The Entheogenic Process [of Redemption]

The Entheogenic Process [of Redemption] by: Keshet Israel


The Entheogenic Process

This is the Process of Time and Study that an individual puts in, to understand the landscape and architecture of our Gods Kingdom; as it is discovered thru the lens of the Entheogen. This process engulfs Four parts; Induction, Inflection, Revelation & Reformation. 

I. The Four Parts of the Entheogenic Process

A. Induction:

“Induction” is wherein the process we as our God’s temple Body in-corporates the Entheogen unto our consciousness thru our biology, igniting our symbiotic relationship with God unto initiation and so allowing us the super-natural (human enhanced) workings of our minds.

To induce our God and our Consciousness unto the Entheogenic enlightenment is ‘The Way’ that our God draws us to enter into the realm of our soul wherein we can understand the mysteries that God only reveals to us willing with God, to use the Entheogenic Keys God has provided us to enter into the Riches of the Kingdom of God; our God’s divine attributes. 

b. Inflection:

“Inflection” is what the Entheogen causes us in our own minds to do in the hidden depths of our psyche. It’s wherein we reflect on the map of Heaven within each of our abilities to recognize, allowing us to seep into the flowing process’ of our Gods own streaming consciousness that we may assimilate (Reform) ourselves as Avatars of Truth.

This is where God takes up counsel within us in a way that deeply centers our walk with God, allowing us to see the paths that God has predestined for us to have revealed, that we may walk in the Reformation Spirit of our God, who initiates us unto the Entheogenic Process thru the marriage supper invite. 

c. Revelation:

Revelation is that part in the process wherein we take our entheogenic inflections (counsels with God) and apply them in our imagination to the social pressures we are under at the time, in our counsels within Church or other parts of our individual lives. Reasoning with God, we counsel within us symbioticaly while we are entheogenically “in-tuned” (in Sacred relationship) with our God in a way that we can surely say is not secular.

The “Revelation” as a platform in the Entheogenic Process is the assimilation and dissection of all that we find during our inflection period within this process. This portion of the process is dedicated to revealing our Inflections unto our community process, so that we may by our entheogenic discoveries, redeem (quicken) our lives en masses, by the reports we generate as Entheogenists following this process of Reformation.

d. Reformation:

This is the process portion wherein we come to certain conviction over the way in which we do things in the world, or the way in which we describe things that are in the world. To actually allow the Entheogenic Process to work for us, we must reform our thoughts and minds consistent with the revelations and convictions we generate thru our counsel with God. As people, we recognize that we don’t always know the right way to go about things, but as God fearing people we accept that God is willing to reprove our minds and our bodies unto the exact image of His own likeness. This is the Reformation Process of our mind (by God) thru Entheogenic use; the Highest calling of our God!

“I am the Way . . . ”  shows us that it is thru the acceptance of the Authentic Anointing of all Kings and Priests (exodus 30:23) that we may be recognized as Holy with God. For Christ did say that He came to those who worship in Truth and in Spirit!  To fully accomplish this we have discovered the only way to find our full acceptance of God is in our being anointed (becoming “Anointed ones”; “Christed”) through this Entheogenic Process.  This the centralizing act of our faith, holds a far deeper meaning than the one who claims to believe; but then remains unwilling to accept the anointing that Christ died to give all of us, that we may actively worship, pursue, and be comforted in “the way” that our God has given for us to receive the comforting spirit of God; showing our reverence and dedication to Gods anointing ministry come thru Moses and Jesus.

We must be willing to accept the Authentic “grafting in”( The Entheogenic Process) of our God, back unto this earthly realm; that we may no longer long for our God to be seen, but daily recognize our God in our own lives actively pursuing to building up the Entheogenic Reformation Church as it is the pursuit of not only our happiness but of Gods; who lives in us. We are our God’s soul, regenerated and so  “re-membered” unto the the Entheogenic Process, which 1st came to the Jews but which now has (by the blood of the lamb) been given unto us gentiles, that we may be priests and kings in this generation!

Therefore, as we continue to indulge our lives with God in His newly reformed religion, we the Entheogenic Reformation Church mandate that this process of redemption (God’s) be not hindered by any personage or corporate body of government outside of the established governing that has been set forth in our Charter by the By-laws of our church organization. (see Charter).

We have not been encouraged by man so much as by God to partake in our Entheogenic Process of redemption and reformation.  It is to us; Gods only way of truly coming to fullfill us as Entheogenists.  God makes us into Entheogenists and so no law should disqualify us from being what God has called us unto. This is why we must unite as one body under God; calling our selves “Entheogenists”.  We have accepted this term as defining what we truly are before God and man.  We see no indignity in our being religiously fervant about our entheogenic discoveries and as upstanding members of our society, intellectually infused and enthused to be portions of the populace that we have become religious leaders within, we find God has given us merit as Entheogenists, and we find that merit in our being allowed to provide the sacred articles of our God to those who seek them for religiously reforming their minds and bodies.

