Letter to Governor C. Crist

Formal Letter of Request

To: Charlie Crist
The Governor of Florida

From: Jerry Michael Cofer
Aka: Keshet Yashua Israel
Chairman and Priest
The Entheogenic Reformation Church

Hello Sir.  My name has evolved over the years as I have come unto the living experience of our God and savior traveling as a vagabond for 14 years over all, about 7 of those years actually spent “On The Road” as Jack Kerouac would say.

I went from Church to Church, Library to Law Library, rainbow Gathering to Rainbow Gathering, sharing the marriage supper invite of my God as I invited people to prepare for the marriage supper of the Lord by gathering with the tribes of Israel at the Gathering of the Tribes.

Before all of this I had majored in Psychology. I had gone to college and received a 4.0 GPA after two semesters studying mainly psychology but sociology was my favorite class. The Attorney General of Virginia discovered that the college I went to had lied about it’s accreditation’s and so all of my credits and grades, the fact that I was on the college Softball team, started the Poetry Club, received the honor of being on the presidents list and was even asked to join a fraternity; was suddenly all Gone!

I called my military recruiter right away to find out what was going on and then he broke the news to me.  He had found out I had been in “Drug Rehab” when I was 13 and that disqualified me from entrance into the military.  I tried to explain to him that I had 8 years of clean time in Narcotics Anonymous, that I had gone to conventions and was a Group Service Representative for a young peoples group that I brought into a local rehab.  I explained that my Dad and brother were both military and that it was my Dad’s active duty service insurance that paid 100’s of thousands of dollars every year from the age of 13 to 18 that paid for my rehabilitation and that I would like the honor to go into the military.  I was denied.

I went home disgusted with my college and military career’s both being denied me and called my fiance in Texas in hopes of support and sympathy.  Another man answered.  An old friend I knew even!  She came on and said “Were over,  I couldn’t wait around!”

That night I wanted to die sir.  I honestly did!  So.. having learned from my Drug rehab that I would die if I ever smoked Cannabis again, I went and found my Step Dads cannabis in the Garage and smoked for the first time in 8 years.. hoping to die!

It was that night I found God sir. Honestly, I never talked to God and got an answer until that night. I really had always had a problem with the second step just because of this lack in my life.  Not anymore, and I can’t but recognize that God used the substance Cannabis to draw me unto the comfort that He knew I needed. I become fearful of the substance and God didn’t want that fear in my life so I partook and found I was saved from my distress.

All of this happened way back in ‘92.  Two years later I found that it wasn’t just God who I could talk to, but I met in ‘94 another man who I picked up on Christmas eve at midnight on the nose! Synchronicity ?  Miracle?  I don’t know.. but this man came to me in the name of Jesus sharing with me the anointing of His God; Cannabis.

Now, I knew God existed but I didn’t know anything about Jesus. But this man did and he shared all that we did do together before hand when I with Him died on the cross and then shared the entheogen in the name of the God along with another entheogen which transported me out of my own apartment and life and into the very life of the Christ Jesus at the point of suffering unto the Roman centuries and even going unto the cross.

Thinking I was forsaken in my death, suddenly I was transported from the cross back unto this new creation vessel and there Jesus was again with me to share with me even further what decision God was choosing to enact in my life as He came in and unto me to will me as His own son.  Many miracles happen that night, but again the anchor that held me in the comfort of my soul after that night and now is the religious article of my Gods holy anointing that I can only receive in my acceptance of the Cannabis tree.

After that experience I left all that I did have and I went and made amends with my Mother and Father according to the flesh and then went and fasted for weeks in the National Forest in Ocala Florida.  I fasted for what I remember to be 3.5 weeks.  I was starved naked and alone crying out in the wilderness for our God to feed me unto His Kingdom and to take me out of this evil world.  Well, eventually some people came into my camp and told me that if I didn’t eat they were going to force feed me.  They feared that my fasting had  caused so many evil daemons to come out of our Gods temple that the two people who had been decapitated in the forest that day may have been apportioned to their evil strengths over powering the vessel of wrath that did such a sick psychotic act of hatred against our Gods temple bodies.

In my guilt, repentance and hope to stop some horrendous acts of conscience I ate.
A group called “The Ravens” had bananas for me and so I slowly started fasting back into this world by eating again.  I traveled from those woods for 7 years around the country from Gathering to gathering, church to church like I said sharing the Marriage supper invite of the Lord and now after those 7 years I have sat still in Our Great State of Florida trying to build the Church of God that my Father has called for me to build; The Entheogenic Reformation Church.

I am writing to you because this Church has adopted Cannabis as the original and authentic marriage supper ingredient in my ritual sharing of cannabis with those who seek to know the new creation name of our God and the Entheogenic Embassy of our Church.

I incorporated in 2008 and in 2009 I was infiltrated by police, posing to become a member of my Church so he could receive the anointing.  Now, I articled my church 8 years after first making the Charter and an officer acting under the color of law which is the states has come to become a member of my Church.  I thought this was illegal?  However, I found not only is it okay, but I was not allowed to be mention in court that I was a chartered and organized church and that I had even incorporated in the state; telling the state what my Church would be doing.

So, now I find that by associating with my God, and three other members of my community, to incorporate my Church as a real organ body of my God, who (in my doing) has drawn these things into order only to be found incriminated and denied the protections of my rights.

I pray sir that you provide my Church lenacy to have our rights restored unto myself and all my church members as they choose to adopt themselves unto the Charter and By laws of my Church. I have an honest and sincere religious devotion and it is my Gods unction acting in me that has sought to carry out the building of this church.  My Gods heart is torn in me because of the laws which are capturing my people in their desire to please God by their accepting the consecrating anointing of our Christ as righteous sovereign vessels of our God, only to be thrown into jails or prisons!

Please sir, my heart is wearied and I have traveled for too long to have to start trying to plant in some other way what our God has drawn up into the authority of my church in this “In God we Trust” state.  Write me today sir and let me know that my God is allowed to have His church and I my God’s holy sacraments as they are divined through the sovereign identity of my church in council with God.

Humbly submitted In my Gods name and defense,  Keshet Yashua Israel

Aka:  Jerry Michael Cofer
Chairman and Priest
The Entheogenic Reformation Church
(Exodus 30:23, Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)


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