Will I not be able to defend myself, because God wills to live in me?

I, knowing that I am born of God (having died with the lamb on the stake), am truly wondering about all these people who are killing ‘Christ’ in His temples (Christians) simply because God chose ‘to be born’, unto our new creation temple bodies; as His full authority on Earth Just as He has given us all authority from Heaven in this day and age!

It sickens me to realize that someone may want my head from my shoulders, simply because God did something unto me (in my personal life) that drew me to re-present His witness (His Spiritual Identity) through the new creation temple (this adopted) that I am given to live out of as a gentile married unto the Lord’s Third Adam concept (projection).

It is through my acceptance of His marriage supper, from our death together that I have come to begin to live out the rest of my life. I have been since then been given to the Spirit of Resurrection to quicken my God’s temple body entheogenically as He called me to it; evolving my dialect with Him through our entheogenic use of shamanic entheogens.

As I traveled God on His walk about, gathering the Tribes for years; I was given to calling all both bad & good to gather together for the Marriage supper of the Lamb, and for many years I was sharing it with them; not recognizing that God was using the Cannabis tree of Life to draw my witness unto others, and theirs unto me; evolving both of us in His Journey.

It wasn’t until many years later, (almost 3 years) after my last 3 year journey crisscrossing the country, before I came to recognize that God had given me the Marriage supper on the day I was born of God.  He offered it to me in the likes of Cannabis (Kaneh bosm, Exodus 30:23); God once again using what is called ‘foolishness’, to ensnare the Wise by the quickening light that is drawn upon all who partake in the Marriage supper in the Name of Christ Jesus.  Our comfort is discovered and our fears are alleviated once the aroma of our Mary is near! Through her quickening spirit we are unable to continue to bear a false witness! God is Righteously centered in our sharing of His marriage supper (Cannabis).

God is stern on certain issues in our lives; and has been throughout all of time. And, throughout all that time there have been temple bodies (specific persons) whom God has used & who He chose from among the people, claiming through them to speak by His will.  I am ‘simply put’, one of those people. Born a gentile, raised a Jew by faith in the Son of God I am become nothing that God can be all that is.

I cannot stop from hoping to be ‘a savior’ for my people, even if they all hate me for not being submitted unto the shameful acts of Homosexual disgrace ‘for credit’ or ‘respect’ which obviously holds no will of God’s doing!  I’m Not a piece of ass! Nor do I try to be an Ass for that matter! But a Priest in His temple, the least among you though the Lord’s tongue has taken but as a leader led by the Lord Himself.

But why hope for something that can’t happen unless God chooses to see it through? To lead, I must have some ‘reputation’ or ‘ability’ to do so. I have only my new creation name & God’s will. A Charter & the desire provided by God to build the Entheogenic Reformation Council that is needed to keep the ‘reason’ of God, the cause of man & government! (And of course the skills to work on Computers, Electronics; but I am ‘under attack’ daily by ‘seducing spirits’ seeking to ‘effeminate’ me unto the ‘likeness’ of Whoredoms God in me Hates.

There is no democratic Judgement that decides whether or not the World is God’s. We as American’s should be secure to ‘rest assured’; that ‘God’ gave us our Rights & government serving man, secures us in our protections (our rights); each of us individually!  Right now though, there is a ‘part’ of our ‘governing agencies’ who are seeking to renounce and deny us our rights. our dignity and defense, before the law; so they can kick our ass (as part of the ‘fun’ they get to have) being police officers!  Yes, our ‘criminal justice system’ in America stands guilty; being the system is the most well known to be corrupt being that we have this ‘war on drugs’ giving ‘militant’ attacks against ‘our God’s acts’, telling us we are ‘criminal’ for being obedient!

God within each citizen is greater than any agency that can be created by man! Let us not create therefore a system of judgment that allows men to be weighed by their ‘financial statements’ rather than by their innocents or guilt before God.

Taking a fresh look from the cross of Jesus the Christ, at the society that is ‘now’, I must let you know that I came up quick because of some choices that were without my control as a child. I partook in LSD, smoked Cannabis and Had sexual relations by the time I was 12 years old.

Before that for most of my childhood a soccer player, I went to 4H for Horses, I had taken ‘tumbling’ even. Yet, because I tried LSD, I smoked cannabis and enjoyed the Grateful Dead, Metallica, Slayer & King Diamond I was mocked as a radicle and denied my own dignity to choose what opportunities presented themselves in my divine light, as just and unharmful. Yet it must have been out of my control, because who would cast themself unto the route that I did?