All for now…. but:

We need volunteers right now at to help in the building up of The Entheogenic Reformation Church.  We are all Co-creators with God in this, and being so personally involved with God as Entheogenits we should not be so far fetched as to deny the legitamency that other declared Entheogenists may conceive. (children included)


The Entheogenic Process [of Redemption], is a very deeply in,grained attribute of our divine spark in Gods nature.  We are strands of all time and space, we are more diabolical then science can truly define, in fact we can’t define life by science nor law, we can only take snap shots of theoretical factors and basic factual anomalies; rather than what is “Stream-of-Life” led.


Our Holy Consciousness is the true subject of the Entheogenic Process. This is the Consciousness of Sovereign authority within each of us which has been divinely protected and semanticly asserted human rights by dignified God fearing men who have come hisotoricly to unto even temporal authorities to define the authorities we need represent consistently and endurably to all fellow citizens within our civilized domain and without.  The general aspect of being in Gods domain is usually referred to as being “Religion”.  For all of those whom honestly describe their encounter with God as being that ultimate Conscious Authority and Conviction wrested upon our hearts that thus calls forth our religious reactions and actions.

Any Government Authority derived from without the organizing function of one’s own ‘Church’, is called “Secular” Authority and it can not dictate to “The Church” (Any Church) what their mission and goals maybe; nor tell those who form the religion, how they (The Church) can or cannot worship, praise; or gain enlightenment (gnosis) and comfort (happiness).  That they cannot do this “Justly” does not mean that they will not “Unjustly” seek to deny us our religious rights. As it is obvious they are still persecuting and prosecuting us into their jails and denying us our religious rights when it comes time for pissing in a cup for employment.

In fact, the law has become so lopsided that the government continually sets the stage to do things that being perceived one way, could also appear differently. One being a fully legitimate and reasoned position, but on another level it can be fully  realized to be “Unjust”.

Well.. the Government has come to the point of basically saying, “What we believe is more important than what Rights we may be violating!”

They then have set forth that they had to make a decision and they have carried it out to the creation of laws which deny each citizens right to possess substances that God has given us all, as heirs of this world; sovereign and religious. We must therefore in our rights stand up boldly and not stop fighting against the ignorances which have drawn these sick influences upon our government to create laws that are so inhumane as to deny us our most endearing moments with our God, by their denying us the right to the possess the sacred substance that draws that upon our consciousness.

It is our belief that we have the right to cognitive Liberty and so we should be fully prospered with all the protections that the 1st Amendment has afforded us as Patriot members of our Community.

This is what we Entheogenists are facing daily right now. We live under our desire to be just daily as Entheogenists and we wish to work and play like everyone else does, instead we have been marked out as though we are terrorists in our own Country, because we believe people with integrity and dignity should be allowed the safe passage of comfort which can only come thru the entheogenic process of our God.

Being so narrowed unto a mark before our own governing positions as “we the people” we have come to watch our life’s actions so often that we cannot but reform unto a Godly precision, our activities which are religious.  We have had to dis-include officer’s of the Law, so that we can carry on religiously accomplishing our Gods will; being “the Law” chooses not to recognize our establishment of authority to be Gods; our Church (ie. . our religion).

This means that we can’t even feel proper when we are in the presence of a “Secular” uniformed officer, even though we are an authority of our God and the People.  But, then even worse, we find that police officer’s will go “Under-Cover” and lie about who they are and what they do, to arrest us who are speaking honestly and honorably about our God and the Entheogenic sacraments; in fullfillment of our religious duties.


We have discovered the “Under-cover” Secular police officer is willing to lie in order to spy out our religious orders and they will completely deny that any religious orientations being spread by the entheogens, because most officer’s are led to deny all religious pursuits as false, when a person is found to have a substance the State has called “Illegal”.

They again will lie if it pleases their needs rather than ours. Even the courts deny us our rights to be seen as Religious identities within an organized Church. They don’t want to recognize the process of redemption that we have been given and which we have received because it puts them at fault! They can’t have that! So, they put into play their “Demonize” propaganda routine by calling up their friendly news station and telling them how to spin the story!


Why can’t I ever have the news tell my story?  This is what I need to do!  We must be seen!

We must be heard!  We are Entheogenists for Jesus the Christ!  We are Entheogenists Period!  Let us have our comforts and our sacred articles for pioneering the levels of consciousness that we are led by God to peer into without hindrance from governing societies that don’t take our Entheogenic needs as serious as the 1st Amendment has told us our religion dignifies us to.





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