Moving from Religion to my World opinion

I have found myself to be attacked daily by my God’s fallen sexual nature.  I don’t seek the enticement but it comes upon me in the morning early in my bed. I am awaken to the struggle of the serpent that tempted eve in the beginning. I don’t seek to feed eve with it again so I crush it every morning alone in my bed, casting the seed as a curse from me that I don’t administer ‘breeding’ unto this carnal environment which has been led by sin to leave Our God out of the affairs of man.

As a priest by His light shining out of me, by my being regenerated by His light and life from the cross of His own death, I have come to call for the ambassadage of His own creation in the Entheogenic Reformation Church which I have sought consistent in my life to establish as my God’s carriage and priesthood as I stand.

Thou an ombudsman, a priest by His word and spirit I am unraveled in this lands vision to being a criminal rather than the Love of my God sent!  I sought not to be a criminal but a minister of my God’s entheogen.  Yet, those who have made it their job to ‘accuse’ have made God in me, who’s sharing His marriage supper, into a criminal!

Some erring persons have created a mismanagement of God’s lead, which is unjustly placing people behind bars; to be forever terrified that I we are to be raped in the showers, for choosing to keep our God’s Virgin ass (from sodomy) rather than to allow intentional Homosexual acts by those who ‘hold pride’ in the system that attacks us; United LGBT States of America!

I say it’s evil because it won’t allow my God His religion, as seen in the creation and council calling of the fellowship that I by His words drew unto the Charter creation and the Articles I gave the state in 2008 that I could be recognized as a Church standing in the Gap for the Truth of the Lord our God who chose me to be His new creation vessel submitted to hitch hike this nation sharing the message of my God and the marriage supper sacrament in my gathering the Tribes of the Rainbow for the Gatherings I headed.

Am I a ‘master mind’ for my God having mastered my mind to commit what acts He has?  Am I to be considered ‘special’ because I allow my God to live every instant, not just in word but in flesh!?  Are we not all made by the Master into Masters ourselves that we can build the Church wherein He carves it!?

Why am I to be hated for my acceptance of the marriage supper that my God recreated unto my life to believe in?  Who is that Authority who questions the sincerity of the Lord living in the Light and Life that my God has drawn in my being an Entheogenist unto my dieing daily!

Though I have seen a religious beginning by my coming from the cross that I did and having heard the words of all of those who call themselves Christian in this end; I am not but a man who has a general opinion like every man and I wish place to state it as it is God’s from my own dwelling.

Not to demoralize men nor to curse them all unto a death I never died, but to create a jurisprudence not just in the system of mankind but in the very spiritual lives that our God is working out in front of each of us! Not to be whores, nor assholes for man nor women!  Not to be sold out to fornicating for money nor suffering other’s for not choosing that route as their profession!

We need our God to stand with us, that we can be unafraid. I have found God standing in me and I can’t be led astray!  I offer my Church unto man, as His priest sent; praying on my knees in my heart even when you see me standing in His confidence; I hope that you can change the sinful routes before me created before time in our own government; which has disannulled our America from the God Christ bore unto the Flesh to die for each of us on that day; that we can come to the one we are now met unto; knowing Keshet.

How can you know me though, unless I confess it?  So.. I have this journal, this blog that I hope to keep professing the Lords whim given to me that I may always be transparent in my communications and so never disannulled from the promise our God did give when Jesus said, every word my Father has given unto me I have given unto you; that you also may be the son of God in His Kingdom making the ambassadage of the Embassy (of The ERC) which I confess to be my God’s highest creation!

But who needs words too high minded to create us all into an actual ‘inform-ation’ Church conduit, unless we each put ourselves to the task of recreating the truth that is generated from the words we procreate by sharing the simple definitions of Entheogen, Kaneh Bosm and other such words as teonanácatl !

Entheogenic Shaman’s are people of God, who are being side stepped by modern Government, by their simply denying our Entheogenic Roots in Religious perception and community building.  As entheogenists we are not blind to the fact that corporate greed and agency have over-come on many fronts the ‘reason’ and ethical pursuits that our Government has established, and it is because people within our governments have chosen themselves to be corrupt in their positions!  We must stop this corruption or there will not be motivation for men to work for a dollar, or for any thing else because they can’t have pride in their country!

They Can’t have pride in the Dollar! They come to see the ‘rouse’ that our Government helped incubate in out society and how it has defrauded us from the American Dreams that our Forefathers promised us!
Even from the sacred instruments that our God put His own son down to, that we may follow Him unto the marriage incarnation of our own bridal carriage.

