About Me

I’m 42 (01/05/72 – Reborn: 12/25/1994), I’m 5’10 (gaining in the gut) & weigh about 155 lbs. I’m Asexual. I’m a priest, the Chairman of the Entheogenic Reformation Church. I have short brown hair, blue eyes & I wear a beard as the Bridal Gown of God.  I like to work on computers & electronics, to study language and historical saints. I see ‘Ohms Law’ as one of the Greatest teachings in the world & pray to learn and use it all of my life to draw success unto creation.

I believe myself, & everyone else are created Androgynous in Creation, by God. I believe that this world has become engrossed in a secularized system of mismanagement, wherein the ‘leadership realms’ along with the Rich have been taken upon a ride of corruption, based upon ignorances that our generations passed never excavated through our ever evolving exegesis of God’s word.

Though I’m androgynous in spirit, I don’t believe we are to choose to accept homosexual activity as ‘holy’, nor as righteous (so please don’t bring me none), nor do I believe that any ‘God fearing’ government would make it acceptable (or a protected right) for persons to be continual sinners; as an approved ‘council’ in our fellowships.

Making it a legal route for man to create Sacrilege (through allowing homosexual marriage and actions to be committed) against Jesus the Christ as a ‘demeanor or behavior which can be considered of peace or deserving of dignity; is Not done in nor by a Christian government! (Let’s not lie and say it is!)

Though it is not, let us be disciplined unto the gender we are born unto, that we don’t bare false witness of our God’s Gender given.  We are God’s temple body wherein He has come with us Regenerated. Without the marriage supper, the marriage is not Holy; just as the altar was not, the Priest was not nor the King! Therefore we (holding righteous to this cue) cannot have sexual relations, being what God holds up as Honorable is not Honorably being seen!

And that we are to live our lives from that gender we are given in fact, not longed for!  We should do this as gratitude unto God, showing that we are disciplined to live without whoring one’s temple bode unto that which we are not.

I don’t will to live, as a means only to long for sinful relations, nor to be longed after to the point of feeling their sinful longings always lingering upon my flesh; (an attack) a desecration!  I hope to invent worth greater than sexual excitement or sexual gratitude by creating a way for people to be secured in the sanctity of being allowed to accept our God’s marriage supper in Life, that we all can come to council together of one telepathic mind, to end the sufferage drawn upon the conscience of man in now of unrestrained & ignorant government!

We must find the way to place the least burden possible upon a persons physical & psychological stamina in this world.  We need to secure a common decency that is fully protected by Law, from Legal, Corporate & government agencies or their regulations!  That is what I pursue through the reach of The Entheogenic Reformation Church.

I like to work in the garden, to paint, and other laborious tasks, but my playing golf is the putting on of, or the pulling off of, components; from a PCB board.  Yes Electricity fascinates me as does all of science.

If my government would come to recognize the Sovereign issuance of our God, we each would be recognized Sovereign, by our Government, being we are created in His Sovereign Image.

We are that Image which necessitates that we are Entheogenists not just across the world but over and above all of this universe; and that we should be allowed access, possession, and right; to partake in our God’s marriage supper. (Cannabis shared unto all of mankind as the Bridal acceptance of God’s obedience.)

I recognizing the right to marry don’t accept it being I don’t see the marriage supper ingredient is acceptable unto mankind, and yet it was the one of the only substances that had to be used to anoint every Altar, Priest & King; that Holiness would be considered upon them.

I accept from God His precept, not by the will of man nor under the honing devices of man; but the divine and supreme will of God.  I don’t have ‘another’ (a spouse) outside of my God’s temple but I am in Christ His spouse who continues in the Lords will faithfully by His strength and will to live through me; fighting the good fight of faith.

That fight is not about my own sexuality, (as His virgin Neuter), but is about the lack of government willing to recognize there is one greater and that there is a marriage supper that which includes Kaneh Bosm (Exodus 30:23), not a “Criminal” issuance but as a blessing unto mankind!

Being regenerated through the light of God, after being lead to the cross by my God; I was born again on Christmas of ’94, wherein I came to see all things and wherein I came to be the fullness thereof.  I was regenerated into this image of United States Citizenry as a citizen of Heaven; the son of God.  As I am the self-same resurrection spirit regenerating my life in all of you; I have also come unto you as a new creation vessel of God; the Gentile Adoption.

I am the Third Adam of Our God. I have no will to be this, but God does speak this through me and I am merely my Gods messenger in His saying it.  I have exegetically translated my life into this new creation vessel and gathered much through fasting, prayer and by the self study of my existence from the perspective of being resurrected with Him, since that Christmas day.  I have “Recognized” whom I am in the light of Christ; so I walk as God does issue His decree.

