Letter of Assurance (to all authority!)

January 12, 2010
I pray God, you hear my every prayer, even those prayers that only you could say for me, that I may uphold your every whim, that I may never be found led astray!  –Keshet Israel
To whom it may concern;
I, by my God’s will, instilled in me (Jerry Michael Cofer), have chartered and organized a “working” church establishment (by God’s Supernal Authority)  back in the year 2000.
Having been ordained by God’s authority in 1994, upon being borne here from Heaven, I began my studies as a new creation of the Christ regenerated (; a Christian). After 6 years of studying the social dynamics and psychological prowess of the environment, unto which I have been “borne again”; I was ordained among men by the Universal Life Church in Modesto California,on September 16, 2000.
I, then a Reverend, wrote and re-wrote for many months the Charter and then began organizing members for the Entheogenic Reformation Church. I studied the ‘Establishment’ claim of the 1st Amendment and researched enough to legally follow the incorporating procedures within the State of Florida, finding disharmony in the methods of reason, I found the facility of motive, between our ‘Right to Tax Exemption’ (as a Church) and the meaning of the word “Establishment” in the 1st Amendment to drive me patriotically unto the lead of my Gods new creation Church.
I, discovered that the stated (“Secular”) Government was interfering “more-&-more” in the mental faculty of our Church organizations and thru methods, which were being spear-headed by the IRS, the Federal Reserve and State Departments of Commerce and Agriculture; forcing people to “the divine imagine”, that it is Gods will to “incorporate” (embody) His Church as a State incorporation. Socially creating motives for every church to act as a member of the State, or to leave the call of our God, who has drawn us to lead a flock unto being centered and focused upon the support of Gods community.
And so as “coerced” as we are, thru “Logic” and want for a good social reputation, we have become submitted unto the “government” (become “Incorporated”) and serve the secular-economic legal structures which are governed by the Internal Revenue Service, or we would be denied the protections afforded all our members, that “Tax Exemption” gives us; as well as the confidence which comes with our being an established religious organization of God.
Our Church has “incorporated”, in the hope and confidence of our Lord’s (fictious) name “The Entheogenic Reformation Church”, being fully persuaded of our worth in God as entheogenists, that we may be granted all the Government protections held out to us in the 1st Amendment. In this confidence, we legally became an established Incorporated Church, as according the secular State laws of Incorporation in Florida, on May 28th of 2008.
We, The Entheogenic Reformation Church, are listed on the Cannabis Churches.net website under Cannabis Churches :), publicly announced on Craigs list, Face Book, YouTube, BlogTv, MySpace, linked-in and many other groups, blogs and/or forums around the internet. (Our Website: http://www.zionstation.com and Our Yahoo Group and now Google docs!)
As free agents of God, we consider ourselves to be an ambassadage of one Body, a people who are confident in our ministry as Entheogenists, all of us being  Omsbudsmen (ambassadors of Peace) by super-natural right of birth (election by God), to profess our beliefs even unto the Secular forums; wherein people have been allowed to illegally persecute and prosecute us.  Even, while denying us our most precious, God Borne rights, listed in the in the “Bill of Rights”!
Please pay heed, if thats all you can afford!
Our Gods holy Church is under attack, by secular (temporal) dictates which deny our God His right to partake in His own anointing while living within us; His temple!
The Entheogenic Reformation Church, took a major hit in May of 2009 when the police chose to go, “Under-Cover” (a Procedure which incorporates lies and deception), by sending a law enforcement officer to join me (a Shaman Priest, Chairman of The Entheogenic Reformation Church) declaring themself to be a believer so that I would allow them the anointing of God.
To do this, the officer came to me and lied about his belief, saying that he wanted some of the anointing of God (the sacred entheogen Cannabis) as mentioned in Exodus 30:23, so that he could then receive the anointing from The Entheogenic Reformation Church.  He did this because he knew I wouldn’t give the anointing to him if it wasn’t asked for as it is the anointing.
I find it my sacred obligation to share the anointing of God with those who sincerely seek to establish their lives in focus with Gods rule over their life. The sacred and holy anointing of God is beyond the authority of the state to make laws over, being so highly honored as a sacrament, it’s  thru common sense known to have been used as a holy substance of religious consecration for decades. Anyone who has studied religion at all historically would know this. Because of this people who accept the reasonable faith of our God and choose by the authority of God to partake in the Entheogenic ritual of faith, by the bill of rights, cannot be denied their religious possession; even if it’s an “otherwise” illegal substance.