But Government wants to stop the Entheogenic Pursuits of our God to the establishing of His embassy upon this earth as He uses us Entheogenic Priests to be His council in The Entheogenic ministry of our Church. The intellectual administration of His Head being worked out thru our ethical commentaries and dissertations as we gather our intel thru the Entheogenic process of our own temple reformation.

These pursuits being my pursuit of happiness, I pray You God provide the protections I need to carry them out; in your most holy name.. Keshet Yashua Israel

My humbleness convicted, speaks your name in place of Mine! I pray that for this I am not misjudged!

Until I am able to gather a church of willing voluntary members, not fearful of the incrimination being an Entheogenist brings in this day and age; who are willing to represent the full spectrum of God’s character attributes in the peace that we are able to pursue by our being allowed to fellowship!

They have kept us from fellowshipping Father, we have been dismantled and called criminal for choosing to accept your tree God!  For being truthful and honest and accepting the marriage supper you brought me and for sharing it as you have shared it with me; as being the marriage supper consumption you gave me for drawing men and women to recognize your full repentance from the cross! By their recognizing the Marriage supper is finally presented by the Christ which was said to come, and by it the Fire of Our God’s vengeance!    (God uses the foolish things of this earth to confound the wise!)

Until the day I am taken captive  if I must be for being the priest I am led to confess myself; I shall seek to carry my opinion thru commentaries on scenarios I find to be detrimental area’s of conscience in our system that need to be prayed for, and so exposed unto the Words my God can generate upon bringing such ‘alien space bats’ into my intelligence program. To ‘inform’ God unto every instance that I have found in His own perfect imagination and Kingdom! )

I pray to begin sharing my political opinions as based upon my religious beliefs in this blog for now on.
And by it I pray I am not persecuted in the World.  -<><



2 thoughts on “Moving from Religion to my World opinion

  1. Hi Brethren,
    In Pope is fulfilled Matt.12.v43-45. The evil spirited people were the sacked Temple Priests who entered the Church of God, One Fold, like a Thief by jumping over the walls and not through the proper Gate where Christ Peter is the Gatekeeper killing the Liars. God is worshipped in Truth and spirit. The seeds of His Word, Spirit, were planted by the Roving Apostles. So far, Angel Stephen was the administrator of the Church of God baptising Jewish men only in the name of Abraham, the Church kept its quality in morality and spirituality but soon after his death and that of St.James, the Just, the Church was overpowered by the crook sacked temple priests who introduced the presbyters in replacement of Apostles. They introduced the deadly Poison Torah Letters. The extract of Old Testament is in the New in a purified form. For example, the story of exodus is in the Parable of the Prodigal son, who was Isaac and the elder son is Ishmael whilst the Father is Abraham. I have rendered expositions of all the Gospels including the Gnostic on Youtube channel nijjhar1.
    Peter was the Roving Founder of Churches setting up the Foundations in Truth whilst the Apostle sowed the Seed of spirituality and watered it. Growth of this spiritual Plant is in the hand of our Father and it grows by grace by Preaching Gospel.
    Popes, dog-collared stooges, etc. are all anti-christs as in God everyone is to give his own accounts to God. In Jesus, we should have Fellowship of Gnostics or Seekers. His Word is sought through logical reasoning and the extract is called Logos, His Word.
    God is worshipped in truth and in spirit Youtube Video:-

  2. Hi Brother,
    1. Disciples of John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. used to fast and say prayers but not our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus as He and our Father are ONE. So, people pray in Churches? Is our Father deaf and dumb like the Lord of Nature, the creator demiurge god Yahweh? Remember that the Rabbis kept their Disciples alienated from Yahweh and asked them to communicate with him through prayers and fasting. But our Father is living in His Own Temple, our physical body and we need to glorify Him through Preaching Gospel from our very mouths called Drinking the Blood of Christ. When we hear His Word Preached to us by Christ Jesus or the Apostles through our ears, then this is called Eating the Flesh of Jesus that we take it to our hearts, digest it or ponder over it and bring it out from our own mouths. Gospel written over our hearts is a testimony of our living Christ Jesus and the Apostles.
    2. That the root of the word Disciple is Discipline and it were the once-born natural men that needed disciplining by the Rabbis whereas we are of holy spirit in Christ Jesus being greater than John, the Baptist are independent Solitary Labourers called Virgin Brides of Jesus with Freewill. Rabbis do not have the Freewills as they are bound by the laws that they teach; otherwise they would be hypocrites. So, there are no Disciples in Christ Jesus but Labourers.
    I have prepared couple of Youtube videos to stress my point of view:-

