On Account of Cannabis: A Ministerial Convention of Address

On Account of Cannabis: A Ministerial Convention

by: Keshet Yashua Israel

Through history of the Christian Church, it’s well known that ministers of the Church have stood in the gap when the government over extended it’s rule, causing more harm then good.
I believe that the current administrations in state and federal governmental positions have done just that in their considerations of the criminality associated with possessing cannabis.
I being a minister of God unto men, a priest, I call all ministers to help God in His drawing our Government into repentance for the Civil Rights Violations that are being carried out against our people for their pursuing;
A.) To be obedient to God in their religiously pursuing Him (Religious use)
B.)  Spiritual/Emotional Balance &/or recreational happiness     (Religious/Pursuit of Happiness)
C.) To learn about God through His anointings Cultivation (Religious use)
D.) To worship before God alone! (Right to one’s privacy)
D.) To possess the Anointing of God (to be secure in our possession(s))
Anyone can look back to the special committee that president Nixon put together, of professional scientist, to give their opinion as to whether Cannabis was harmful enough to make it illegal, to find that they believed it wasn’t harmful enough to “violate their right to use it in the privacy of their own home.”

We all may be to young to remember prohibition of alcohol and why it was that it didn’t work, but we owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to wake up to see the true injustices that our Criminal Justice system is progressively pursuing to apply against people who victimize nobody by their possessing cannabis in their own homes for their own personal uses.

In fact, their would be far less victimization if it was legal, not only to possess it, but to cultivate it ourselves in the privacy of our own homes; whether it be for religious/spiritual, health (food) medicinal, manufactural or recreational use.

Those who use it to an abuse should not be looked upon as “Criminals” but as they are our own children/people who are our citizens, we should reform their views with true verifiable information! (Revolution Through Education!)

As a minister of God (a Priest) and chairman of the Entheogenic Reformation Church it is my mission in Christ to help members of Christ, who partake in cannabis. To teach them how to give thanksgiving and glory to God for the entheogen and all that it is used by God for our quickening (Reforming Actualization) of (unto) His glory.
Being Born of God, we must never allow the world to divide our new creation “time” into “secular” and religious”.  Our God is not divided, nor shall we be if we be true children of God.
If you being a child of God use anything (or not use anything) in the world, you use it to Gods glory alone! For, all that we now do, is to glorify God! And , no thing we do is done to glorify ‘secular’ means. For, if we did things simply for secular society rather than God, we prove we are a friend of the world; and so at enmity with God.
So, when I find it a comfort of my God, whose living within me, to have shoes, clothing food, fuel and other ‘ things’ that can comfort Him in my life and find that God has given me one plant that can supply all of our needs; there is no where in scripture that says that I need to ask anyone but God to supply that need.
So, in acting upon my Gods answer, I accept the herb baring seed that our God has given us; and use it to glorify Him ( in His comfort, being in my life), as my religious exercise of faith.
Finding in the 1st Amendment that the government (“NO government”) can hinder my religious exercise, I have no guilt in my possessing, cultivating or distributing Kaneh Bosm (without monetary gain) for religious use; in fact I see it as a duty to serve my neighbors with the anointing medicine of the marriage supper; that we all may learn to focus upon the needs of our people and our local communities first.
This being true, I pray that all who are born of God, and who have come to recognize the inhumanity of our Governments activities, will stand against the Civil infringements and violations that our Government has committed.
By doing so you will draw us all together to reconcile ourselves unto the promotion and protection of our futures because of reliable evidence.
Either within our own churhes or within each community county, we must unionize our body and fight the good fight that God has (here) placed before us!


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