The state never has the authority to create laws that hinders our religious exercise! (1st Amendment) That is exactly what protection we are to be afforded because that is the most reasonable, most ethical path mankind can live. Any Entheogen we have incorporated into our Church, we have done so under protection of the 1st amendment and the Religious Freedom and Restoration act of 1993 and 1997, and it was done in corporate counsel wherein all members acted as one group authorizing the use of Kaneh Bosm as the authentic anointing of Moses, and the fire baptism of God; who’s own comfort (in the body) is discovered thru the anointing process.
The officer lied his way into membership, by making the “Confession of the Christ”  (Recognizing that “Kaneh Bosm” is Cannabis, and is therefore part-n-parcel of the authentic ritual “Anointing” of our God; as written in the book of Exodus); the only confession one needed at the time to be admitted unto the Church. Now I have forms that members must sign proclaiming that they are not members of law enforcement doing investigative work to caste members of our Church into jail or prison.
It seems that using deception to become a member of a Church is not beyond the call of duty of the police officer who is sworn to uphold and protect our rights, when they are trying to “bust” someone for possessing the sacred Entheogens that our God has given to each one of us, as sovereign individuals under God.
(Think about it, a government that can tell a church it can’t translate Biblical scriptures as according one’s own religious convictions correctly and enact rituals which are revealed to us as Gods “Way”, is anti-God by the legal stricture placed upon our religious concept of the word, “Anti-Christ”; which says, “If your not for me, your against me!”)
Our Rights Denied!
To deny  the Entheogenic Reformation Church, the protections that are to be upheld in honor of the one and Only true God (who made obvious our Rights even among our own forefathers, especially of Thomas Jefferson), is out-right unpatriotic and demeaning of our own countrymen (generations past and Now!) who have fought & died (& are still fighting and dieing) to protect the ideals held out in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  Especially when we can see our own Courts mockingly accusing our church members of being criminal for what we have deemed to be the highest religious calling of our life as an Entheogenist; to entheogenically anoint or consecrate ourselves over unto God.
IT IS A HISTORICAL FACT that people have been called by their God to religiously initiate their bodies entheogenically over unto His/Her (Gods) facility. The expression of Entheogenic use is one discovered thru not only scriptural authority (Exodus 30:23) but by the make-up of traditional (well established) religious organizations which (though maybe not modern) have always been regarded as having true religious practices, even if the methodologies used (as rituals of their religious establishment) may not always have been popularly believed!
For us Entheogenists, it is God within us; who employees the entheogen unto us as Gods creation; that we may thru them work on our “being”, drawn and initiated into the holy prospects gathered thru our revelatory Entheogenic experiences; finding thru our obedience the comfort and glorify that works out Gods will in our lives. (Not to mention the call of our ministry to provide for the ill, the medicinal benefits of the anointing extracts and oils of the Entheogenic Reformation Church.)
Building The Church
I, as a shaman priest in the Entheogenic Reformation Church have been called and chosen by my God to preach on “The Marriage Supper of the Lord” as it is; “The Alchemical Marriage Supper of God. That the Entheogenic Reformation Church may open people up to deeper perceptions or a higher awareness of themselves, and their relationship to God and society, thru Entheogenic Use, is an obligation upheld by God living out of our own hopes and dreams as citizens called Entheogenists.
It is our precept to live as Entheogenists, rather than just secularized “Christians”; many of whom have demonized our denomination ( As Entheogenists) for accepting entheogens as a central tenant of our acts of faith, consecrating and rooting us in the authentic spirit of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; as discerned thru the Lamb’s life and His resurrection.
As member Entheogenists, we don’t rebuke fellowshipping as Entheogenist, but seek to fully & sincerely prosper in the “Entheogenic Reformation Church”, as it is the cause of our embodiment giving (incorporated), to socially focus and infuse our governing bodies with the entheogenic revelations that we find in our consecrating counsel with God; the full embodiment (“being”) of our Church.
Being fully dedicated members of this, God’s counsel; it is our belief that the Entheogenic Process of Redemption is the only true and holy way established by God for man to relate God and our Lives unto society.  And the only way to decipher what principles we must adorn, as our embodiment (of Heaven) works out the missions work of our Church.
It is in this work that we hope to bring, even the temporal laws of society, into reasonable fashion and/or reflection of the Heavenly principles that we thru entheogenic exegesis and/or research have come to draw into linguistic form; as we entheogenicly engage Christ as our Head to our own mind, body and soul.  In us, Entheogenists, it is our God working out our entheogenic evolvements upon the earth, which is creating our governing functions.
Our Authority
Having been “regenerated” from the celestial kingdom of God, we are citizens of Heaven that have come to recognize the civil rights violations that are being carried out against our earthly members.  Who have a “reasonable objection” for the “disregard” (Dishonor), shown by; prosecutors, cops and judges,  for their profiling our Church members as “Criminals”, for our religious precepts being translated not into the “older” more traditionally “Recognized” Christian denominations.