    Father is within our hearts and not in heaven of the Jews:-

    How the monks are anti-christs?
    I attended AGM of the Friends of Mount Athos, 2013 and the speaker was an Anglican Priest, the Revd Douglas Dales. I happened to have a talk with him in private. I told him that the head of COE is Queen, the head of Mammon and not Christ Jesus as stressed in the Bible, One Fold, Church of God, headed by One Shepherd, Christ Jesus. These Dog-Collared hireling Priests understand what I am trying to say but they behave as if they do not know where it applies. Some will say fold is where farmers keep their sheep. Gospel is for the people and not for animals. It is just an analogy. So, COE has two heads; Queen and Jesus; one of Mammon to pay the wages of the hireling Priests and the other of Christ Jesus. They are not compatible. As no one objects to their Dog-Collars, they are happy.
    He talked about Prayer and I told him if Jesus and Father are one, then He could not say prayer to himself. On further discussion, it came out that the Monks also fast. Both of these practices used to be prevalent in the brick built synagogues where the Rabbi sits as a school master. As these Rabbis became corrupt that Jesus by His own sacrifice as the Lamb of God moved us from Synagoues to the individual temples of God, our own physical body built not by the human hands but by Nature. Old House Synagogue rejected for the New House, Temple of God that is possessed by each person whether male or female, brown or black, etc. As each one has his own Temple, so each one should have the Royal Priest, the Christ in his own heart making him solitary capable of entering into the Royal Vineyard of our Father where Christ Jesus is sitting waiting for you. That is why, It has a Narrow Gate meant for the solitary and you give your own account.
    But these hireling Anti-Christs are themselves not solitary, how could they make others solitary? Gate is for the solitary only. So, in Jesus, we do not waste time in prayers to bluff the once-born but sharpen their minds through asking questions. Ask, seek and knock is the Way to the Royal Kingdom of God.
    As regards fasting, a hungry man is not good at thinking or pondering over His Word as the one who is not hungry. That is why Jesus fed the 5000 people before Preaching Gospel that unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part in me? Again here most people think of Last Supper. It is not so but what comes out of the Mouth of Jesus, you should have ears, Mouth, to hear that. Take it to your heart, Stomach and then proclaim what Jesus has said and explain it in details. This is called Drinking the Blood of Christ, who was before the generations. Such an interpretation is hardly known to any. So, Gospel is not for all but those who are Pre-destined of our Father.
    Most of these Monks got initiation in which the Bishop or Abbots cut the head hair to make them Disciples as the John, the Baptist, an Ideal Rabbi of Levi Tribe was, Rabbis and Sadducees. John, the Baptist was a Freeman but he did not had the Freewill as he applied the moral laws to his Disciples and worked for Yahweh. Christ Jesus was a Freeman, Solitary and He has the Freewill like our Father God, a Supernatural. So, these Abbots themselves were slaves to their Abbots and made the Monks slave to them as well. No Freewill among the Monks taking them back to old system – Matt.12.v43-45. Spiritually blind Monks propagate spiritually blind Disciples in Anti-Christs. It is Faith in some Monks that gives them spiritual Powers of healing.
    This is the best Age for becoming the Fishers of spiritual men, of both sexes, who are Solitary as in John9, the born blind person. Spiritual women are the Disciples of Abbots, Bishops, etc. and they go where their head goes. So, be spiritually alive otherwise the Anti-Christ would kill you. In Jesus although we are solitary yet of One accord, just the opposite to the once-born people. There are many other examples such as the Baptism of John, the Baptist in water that after me will baptise you in Holy Spirit. Such are the hirelings blind to Spirit that they do what they are employed to do otherwise being sacked. No more freemen and freewill as we enjoy. More through your own measure of spirit.
    Remember that Adam is our Natural father in which we are born and die and once our Supernatural Father God adopts you, then you too become eternal like our Father and no more fear of death as you are going back to your Father’s Home for Rest.
    Let us make organisations in each town under the name of GOSPEL WORKERS, WORSHIPPING GOD IN TRUTH AND SPIRIT.
    Youtube Video link:-

    Ch.Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
    Gnostics are the living christs of living God.
    Holy spirit = spirit of man = common sense,
    Holy Spirit = Spirit of God = Extra Ordinary Sense.
    No christ in your heart, no Gospel
    God = Allah = ParBrahm = Rabb
    More you spend “His Treasures”, preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.
    Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel
    For articles on Sister Christian and Sikh communities, visit: –
    Over 3100 Youtube Videos on One faith:-

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