the marriage supper ingredient; Cannabis.

My Entheogenic life is harbored by a secular government, who says that my religious life is ‘nonsensical’ and ‘unworthy’ of the 1st Amendment protection!  

I have been called a ‘Pot Head’ by Judge or atleast considered a peer to them and by that denied my right to a fair Trial. I even asked to have a change of venue on behalf of the Judge calling my peers ‘Potheads’ but then not allowing me to piss test each juror to find out if they are my peers or not!  

Yes.. this is the event horizon.. that Entheogenists are easily known to have Entheogenic Substances within them at most any given point in time. Those who are not my peers, will not have entheogens within them, therefore knowing it is only those who use Enthoegens that are my peers, why am I not allowed the right to be Judged by a Jury of my peers?!  

To say I should never be allowed to be judged by my peers, because they are all criminal on behest of the States making Entheogenists a forbidden Human existence!!  

I plead my God, that you free me from the rebuke of the America wherein Entheogenists are not allowed to stand tall in the priesthood of their own God!  I plead God that you allow me to possess what sacred instrument you have given to make me content, comforted and even married unto the one I love, if the state would allow me to carry out my religious ritual of marriage with the wife I could adore, I would have already been married!  But they Rebuke my passage unto Marriage!  They have made it ‘illegal’ for me to marry a fellow entheogenists by simply declaring the Sacred religious instruments ‘Criminal’, that our God has called for us to use in anointing our spouse over unto Him in us.

Please Father.. denounce their hidden ways.. denounce the inquisition that America has against Entheogenists across the Globe!  Free us God from the provisions of sin our government lays before even us, Your Chosen Entheogenists.. that we are led as lambs into Captivity for using your Holy Herb!  -Your Herb Warrior.. Keshet Israel  



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