In fact, the out-right mockery that is upheld in the courts against our religious orientation is  not only hindering our right to act as Entheogenists (according our religious obligations), but denying us our actual established Religion; denying our church members their right to fellowship and act as legitament members of our Gods chartered State of affairs; as guided by our By-laws and counsel as Entheogenists incorporated as The Entheogenic Reformation Church.
We have discovered, within “Fair view” of all just society, that the State legislation of Florida and the Federal legislation of the United States have created laws in violation of the 1st Amendment which cause “otherwise” legal law enforcement agencies and their agents to:
1. become a continual threat to our liberty and pursuit of happiness.
2. bare false-witness against our reputable life (in Christ Jesus) as Entheogenists.
3. caste us as “Criminal” (without honor), for answering Gods call to establish our Church.
4. arrest us for pursuing to secure our religious obligations, possessions and precepts.
5. draw us into the loss of all our economic wealth, for simply seeking to honor our God’s Way.
Our Supernal God, having so authorized us as His Entheogenists, to use entheogens as sacred utensils, in accord with His exact specifications; prays henceforth that the Government exact the proper respects for an establishment of religion upon our incorporated religion (religious organization), just as any “other” religion seeking to the protections offered us thru the 1st Amendment, and the Religious Freedom and restoration Act of ’93 (’97).
It has come to our awareness, as an incorporated Church establishment of Entheogenists (The Entheogenic Reformation Church), that we as citizens are guaranteed these protections in the rights set in order thru the House of the Congress and Senate in the United States, which uphold our right (ability) to morally and integrally further our established Church principles and dignities, as citizens protected in/thru our entheogenic rituals with God ( especially seeing that we are not harming ourselves or others by our religious exercise).
When were protected . . .
Why have “We, the people”, allowed judges and prosecuter’s to err in “Our Authority” (The Criminal Justice System), to the point of denying citizens their rights? God gave every man in “The Bill of Rights”, certain protections that should always be upheld, especially in plain view of “open court” wherein Entheogenists have slanderously been denied not only their personal integrity and honor, but their very citizenry by the Prosecutor and Judges who are outright denying the existence of Entheogenic Religions.  And so, psychologically war-faring against entheogenists, making them “Criminal” by the abuse.
We must stop denying the very basic freedoms that so many have patriotically died to provide us, by simply denying the historical proofs which show us that Entheogens have been used as religious substances far before the “Controlled Substance Act” or any State statute and that their religious use has been protected since the Constitution of the United States was amended with the Bill of rights.
When will “We the People (the Government)” uphold the religious defense of Entheogenists in recognition of the rights being denied them by the Courts.  When will we the Entheogenists of America be allowed the religious protections guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights?
When can we add to the the reading of the Jury Regulations in the 9th Judicial District of Florida the prospect of there being Entheogens that exist that cannot be made illegal for religious use by any authority of Government, simply because there is no Government who can take the authority away from God, to do so?
Who is there to uphold the rights of our Church when even our Church ministers (leaders) are being quarantined by the State into the court of a Judge, who by his own logic calls the central aspect of our faith into complete disrepute!?  Who? (God?!)
I live in a consistent dread, within my own state; seeing that the courts are unreasonably punishing my church members. It depresses me to recognize the animosity that our State prosecutors have engineered against us “Entheogenists”. And I am sickened also by the constant betrale many of them instigate against us, by the resistance they have for digesting the meaning of the Word “Entheogen”, or regarding the prospect defined by the Word which gives proper etiquette towards the Entheogenic Religions which abound “Under-Cover” of our society; because of the arrogant militancy being used against our own citizens for their accepting their own religious beliefs.
Honestly, many in authority don’t even recognize that “Entheogenists” is a word, much less that they are deserving of the religious identification that comes with citizenry in the United States; as is held out in the 1st Amendment. We must possess the word “Entheogen” legally, that we may possess the “Entheogen” legally.  Is that it?
What we must do!
Rather than being constantly ashamed of the dereliction held out by prosecutors, judges and law enforcement officials (who have taken entheogenists into arrest for simply in-acting their supernatural instincts (religious exercises)), it’s obvious that we must stand-up against the falsely held beliefs, that the State holds the authority to make illegal an entheogenic substance.
To do this we must make way for the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, restoring it to it’s proper place in our courts, allowing citizens who sincerely accept the Entheogenic life as an Entheogenist, may exercise their faith without religious persecution coming against them in any form (Private or Public), especially Legal prosecution.