Didn’t matter after Christmas eve of 1994, when at midnight I picked up a hitchhiker who came in Jesus name, the one my mother warned me about! Who stole my life as the thief in the night, and grafted Himself unto me.

Who am I; to defy the image of God, shining out of me?! It is God’s life that lives out of this temple he founded, no longer the life of me! In that Gnosis of God, It is obvious unto me that no homosexual can enter unto the Heaven of His seed! Therefore I pray, do not transgress the Church I address, please do not slander my confession as a priest offering His herb to free men!

To abominate me from society, calling and making my religious exercise into a ‘criminalized’ act in a court of Law, shows just how far our Courts are from Honoring He who provided us the Herb in the first place!  Giving God the Glory we accept His healing & focus upon or way, to rid us of the discontentment & evil that fills our world; loving those who do worse harms than what little there is in cannabis consumption. Religious Exercises of People should not be violated just so Secular Police forces can continue to Hate by justification of ‘illegalities’ that are truly not ‘really wrong’ by God or common sense of man in our nations!! Why are the Politicians not seeing this!?

Why are alcoholics & hard drug addicts doing the pharmaceuticals not the one’s who are criminal?  They are the synthetic drug addicts who are willing to Rob & Kill!  Cannabis is proven not be biologically addictive, but God has given us His tree to provide us a safe way to keep our lives content in the wake of the evil traits that constant seek to rape us from His conscience rather than to allow us to learn all that we can to help the fate of man!

To allow Agencies of Law to ‘Hinder our Religious Exercise’ is to hate with/by lethal forces, Sovereign persons (citizens) for choosing to accept their God in His image has chosen the foolish plant herb (Cannabis) Kaneh Bosm (exodus 30:23) to be an ingredient (the only one upon this earth) that man must be humbled to accept, in order to be Holy before God & man.

To test man into ‘gaydom’ or into Jail; rather than for man to be allowed to accept the original Tree of Life religiously as God’s own sacrament is to abominate & desecrate the temple of Jesus the Christ!  To deny our right to accept God’s marriage supper, will always be an abominating act! How any government can ‘associate’ this behavior with ‘righteousness’ is beyond God’s want and they have gone to far! We all who are in Christ, must rise up against all Government everywhere to fight together against the evil corruptions that they associate themselves unto & with; exposing the sins of government and economic industry ‘commercialization’ (advertising gimmicks/psychological profiling of persons for economic reasons and making them politicized positions so much so the profiles become the hope, not a true representation of the cast!)

Therefore until the law changes, my soul in Christ Jesus will be at unrest; being His priest given to share it with all of those who ask for it by name; whom I believe to be sincere and adult in their aware.

Just because I accept cannabis as a religious sacrament, I don’t mandate that other’s must accept it just as I do. I pray simply that everyone who wishes to recognize themself as an Entheogenists, that we each simply agree that ‘God within us’ (however we describe He/She/God) is the one who spirtually propose unto us the entheogenic route in life; wherein we are able to marry unto our God through our acceptance of the Entheogen (being drawn unto us by God) anointing us to be the ministers over the mysteries of the Kingdom of our God; by what veils we breech in our drawn comfort, healing, and spiritual assurance/focus in life,

It would be evil for me to withhold what Comfort God has given me, from those who seek ‘for righteous reason’ to use it. Even if for some wrong reason I have seen that persons heart changed by their acceptance of Cannabis. I’ve seen it awaken people all over the Country when vagabonding with God, sharing it in Jesus name as I traveled from gathering to Rainbow Gathering, Soup kitchen to Law Library, Labor halls to the Hot springs sharing the Cannabis Tree of Life; changing their hearts & awakening their souls by their acceptance not just of me, but of my anointing: the Cannabis Mary God gave as His marriage supper ingredient in my life.

I pray you don’t want to hard press; the Lord our God, whose Chastened me, His Third Adam concept; decrypted unto this time & to invite mankind unto the marriage supper offering which He gave unto me in 1994, upon my regeneration here. -Namaste & Shalom to those who hear the words of God that I am speaking.

A council of entheogenists, gathering intel of this earth and it’s ways. Are not enemies of any nation nor government unless they have made us to be! We hope to be ambassadors of words not sexual favors, and yet for this they believe we ‘asexuals in christ’ do dishonor by not whoring our temple unto their sexual sin ‘trusts’ they pretend.

I pray God keep me from them who wish to ‘out’ me unto being Gay. I’d rather God drew death upon them also, as He did me when i went to the cross; that they too can understand the way I came. -<><     -The Third Adam Concept… Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)


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