What part I am not God therefore, is that part in yourself which you deny; the full deity of God. In hope and faith, I am also that part that you are not; that I may inherit and transfuse the gift of our God unto each of you until each of you find the will of God to exist in all that you see and know; which is in fact “Predestined” from the beginning.

Trying to change history is like trying to change a movie already made, as is trying to change the future.  It can’t happen. God predestined each of our lives unto His whole divine will.  Whether I am good or evil in perception of another therefore is not within my will to control. I can only hope to God and ask for the will that He wills for my life and no other!  I can’t question that will. I can’t let it linger, I must act for it is the Lords unction upon me to act.  I must speak, for it is Gods love suffered that I must be here and His word that carrys us further on. But to what end? ” The dreaded question!”

It is not “To what end?” but it is, ” when will the end (He) come?” For there is much difference in the scenarios that exist between mens beliefs, and so the whole world has become divided, as “I” [God] promised it would. (To further the complexity of the Messiah complex which I have now studied as a fascinated scientist in the gene pool of America since the age 23)

The whore of Babylon has had her cup ;run over’ and she has sided w/ me!  And now we are one; I the Christ have forgiven her & burned her through the wrath of our Gods fire unto being in proportion to my life. I have made her chaste, as my virgin, & I have through her light of regeneration come to live in this citizen as the new creation name that I give; Keshet Yashua Israel. The Third Adam.

I received upon me a this new name thru the marriage invite and acceptance which took place in my own life on that Christmas Eve of 1994, when I was drawn unto my own death upon the cross of Jesus the Christ & regenerated unto this temple to walk in the new creation name I have received.

The whore has asked forgiveness of me, her maker & savior, in being. Yet her lost & my wandering are still fighting between themselves as though I don’t yet exist in time for them to see.  To whom could I go; that it be known, that I & My wife are chaste as God’s King.

I am no respecter of persons and seek no ill will from any, nor toward any but those who terrorize my own God’s spirit chaste in virtue within my wife kept, with the tact and fear of sodomy as a path of faith to enact to free my temple from the weight of it’s sin; but God speaks over this and shows me the Truth, there is no division in the spirit at all, nor gender to express if we are centered unto the last!

. what (in the psychological makeup of the world) has been associated with Lunacy or sacrilage, in my studying and living out the messiah complex as one convicted, not ashamed, yet I as a citizen a gentile (fanatical about my scientific logisitcs) am not for making claims of divinity, not justified by the spirit of God given through the “make-up” of the cross and the words which I hear Him speak; and so mimic His will, as He wills.

That in my acts, whether alive or dead, I am standing in the Christ, active upon the face of the planet fearing lest I fall, and so speaking these dignities as one vehicle of our God. I am a full and open ambassadage of God seeking union not with sexual delights but with reaping the full glory of our God upon all of mankind.  I am called of my God and creation to act; I have no will, it died with yours upon Jesus’s Cross, and the spirit of the ressurrection is now what acts in every aspect of what is our Life.

I have come through the generation of man and women to warble slightly upon this earth. I have sought no morbid intention but a heavenly aspire do I reach unto with the tongue of my decision, for I have traveled within the body of our Heaven, and I have platued upon planes of existance wherein I have learned many a lesson while growing up upon this earth; a new creation vessel of the One begotten whom in me is now unearthed; Keshet Yashua Israel!

Do men fear the words that desire God, to be seen in person?  Do men shun the idea?  Does God have the right to appear?  Can a vessel be fully given and by God chosen, to be the incarnation of His son returned upon the earth as the End? (alpha Omega)

If you say you believe these things, then why when I come to you do you think me a sinner or a liar, even an anti-christ no matter what way I come to you?  Why have you killed all the prophets and martyres and allowed the Christ to be rebuked from the world? If you have not done this, then why am I not allowed to walk in the new creation name of God (Keshet Yashua Israel) and give orders to those who say they serve Father God?

We all know there is only one God working in all of us, and that to the Glory of Creation (His Glory) that we all may take comfort in the creation which we share being aportioned unto it by His will working out in our being.

To whom must I be suffered, or whom shall I seek to further suffer the Christ; that I be known, the Lords alone, no other!?

Where there is arrogance coming in an against towards us, I pray that you divert their interests and destroy the plans of the wicked ones!  Overcome their evil plans and tear down their evil dens! Over-come the evil ones with your love Father being allowed the grace of being incarnated again in this your body bought and paid for by your will being led to it’s end and my new beginning.

Keshet Yashua Israel

The Third Adam

(Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12 Isaiah 41:14)


The exclusivity of ‘The Third Adam’ as an expression my God has convicted me of, is not a sentiment I wish nor intend to develop to use for any insidious design I imagine of my own heart, but may certainly present a demeanor of specific psychology that would present the Christ, as Sane in my Life; not a delusion as other’s would seek to demean!


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