We must stop our Judges in their responsibilities which  include the covering up of false arrests which are being made against Entheogenists and we must stop prosecutors from denying the religious attributes of people who openly proclaim Entheogenic Use within their Church bodies, well before they are arrested for possessing an entheogen they use religiously.
We must allow Entheogenists their rights, by cracking down on the State prosecutors who, ‘blinded’ to the religious realities of Entheogenists, illegally warranting their arrests by their simply leaving out the religious regard to be upheld and protected over-and-above the Entheogenist who is a citizen of the United States.
With Prosecutors, lawyers and Judges hiding in their own ignorance it’s the police officer who is the one that must physically arrest these God fearing individuals called Entheogenists.  If leaders won’t accept the Entheogenic Life as though it’s a reputable life given to be protected by the 1st Amendment wherein it involves the citizen, then what reason do we have the 1st Amendment?
By the time these reputable religionists are being questioned about their religious orientation it is to late for them, they are already criminalized by their arrest and denied the rights held out to them as Entheogenists in the Bill of Rights.
The ignorance of the Prosecutor who brought them into arrest, is never questioned. Instead, the priests and lay people of the Entheogenic Religions that are manhandled and mocked by our Courts, having their religion denied as an “Established” (Protected) religion. The Court then criminalizes the Entheogenist, placing that one into arrest as though they are criminal for having their entheogenic religion.
Finding specific Entheogenic religions to exist through out all of time it’s time for us to make public the deep rooted paths of humanity which have helped us to evolve both spiritually and physiologically thru out our lifetimes.  We must quit denying the benefits that have come from our investigation, invention, art and or spiritual consequence because of the influence we each have found in our being called unto the entheogenic life.
It’s time for us to allow Entheogenists the reputable path that they are on, being convicted by the spirit of faith; which acting out our lives includes possessing and indulging in the use of specific entheogenic substances.
We must somehow stop this fiasco which “Right now!” is illegally arresting and incarcerating true entheogenists and taking them into punishments that they are undeserving of, being thought drug addicts and or slanderously considered criminal for simply adhering to the super-natural regard of their religion!
We need Assurance!
I, Jerry M. Cofer with the Entheogenic Reformation Church, ask you all that have received this letter to formally write to me, giving our Church their professional assurance that they will not defy our right to allow our Church it’s own Governing by-laws. As an Entheogenist regenerated of God by Christ’s ressurrection spirit, I pray that I may enact my Gods own will, which draws certain Entheogens into my Gods Kingdom (within my body) allowing Him the full resource and facility of my mind body and soul. Aportioning me thru the Entheogenic Process unto the authority that has been given unto me to lead in my Church as His full member.
I, being borne here a shepherd of a forgotten flock of people called “Entheogenists”, do hereby give my full identity to all people so that they may “at least”, recognize one Entheogenist in the world as fully co-operating as a citizen of the United States; in the community affairs which are counseled into merit by the Church of my own involvement, as it’s chairman and (shaman) priest.
I write to you as a citizen of the United States, in the hope of receiving your state witness and assurances, that my 1st Amendment right ( held-out in the Bill of Rights), may be upheld in my life; that I may be a resource unto my country and statesmen, being an Entheogenist, free in America.
Yes, please. . .   I ask you all now to write back to me, your assurances as professional people seeking to be held up unto the highest authority, telling me that you recognize the injustices which are taking place in our courts against our church members.  I pray that you all may recognize and reflect on the word “Entheogen” and that our 1st Amendment is upheld for people, like myself, who have legitament religious convictions which have drawn them to live an “entheogenic life”.
Please, write your letters to me, that I may be fully assured, that I will not be prosecuted for simply possessing the entheogens that God, thru the counsel of The Entheogenic Reformation Church, has professed to be a consecrating anointing of our faith!
In full respects and submission,
Keshet Yashua Israel
Entheogenic Shaman Priest
(aka: Jerry M. Cofer)
I look forward to your response, please be in-depth!
Who can tell you what you can put into your blood?  Is it not the most personal thing that one can do?  So pray God these militants quit invading our privacy and arresting us for keeping our secret alms giving in front of our God alone in the closet with Him!  Allow us our religious beliefs as people organized by the will of God, rather than some secularly motivated hope for “financial success” or exploitation. We are Gods chosen Entheogenists and we live in America!
Though we each may pray for success in our finances, it is in our godly service to those who hire or employee us that builds or destroys the hope we hold out unto each day, praying for people to live moral and upright lives around us, that we can know we aren’t going to being caste aside as lambs for the sacrifice for our simply fullfilling our Gods unction to anoint unto Him, who upholds us in our Entheogenic paths and employments alike.

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